The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: August 31 – September 4, 2015

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (August 31 – September 4, 2015): Ivy is the new Face of Forrester, but she has opposition.  Who’s side is Wyatt on? Ridge has a secret he cannot tell anyone except Brooke…

    Liam and Ivy, Steffy and Wyatt

    Ivy is thrilled to be named the new Face of Forrester Creations.  The victory is especially sweet since it comes at the expense of Steffy who has taken so much from Ivy recently.

    But Steffy isn’t taking the blackmail lying down. When she’s pushed Steffy comes out swinging.  She again approached Wyatt to delete the video.  (Seriously?  Do you think Ivy hasn’t made 100 copies by now – especially since finding Wyatt trying to delete it recently?)

    Steffy talks to Wyatt at his Malibu beach house.  She yells that Ivy thinks she can control her with that video by making it look like Steffy committed murder.  The conversation turns to Liam.  That seems to be a running theme with Liam, Wyatt notes; letting people down.

    Later, Steffy tells Liam that she honestly believes that Wyatt does not want Ivy to use the video against Steffy.  Steffy again goes to Wyatt at home and asks him to delete the video.

    Ivy seems to have concerns about an upcoming photo shoot.  A sarcastic Liam tells her that she should ask Maya; photoshoots are part of the job – didn’t she realize that when she blackmailed her way into the job?

    Ivy tells Liam that the real problem here is what Steffy did to Aly.  That is what all of this is about, Ivy tells her ex.

    Liam goes into rescue the damsel in distress mode.  He vows to do whatever it takes to keep Steffy out of jail.  Even commit a crime himself?

    Steffy and Liam come up with a back-up plan in the (very likely) event that Ivy will not delete the video. They clue in Wyatt.  Who will Wyatt stand by?  If Ivy is to consider deleting the video, she has a  list of conditions.  She presents them to Liam.


    Brooke advises ex husband and father of her son, RJ, not to make any hasty decisions about starting a family with Caroline.

    Ridge has a secret about something that happened in Paris.  He also explains why he can’t reveal the secret (can he no longer have children?)  That would explain why he was happy to be a father to Will (katie’s son) when they were together, but doesn’t want to start a family with Caroline.

    After Ridge sets Caroline free, Brooke visits Ridge at his loft.  You didn’t tell Caroline everything Brooke tells Ridge.  Ridge wants to knwo what more there is to tell.  She wants a family and he can’t give it to her.

    Later Brooke and Thomas talk about Ridge breaking up with Caroline.  Thomas realizes that his dad confided in Brooke.  She knows more than she is letting on Thomas states.  Brooke wonders what makes him think that.  Thomas tells her its because she’s answering a question with a question…

    B&B Spoilers August 31 - Sept 4 2015

    Ridge, Caroline and Thomas?

    Ridge and Caroline have a discussion about their relationship. Caroline thinks he’s changed his mind about having kids, but instead, Ridge sets her free to have children with someone else. It leaves Caroline needing consolation.  Who do you think will be there for her?  Thomas!

    Brooke tells Thomas that she believes Ridge is at home right now telling Caroline that he wants a baby. Thomas is surprises.  Maybe he underestimated Ridge.  Perhaps he is way more invested in Caroline than Thomas thought.

    Ridge tells Caroline that her choosing him over having a child of her own is truly amazing to him…

    Brooke counsels her ex husband that Caroline believes he doesn’t want children.

    Caroline is upset about the choice she had to make.  Ridge or a family of her own.  But Ridge took the choice she made away from her by letting her go to have a family with someone else.   A distraught Caroline appears to be in a hotel room.

    Thomas is there to console her.  He tells Caroline that he would love another chance with her.  At the very least, Thomas and Caroline make out, or is Thomas making out with a drugged Caroline (thanks to Pam’s anxiety meds? 

    After their break up, Ridge tells Caroline that he doesn’t beleive anyone knows what their heart is capable of until they hold their child for the first time.

    Later, Ridge has a change of heart.  He comes to Caroline with a baby basket in hand and tells her he can’t lose her. But those don’t appear to be tears of joy that Caroline is shedding.  Has she done something she now regrets?

    Ridge has made a decision about Thomas’ future at Forrester Creations.  With a withdrawn Caroline standing beside him, Ridge tells his son that Thomas may be more talented as a designer that Ridge was at his age.

    Rick and Maya

    Rick and Maya return from their honeymoon with tales of travel and adventure.

    Nicole and Zende

    Maya tells Nicole that having their mother back in her life is way more than she ever expected.


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    B&B Recaps and History

    Monday, August 31, 2015 – Ridge dumps Caroline
    Tuesday, September 1, 2015 – Caroline pops Pam’s pills
    Wednesday, September 2, 2015 – Rape? or a Beautiful Thing?
    Thursday, September 3, 2015 – Ridge wants Caroline back…
    Friday, September 4, 2015 – Ridge promotes Thomas

    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:

    The Bold and the Beautiful are casting a bisexual male character in his mid to late 20’s.  Needless to say he’s handsome and works in the fashion industry. Rumor has it he will seduce two B&B characters at once.

    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming Up

    Ivy appears to have the upper hand in her game of blackmail.

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.



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