Does Caroline Sleep with Thomas under the Influence of Pam’s Anxiety Meds? |The Bold and the Beautiful

This article is pure speculation based on ten seconds of spoiler promo video. Please read it as such....

On Friday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Caroline Spencer left Ridge’s office when Brooke entered to show Ridge a text message from their son RJ.  Since Caroline and Ridge have been dealing with her wanting kids and him not, it was a tense moment.

Caroline Desperately Wants Babies

Caroline left Brooke and Ridge to deal with family matters only to receive a message from a friend containing a photo of her baby.

Pam’s Medication

As Caroline walked past Pam’s desk she noticed Pam’s anxiety medication on her desk.  Caroline noted to herself they shouldn’t be where anyone could get hold of them.  She tried to put them in Pam’s desk drawer, but the drawer was locked.  Caroline took the meds with her to keep them safe.

But it’s looking like Caroline is the one who is put at risk by the medication.  What is to follow can only be described as pure speculation based on Caroline having Pam’s medication and the scenes depicted in this week’s spoiler video.

Update:  Caroline took Pam’s meds understanding what they were

Thomas in Lust with Caroline

Since Thomas’ return to Los Angeles it has been clear to everyone that Thomas is carrying a torch for his ex girlfriend, and his father, Ridge’s current girlfriend, Caroline.  It should also be clear to Caroline, since Thomas has already kissed her once.

Yet, somehow, Caroline has allowed Thomas to maneuver himself into a position where not only is Caroline helping him with his designs so he can win a permanent team on the Forrester Creations design team, but Thomas also become Caroline’s confidante over her relationship with his father.

Thomas has encouraged Caroline to stand up for her desire to have her own family, fully aware that his father, who has already raised two families, just wants to live in the moment.  To add to Thomas’ appeal, he didn’t even hesitate when Caroline asked him if he wanted children.  Bring it on the cocky young son of Ridge Forrester stated.

Spoiler Video

And, if the following speculation plays out on screen, Thomas may find himself a Daddy sooner than later.

This week’s Spoiler promo for The Bold and the Beautiful asks who will Caroline choose?  With flashes of both Ridge and his son Thomas.  Also included in the promo is Thomas kissing Caroline.  She seems to be asleep or out of it, but also appears to kiss him back.

Later, when Ridge arrives with a gift for Caroline, a baby basket filled with baby items; a stuffed lamb and baby blanket, Ridge is clearly indicating that he is reconsidering his stance.  He doesn’t want to lose her he tells Caroline.  Caroline appears guilty or upset.


Is it because things got out of hand with Thomas when Caroline accidently took Pam’s meds instead of her own?  Caroline recently suffered two broken ankles after being hit by a car in New York so it is quite feasible she is still on pain or other medication.

Could a drugged Caroline, and Thomas sleep together after Caroline and Ridge have another conversation about Ridge not wanting kids?

Update:  Ridge let Caroline go….

This is a soap opera so anything is possible.  Of course, nothing untoward may happen at all – this week.  But you can bet your bottom dollar that somewhere along the way Thomas and Caroline will do the deed.  The set-up for this week, however, has plenty of irony laced into it:

  • Thomas has a history of lusting after his father’s girlfriends/wives, with the exception of Taylor who is of course his mother. Thomas and Brooke questioned how far things went between them while under the influence of hallucinogenic berries after surviving a plane crash into the Pacific Ocean.  Sleeping with Caroline while she is under the influence of Pam’s anxiety medication is a nod to that event in the past.  It also adds conflict between a father and son who already have plenty of baggage in their relationship.
  • Eric, himself noted not so long ago that he hoped that Thomas inherited only his father’s design skill and not his other habits ( a reference to Ridge sleeping with Eric’s then wife, Brooke). Eric would likely see Thomas doing the same to his father, as some sort of poetic justice.  If not for Ridge stealing Brooke from him, then for Ridge’s recent overthrow the management team of Forrester Creations and appointing himself CEO.
  • Ridge climbed into bed with a drunk Caroline 1.0 and slept with her while she was married to his brother, Thorne.
  • Ridge has a secret from his days in Paris. Ridge was happy enough to play Daddy to Katie’s son, Will, when they were together, but isn’t keen on starting a family with Caroline.  Is it because he can no longer start that family?  Did Ridge have a vasectomy?
  • If Caroline does sleep with Thomas while under the influence of drugs, the question of consent needs be considered and would be the most difficult element of the storyline to balance. Once clear headed and realizing what she has done, it’s not so easy for Caroline to cry rape – especially when she would be doing so against her boyfriend’s son.
  • The days of soap opera heroine’s falling in love with their rapists are (hopefully) long behind us. But imagine the drama of Steffy going to jail for her cousin’s murder while Thomas does time for sleeping with an incapacitated Caroline. (Okay, so that’s never going to happen).
Update:  Thomas and Caroline did sleep together, but Caroline doesn’t remember – Was it rape? Or a beautiful thing?
  • If Caroline finds herself pregnant, almost a soap opera given if Thomas and Caroline do sleep together, she will have to struggle with who is the daddy. Another favorite soap opera storyline twist.  This becomes especially interesting if Ridge can no longer father children and that is the reason for his reluctance to start a family with his young girlfriend…

This week’s spoiler video has fan boards chattering about the potential of a Caroline and Thomas tryst while she is under the influence of Pam’s meds.  Outlined above are just some of the possibilities of this storyline.

Update:  Caroline took Pam’s meds understanding what they were

The other possibility is that the spoiler video is a clever cutting together of scenes nowhere near as dramatic and what we have is a big fat red herring designed to make us tune in next week.

And that is the only way to find out….So what will the fallout of Caroline having Pam’s medication be?  Will Caroline sleep with Thomas?  Or will anxiety cause Pam to ruin a batch of her infamous Lemon Bars?


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