The Young and the Restless Spoilers – August 10-17, 2015

This week on The Young and the Restless (August 10 -17, 2015):  Wednesday – the killer’s identity is exposed!  Neil’s plan for revenge plays our on Devon and Hilary’s wedding day

Jack and Phyllis

Phyllis notices the loyalty between Jack and Marisa.  She’s jealous even though Jack reassures her.

Jack and Phyllis are suspicious of the timing of Billy and Victoria’s rekindled closeness.  Victoria has spied on Jabot before jack reminds Billy.  Billy doesn’t take the news kindly.

Jack and Ashly discuss the Paragon project and Gabe possible being behind it.  She doesn’t think he has the finesse to pull it off.  Jack asks Adam how long he has been planning the Paragon project.

Billy, Chelsea and Adam

Chelsea is shocked by the details of Adam’s life while he was away from Genoa City.  Celebrating Connor’s birthday, Adam admits to Chelsea he had a camera installed so he could watch Connor.  When Adam gives Connor a soccer shirt for his birthday Chelsea realizes that Adam was the one behind last year’s soccer ball.

In Paris, Adam tries to convince Chelsea to stay and start life anew.  A couple of phone calls from GC shows Chelsea that Adam is still withholding the truth and she says nothing has changed.

Neil, Hilary and Devon

Neil dream of revenge comes together as he puts the final touches on his plan for revenge against Hilary and Devon.

Devon asks Colin about the night of the bachelor party.  Colin tells Devon he can confess he slept with another woman, or Colin can do it.

As their wedding day approaches, guilt affects Devon’s mood. Hilary notices Devon’s stress levels and asks him why?  He hasn’t been himself ever since the night of the bachelor party. Hilary just wants Devon to explain it to her.

Meanwhile Devon asks Lily’s advice about the status of omissions. Are they lies?  Lily tells Devon to keep the information to himself.

Hilary quizzes Cane about the night of the bachelor party.  Cane puts Hilary’s mind to rest.  Can also fields uncomfortable questions from the kids.  Mattie wants to know why Devon is marrying grandpa’s wife.

Hilary doesn’t believe Neil’s assertion that he won’t make trouble for her and Devon.

Hilary and Devon’s wedding day arrives.  The wedding commences.  Devon, Hilary and the assembled guests are stunned when someone arrives donned in all black.  Neil watches as his plan for revenge against Hilary and Devon plays out.

Neil is driven to the brink…

Y&R Spoilers August 10 - 17, 2015

Nikki and Victor

Nikki confesses to Victor and she doesn’t want him manipulating her into changing her mind.

Victor believes Billy is a threat to the Newman family and tells Victoria so.  Victoria defends Billy, thinking her dad is just trying to drive a wedge between her and Billy. Victor wants Victoria to chose a sides.

Victor clues Victoria in about Marco and how dangerous he can be to their family.

Victor accuses Ashley of being behind the Paragon Project.

Victoria and Billy

Circumstances have Billy believing Victoria may be working for Victor against him.  They have it out.  Victoria admits her father wanted her to spy on Billy, but that she told him no. Billy misjudged her, Victoria says as she walks out.

Stitch, Abby, Victoria and Ashley

Seems like Stitch is confiding in everyone except Abby.  He changes the subject when Abby shows concern about his bad day.  Abby is looking for him to confide in her. But Stitch has other ladies to talk to about James (the veteran’s) death; Victoria and Ashley.  Ashley provides comfort and stitch admits he can’t talk to her (Abby?) the same way he can to her.Abby is determined to keep Stitch.  Ben finally opens up to Abby.

Kyle, Summer Kevin, etc

Kevin is suspicious of Harding’s camping trip – fishing.  Kevin asks Paul if he approved Harding’s time off.  Kevin tells Mariah they too are going camping.  Mariah refuses. Kevin finds another of Hardin’g receipts – for frozen dinners…

After telling Kevin to stop following him, Harding heads to the Abbott cabin, gun, and food in hand.  Harding meets Marco – he wants out, but is told there is too much blood on his hands…Harding tries to return the money he was paid but Marco wants Jack’s life and needs Jack taken care of. Harding will deal with the problem or Harding will be the one who is erased…

Summer has a memory of music.  When Harding’s phone rings its the same tune…Summer tells Noah that Harding was at the cabin the night Austin was killed.  Summer makes a discovery.  Kevin makes a move that could be dangerous.  He follows Harding

Harding realizes that Summer is onto him.

Dylan and Sharon

Paul asks Dylan for help in determining whether Harding is involved with marco.  Dylan agrees though Sharon isn’t thrilled about him being involved in the dangerous situation.

Next Week’s Spoilers – The Young and the Restless

 The Young and the Restless Comings and Goings (Casting News)

Stacy Haiduk will reprise her role as Patty Williams, Paul Williams’ criminally insane sister.  Look for a September air date.  Patty hasn’t been seen in Genoa City since 2012.

Down the Track on The Young and the Restless:

Patty Williams returns to Genoa City

The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.




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