Sharon Loses Her Baby; Dylan Proposes | The Young and the Restless

Sharon didn’t want her baby daddy, Dylan placing himself in dangerous situations, but understood that pursuing becoming a police officer was a long held possibility if not dream.  But Dylan found himself in danger again a lot sooner than Sharon expected when he was involved in the showdown that resulted in Harding’s death.

Dylan in a Shoot Out

While Dylan confronted Harding on the rooftop of the Athletic Club, Sharon watched on closed circuit footage at the Genoa City Police Department.  When a gunshot rang out, Sharon screamed fearing that Dylan had been hit.  It is the kind of stress that pregnant women should avoid.

It turned out that Paul had arrived in time to see Harding threatening his son, and pulled the trigger on Harding, to save Dylan’s life.  Dylan was fine.

Sharon Loses Her Baby

But Sharon wasn’t.  She began to cramp up.  When Sharon went to see a doctor about the cramping, the doctor told Sharon that she was sorry for her loss, but that Sharon shouldn’t have trouble conceiving again.

Sharon came home to find Dylan waiting for her.  He apologized for putting himself in danger and told Sharon that he wasn’t going to be joining the police force.  He was going to be a father and there was nothing more important than his that and his family.  Sharon, still upset from the news that she had lost their baby, told Dylan not to make any rash decisions.   Dylan assures Sharon he wasn’t.  There was another decision he had made.

Dylan Proposes

He dropped to one knee and proposed.  Sharon accepted through tears – ones Dylan assumed were tears of joy .  But in reality, Sharon was still reeling from the news she’d lost their baby by the very means Dylan was now trying to avoid by not taking a job with the police force.  Sharon could not find the words to tell Dylan that the family he so wanted was no longer.

Sharon Keeps Her Secret – Y&R Spoilers

The Young and the Restless Spoilers hint that Sharon may keep her secret; for quite some time. Sharon has two options:  get pregnant again – and soon, or pretend to be pregnant and steal/kidnap a baby.  And isn’t it convenient that Sharon’s ex, Nick is about to have a baby also?

Baby switch storylines are soap opera gold.  With Sharon’s ex- Nick also expecting with his new lady love, Sage, it looks like we are being set up for a crazy Sharon baby switch/kidnapping storyline.

With Sharon off her bi-polar meds because of the pregnancy the scene is set for Sharon to go crazy. And a crazy Sharon is an interesting Sharon.  What makes this potential storyline all the more compelling is that Sage is expecting her miracle baby.  One she was told she would never be able to have.

Will Sharon continue to fake a pregnancy?  Or will she find another way to steal Sage’s baby.  With Sharon’s happiness at risk, and no meds, pretty much anything can happen.  And when its time for the big reveal, can Sharon be held at fault?  After all, she went of her meds for the good of her unborn child, not out of any malicious sense of revenge.


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