Ridge Sets Caroline Free | The Bold and the Beautiful

Ridge and Caroline’s relationship had its opposition from the start.  Most, including Ridge’s ex-wife, Brooke, noted that the age gap would become an issue because Caroline and Ridge were in different stages of their lives.

Ridge and Caroline: Different Wants and Needs

Ridge and Caroline thought their love would endure the age difference.  And it did; for a while.  But when Caroline’s divorce from Rick became final, she grieved not for the end of that marriage but for all the things she thought that union would bring her – notably a family of her own.

Caroline told Ridge she wanted to have a baby.  But Ridge told his much younger girlfriend that he’d already raised two families.  Now, he told her, he just wanted to live in the moment.  He knew it was selfish, but Ridge wanted Caroline all to himself.

Thomas Returns Carrying a Torch for Caroline

Meanwhile, his cousin, Aly’s death, brought Thomas home to support his sister, Steffy, who was part of the altercation that saw Aly lose her life.  Thomas also made no secret of his attraction to former girlfriend, Caroline.  Even Caroline is aware of Thomas’ feelings; or should be.

He’s already kissed her once, and admitted after Caroline took his hand to help him fix one of his designs, that he now understood how one touch during the creative process could spawn a relationship like Caroline’s and Ridge’s.  Thomas didn’t admit to Caroline he’d felt the same when she took his hand, but certainly implied it.

Thomas became Caroline’s confidante.  Thomas made no secret of the fact that he believed Ridge would one day get bored and move on, breaking Caroline’s heart.  Thomas had watched it happen over and over again while growing up. Thomas, however, reevaluated his opinion when after talking to Brooke, Thomas learned that Brooke thought Ridge was on his way home to tell Caroline that he would start a family with her.

Ridge Realizes His Selfishness

Ridge did go home determined to talk to Caroline about starting a family.  He told her that he remembered being her age and how excited he was to start a family.  He also said that raising his children and being a father was one of the most fulfilling things he’d done in his life.  She wanted a family and she would have that family Ridge told Caroline.

Ridge Sets Caroline Free

Caroline became ecstatic at the thought of starting a family with Ridge.  They had so much love to share she said.  They would have a wonderful family, and eager and excited Caroline told Ridge.  Then the other shoe dropped.  Yes, she would, Ridge said.  She would have a family not him.  She would make a wonderful mother and the man who was their father would be very lucky.  But it wouldn’t be him.  Ridge told Caroline he couldn’t have children with her.

Caroline’s mood changed immediately. Tears flowed freely as Caroline decided that it was her Ridge didn’t want to have children with. Caroline told him he’d never been more wrong about anything in his life and left the loft.

Alone, Ridge pulled out a letter….When Ridge said he couldn’t have children with her, Caroline focused on the “with her” part of the message, but perhaps the real issue is the “couldn’t have children” part of the sentence…

An emotionally distraught Caroline turned to Thomas for comfort.  Did Caroline get more than she bargained for?


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