Ivy Turns to Blackmail |The Bold and the Beautiful

Ivy has had a difficult couple of months.   She went from having a great job a world renowned fashion house and a loving and protective boyfriend to having all that under threat – from one person –  Steffy Forrester.

Steffy’s Return Ruins Ivy’s Life

Ivy was right to be confident in her and Liam’s relationship when Steffy returned to town.  After all, Liam had turned Steffy down not that long ago when she made her help in taking over Forrester Creations contingent on Liam dumping Ivy and resuming a relationship with her.

This time, however, with the very public shenanigans in Rick’s life, Steffy returned to Los Angeles to help her father take over Forrester Creations.  They needed Liam in on the deal (he controlled Bill Spencer’s Forrester Creations shares) and this time there were no strings attached.

Aly warned Ivy to be careful of Steffy who she had seen kissing Liam when the takeover had been successful.  Ivy was on guard and willing to fight for her man.  For Liam’s part Steffy’s return had stirred a lot of old feelings he thought he’s buried.

Liam Married Ivy

But Liam pushed those feelings aside and married Ivy when she was facing deportation.  The quicky marriage would keep Ivy in the country.  Liam stumbled though the wedding vows.  He knew Steffy was expecting that Liam was dumping Ivy, not marrying her.

When Liam told Steffy he’d married Ivy, Steffy’s temper erupted.  She was done with Liam.  Ivy’s immigrations issues could take years to resolve and Steffy wasn’t waiting for Liam any longer. Why did he always have to rescue everyone except her an emotional Steffy wanted to know.   Steffy told Liam to go home to his wife, because there was nothing between them anymore.

Liam Loves Steffy

It was this emotional scene that made Liam realize once and for all, that it was Steffy he wanted to be with.  But he was now married to Ivy. To protect Ivy, he had to stay married.  Or so both Liam and Ivy thought.  Until the immigration officer announced they had made a mistake.  Ivy did have dual citizenship.

An Annulment

Ivy and Liam annulled their marriage and agreed to continue dating.  One the day of the California Freedom fashion show, however, Liam decided that Steffy’s waiting was over.  He wanted to be with her.  he would tell Ivy that day.  With the success of the fashion show, Steffy didn’t want to ruin the celebration and after party – not even for Ivy – and asked Liam not to tell her that night.

Liam agreed.  But that night, had far more tragic consequences than Liam dumping Ivy.  Aly, who had been unable to stomach the direction Steffy was taking Forrester Creations with the California Freedom line, and under direction from her dead mother, targeting Steffy.

Tragedy on a Roadside

Aly sabotaged Steffy’s car causing her to have a flat tire on the same stretch of highway where Darla died, changing Phoebe’s tire.  As Steffy changed her tire, Aly drove at Steffy stopping short, but scaring Steffy for her life.  The two cousins had an altercation on the side of the road which ended with Steffy grabbing a tire iron and swinging it at Aly.  Aly fell, hit her head and died on the side of the road, where her mother had also died.

Proof of Murder

Ivy who had been looking for Aly after becoming concerned for the young woman’s state of mind, witnessed and videoed the entire scene.  Ivy was aghast.  She called 911.  Paramedics pronounced Aly dead, and Steffy told police what had happened was a terrible, terrible accident.

But Ivy knew better, and had the proof.

Ivy Dumped by Liam

It was after Aly’s memorial service that Ivy took another blow.  Liam took that moment to tell her that they were over and he was resuming his life with Steffy.  Ivy didn’t take it well, but Liam’s brother, Wyatt was there to pick up the pieces and support Ivy.  After all, he knew what it was like to be cast aside.  Hope would have done it to him had she not been pregnant, and did once she lost their baby.

Ivy and Wyatt bonded and became close.  Ivy shared the video with him.  She had proof that Steffy had murdered Aly and burned by the Forrester’s thought that her silence deserved to be rewarded. Wyatt could see her point.  He was still smarting over his dad, Bill Spencer appointing Liam Vice President of Forrester Creations when Liam had no experience in the fashion industry and Wyatt did.

Rewarded for Silence

With Ridge about to appoint a second Face of Forrester to expand on the success of the California Freedom line, Ivy decided that would be her reward for silence.  In a meeting designed to announce Steffy as the new Face, Ivy stepped up and offered herself for the role instead.  Wyatt backed Ivy saying that given the press interest in Steffy’s involvement in Aly’s death, Steffy wasn’t a good PR choice.  They didn’t know how the investigation into Aly’s death would turn out and could end up with egg on their face with Steffy up front and center.

Steffy was furious.  But her anger only grew when Thomas also backed Ivy as the second Face of Forrester stating that Wyatt and Ivy had a point.  Ridge adjourned the meeting to consider.  He was suspicious of Thomas not backing his sister, but Caroline saw that Thomas could feel slighted.  Ridge ripped up his designs, assigned Steffy as president and now wanted to reward Steffy with a modeling contract also while Thomas continued to fight for a place on the design team.  But Ridge thought there was more to it.

Ivy Resorts to Blackmail

He was right.  Steffy confronted her brother about his lack of loyalty.  Steffy was trying to fire Ivy, not give her a more prominent role in the company. For her efforts Steffy got the truth.  Thomas did it to protect Steffy.  Ivy has a video of the night Aly died.  And it’s bad; very bad, Thomas told his sister.  Ivy was accusing Steffy of murder and will take the video to the police is she isn’t rewarded for her silence….

Ivy Forrester has been taking it from Steffy for months.  Ivy’s normally high moral fiber has been challenged. Until Steffy’s return, Ivy didn’t play dirty.  She could have kept her immigration resolution from Liam, but didn’t.  She took the high road and ended up being punished for it.  With that memory firmly in her mind, Ivy isn’t letting the opportunity she has now slip from her grasp.  And just as well, Steffy would fire Ivy given the opportunity, but Steffy just learned that the goody goody from down under will play dirty…


  1. I think it’s about time ivy went at steffy, steffy always gets what she wants. Ivy didn’t hold back from liam when she found out she ha dual citizenship. She told liam truth, but steffy who really isn’t a forrester always does things to ruin it for others, about time steffy gets what’s coming to her. Prison, prison, prison, ivy dhow Liam the video. & ivy dhould send that video to wyatt so he can hold it for her, or aly’s father so he can see steffy for who she really is. A murderer,

  2. Liam had true feelings only for Hope!!! I wish he could realize it and search for Hope!!! I wish she is back.!!!

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