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Maya and Rick Wedding Statistics

Date: August 7, August 10, August 11, August 12 (air dates)

Location:  Los Angeles

Venue: The living room at the Forrester Mansion

Date: August 2015

Bride:  Maya Avant

Groom:  Rick Forrester

Best Man:  Eric Forrester

Bridesmaids/Matron of Honor:  Nicole Avant

Celebrant/Minister:  Nick

After two proposals, one of which was derailed by Maya’s own confession she’d been keeping something from Rick, Maya Avant finally got her wedding day.

Dream Wedding?

It should have been the wedding day of her dreams.  On the surface everything seems to be going Maya’s way:

After an initial misunderstanding, the result of Rick having a car accident, Maya and Rick reunited after Bill Spencer exposed Maya as transgender using his publishing empire.

Rick, again chose Maya when Bill Spencer made keeping his CEO job contingent on him dumping Maya.

Ridge bowed to media pressure and asked Maya to return to Forrester Creations as their lead model after she tendered her resignation.  (Maya made her return contingent on Rick also returning to run Forrester International from Los Angeles).

Maya returned to the runway for the first time since being exposed as transgender in a  fashion line – California Freedom – inspired by her story.

At the close of the fashion show, Rick got down on one knee and proposed again, for all the assembled media and world to see via the online stream of the event.

In case all that didn’t seem wonderful enough, Maya had also recently reunited with her parents when they came to Los Angeles looking for Nicole.  Maya’s mother was supportive and loving towards her daughter, but Maya’s father still had a hard time coming to terms with her transition.  Despite this, Julius Avant promised to try to accept Maya and her life.

Julius’ True Feelings

But Julius’ true feelings came to light on Maya’s wedding day when he was about to walk Maya down the aisle. Maya stood on the balcony overlooking the Forrester mansion foyer and overheard her parents in a hushed but heated conversation.  Vivienne Avant was aghast as her husband called Maya and what was happening there today a “freak show”.

His opinion was that the marriage wouldn’t last because sooner or later, Rick, who was Rick and good looking would want a real woman again.  Julius would walk his daughter down the aisle and he would smile but he would be acting he told his wife. He would never accept what Myron had done or become.

Maya Overhears her Father’s True Feelings

Maya returned to her bedroom in tears where Nicole found her.  Nicole told Maya not to let Julius’ attitude spoil the day.  This was about her, Rick and their love.  That their father was a bigoted jerk wasn’t news.  Maya agrees with Nicole and the wedding began.

Julius and Vivienne walked their daughter, Maya, down the aisle where Maya took her place with Rick before newly deputized marriage celebrant, Nick.  Julius and Vivienne took their places amongst the guests  in the front row.

Maya Stops the Wedding

Nick began the service with kind words about the love and support Rick and Maya’s friends and family had shown them. Nick also noted that he knew how much it meant for Maya to have her parents back in her life and accepting of her.

It was too much for Maya.  She stopped the wedding.  She couldn’t remember her wedding day this way.  In a mark of Maya’s now trademark courage, Maya halted the ceremony.  She needed to talk to someone – her father.

Julius Cast Out

Maya asked her father to leave.  It resulted in a confrontation. May tells Julius he can’t give away what he has already thrown out.  And accuses him of pretending the entire time he was in LA. Julius defended his position.  Myron was named after a self made man – Julius father – now he had to rely on Rick’s money.   A dog can’t be a cat, and a boy can’t be a girl Julius tells Maya. Rick tells Julius he has overstayed his welcome.  Maya agrees he should go.  Julius tries to take Vivienne with him, but in some late found courage she stands up to her husband and tells him that casting her child out was the most unnatural thing she ever did in her life.  Vivienne is staying.   Vivienne tells Maya she is proud to her mother.

Rick and Maya Forrester

With Julius gone, Nick restarted the wedding.  Vivienne and Nicole performed readings, and then Rick and Maya exchanged traditional vows before speaking to each other from their hearts about love, acceptance and courage.

Rick and Maya’s Wedding Vows

Nick pronounced Rick and Maya man and wife.  The bride and groom kissed and were introduced to their guests as Rick and Maya Forrester.


  1. Everyone was thrilled for the happy couple, except Julius who worried about the humiliation of having his first born walk down the aisle as a bride. Maya and Rick’s love story will continue this week on Thursday and Friday, as wedding prep begins at the Forrester Mansion and Maya learns of Julius’ true feelings.

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