The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: August 17 – 21, 2015

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (August 17 – 21, 2015): Steffy is questioned by the police; Steffy offers Liam an out; Ivy uses her video for gain;

    Liam and Ivy, Steffy and Wyatt

    Lt Baker turns up at Forrester Creations.  He tells Ridge he is there about his daughter’s case and her role in the death of Alexandria Forrester.  Steffy is questioned over the night of Aly’s death – by resident cop, Lt.Baker.  Lt Baker comes to the conclusion that Aly being a little crazy doesn’t justify killing her.

    Ivy makes an accusation against Steffy.  Thomas tells his sister about the video.  And that Ivy will keep if from the police if Ivy becomes the new face of Forrester Creations.  Angry Steffy tells her brother that she’s not going to let Ivy threaten her.  Steffy reiterates that she was fighting for her life. Steffy demands that Wyatt delete the video.  Thomas tells Steffy that he knows she is innocent, but this video looks bad; very bad.

    He suggests to his sister maybe he should have told the police about that night as soon as she remembered.  But Steffy is also working Wyatt, as Ivy finds out.  Steffy assures Thomas that Wyatt will delete the video.

    Ivy yells at Wyatt that Steffy got to him.  She knows this because Wyatt’s a Spencer male and he can’t resist Steffy.  Wyatt tells Ivy that Forrester has been good to him and that this could jeopardize his career.  Ivy reminds him that she is a Forrester too – she just didn’t grow up in Beverly Hills.  Wyatt interrupts her – Ivy knows what he means.  Steffy and her Dad Ridge are the ones in control of the company, not Ivy.

    Ivy has a conversation with Liam.  She tells him that his precious little Steffy isn’t as blameless in all this as she pretends to be.  Their conversation is heated and Liam defends Steffy by going over what Steffy has claimed happened that night.  Frustrated and angry by Liam’s blind loyalty to Steffy, Ivy tells him that if he really wants to know what happened to Aly that night, he should go and speak to his girlfriend.

    Liam does precisely that.  He goes to Steffy who appears to be evasive.  Liam tells her its a simple question with a simple answer.  Liam thinks Steffy knows this.  Steffy admits to Liam that Aly fell because Steffy hit Aly.

    Meanwhile, Steffy is frustrated by Ivy’s accusations and blackmail.  She tells someone that Ivy needs to be reminded that Steffy is her boss, and Ivy needs to show a little respect.  Hmm, I think the law might trump Forrester Creations management hierarchy – otherwise people in power would never be be punished for their crimes..

    Ivy protects Wyatt’s support of her by seducing him…Afterwards, Ivy makes Wyatt understand that she expects loyalty from a man she’s given herself to.  Wyatt tells Ivy that her best friend just died.  That changes things.

    After Steffy tells Liam that Aly fell because she hit her, a very serious Liam goes to Wyatt’s beach house. He wants to see the video.  Later Ivy tells Wyatt that she is happy Liam has seen the video now.  Maybe he will see Steffy in a brand hew light.

    Later at his own Malibu beach house, Liam tells Steffy about the video.  Its bad he tells her.  really bad.

    What drove Ivy to blackmail and manipulation?

    Steffy also faces questions from closer to home when Liam becomes suspicious about what really happened on the night that Aly died.

    Steffy gives Liam an out.  Given what Ivy has told everyone about Steffy, she will let him out fo their relationship.

    Ivy uses her video of Steffy killing Aly.  She shows it to Thomas.  She will withhold the evidence from the police – if Thomas supports her as the new face of Forrester Creations.

    B&B Spoilers Summer 2015

    Brooke and Eric

    Rick and Maya

    Nicole and Zende

    Ridge, Caroline and Thomas?

    After Thomas backing Ivy as the new Face of Forrester Creations, Ridge is bothered by the fact that Thomas isn’t more loyal to his sister.  Ridge doesn’t get it.

    Thomas finds himself defending his choice to support Ivy as the new Face of Forrester.  Thomas says he didn’t do it to hurt his sister, he did it to protect her.

    Caroline faces questions about her future.  With her divorce becoming final, she has been forced to face the failure of her marriage and not achieving some of her lifes goals.  She wants to have children, but Ridge wants to live in the moment.  Thomas’ words stay with Caroline as she considers her future with Ridge.  Ridge does have a habit of moving on, and their life goals are clearly incompatible.  One of them will have to compromise for them to stay together…

    Caroline tells Thomas that she and Ridge are very happy.  Thomas asks if life with his father is really all she had hoped for.

    Meanwhile Thomas admits to Brooke that she was right when she supposed he might be having feelings for Caroline…

    Katie and Ridge have words of advice for each other.

    Thomas accidently exposes Steffy’s secret to Caroline.  Caroline is stunned to realize there is video proof that Steffy killed Aly.  Thomas says it only looks like proof because it doesn’t show everything.


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    Monday, August 17, 2015 – Ivy catches Wyatt deleting the video
    Tuesday, August 18, 2015 – Lt Baker is suspicious about Aly’s death
    Wednesday, August 19, 2015 – Wyatt stands by Ivy
    Thursday, August 20, 2015 – Liam sees the video
    Friday, August 21, 2015 – Liam stands by Steffy


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    1. I think somehow someway Thomas/caroline sleep together and that she hets pregnant but ridge doesn’t know it also i think eventually Liam world get crushed and he doesn’t have a mate for awhile because he didn’t need to hurt Ivy like that she was good I think with all the evil things that Maya,sister carry maya through A little payback I would like for her to go on a trip with that black lawyer but somehow they get stuck somewhere over a land and they have sex she get pregnant but doesn’t tell Eric takes a little time and show maya mother around but nothing happens maya father goes back home filled with hate and gets a hooker not knowing its a transgender and maya mother finds out about it

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