The Young and the Restless Spoilers – August 17 – 24, 2015

This week on The Young and the Restless (August 17 -21, 2015):  By week’s end there is a deadly showdown with jack facing off with marco, Noah looking for justice and Phylllis seeking revenge

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Jack and Phyllis

Phyllis and Nick have a confrontation.  Phyllis begins to wonder if they shouldn’t go to Paul with everything they know.

jack admits to John that he can’t get past Marco taking over his life and sleeping with his wife.  John advises to focus his anger and attention elsewhere on the man who took him captive in the first place – Victor.

Jack and Victor have a meeting in the park. Victor tells him he can have Jabot back – if he does not call Paul and he does exactly as Victor says.

Jack is cagey about why Victor dissolved the merger between Newman and Jabot. Ashley thinks jack is lying and asks Phyllis about it.  jack gets a call from Marisa to come to the cabin where she has a package ready and waiting for him.  Jack lies about going to see his lawyer…

Jack and Marco face off on Thursday.

Phyllis looks for revenge.

Billy, Chelsea and Adam

Neil, Hilary and Devon

There is a surprise visitor at Hilary and Devon’s wedding that arrives just as the minister is asking for objections to the union.  It’s Neil!  But Neil isn’t there out of a sense of revenge.  He decides to forgive his son and former wife, instead.  Hilary and Devon are married despite the interruption.

Neil tells Colin to delete the video otherwise Neil will tell Jill about Colin blackmailing Devon.  Colin agrees.  later Cane stops him from showing Hilary something.

Lily is proud of Neil for his forgiveness of Hilary and Devon.  Neil is going out of town for a while to sort things out in his head. Lily offers to come, but Neil wants to be alone.

On their honeymoon, Hilary goes hiking alone when Devon isn’t feeling well.  She runs into….Neil!  Neil tells Hilary he has something to show her – a video showing that Devon has been unfaithful to her and lying since the bachelor party.  Hilary doesn’t believe it happened. Neil states that payback is a bitch.

Meanwhile Devon learns that Hilary went out of the dangerous trail without a guide.  The guides tell Devon they will find her, but that he is to stay at the hotel. Later, as Devon waits a policeman arrives.  he has news about Hilary.  She hasn’t been found, but her suite key has.  Someone heard a woman scream on the trail and another witness saw Hilary arguing with a man.

Devon asks the police if they think that man was him.  He was the last to see Hilary.

By weeks end Hilary’s world is turned upside down with her heading out of town.

Lily and Cane

Lily notes that if Neil can forgive Hilary and Devon perhaps Can can forgive her.  Lily and Cane made a decision relating to the future of their marriage.

Lily reminds Cane that she has forgiven him many times.  Cane defends that what he did was to protect her and she was always on his mind.  Cane doubts that he was on her mind when she went to bed with Joe.  he can forgive her for the sake of their children, but Lily wants more than that.  She loves him.  One step at a time Can advises.  They kiss and he asks her to help put the kids to bed.

Dylan and Sharon

With his father asking for his help in investigation he triple homicide due to a dirty cop in the precinct, Dylan realizes he wants to take the role on – more permanently.  Dylan knows a pregnant Sharon will worry about his safety if her were to become a cop, but Dylan tells her its something that has always been in the back of his mind.

Sharon is supportive and tells Dylan to call his dad.  But when Summer tells Sharon they know who the murderer is and that Dylan has gone after him, Sharon wants Dylan out of harms way.  She goes after Dylan to stop him.

Nikki and Victor

Victor makes an announcement that surprises his family.

Nikki wonders why Victor gave jabot back to Jack.  victor simply says Jack is not behind the Paragon Project.

Nikki offers to throw Sage a baby shower to make amends for their first meeting. Sage agrees.

Victor is questioned by Dylan.  Victor tells Paul he is guilty of nepotism and should send Dylan back to making cappuccinos.

Jack arrives at Victors office after leaving Marco tied up in the cabin.  he tries to pretend to be Marco but Victor isn’t fooled.   Jack tells Victor he wants Marco gone.  Jack tells Victor where he can find Marco.  He tells Victor to make the call to get rid of him.  Phyllis overhears the conversation.

Stitch, Abby, Victoria and Ashley

Ashley tells Billy that she knows Jack is hiding something.

Kyle, Summer Kevin, etc

When Marisa meets Jack in the park, a handshake tells her its not jack, but Marco.  Marissa takes matters into her own hands.

Later the gang tries to figure out the connection between Jack and Marco. Kyle says its odd that Noah and Marisa ran into Jack at the part – he’s supposed to be at a wedding. Marisa’s suspicious are confirmed; it was Marco.

When Marisa kisses Noah to go run errands he gets the feeling she was saying a more permanent goodbye.

Everyone believes Harding innocent after he was shot by Marco.

Noah wants justice for dead girlfriend Courtney.

Summer tells Summer they know who the killer is.

Christine and Paul

While having dinner Christine tells Paul he may as well be back at work, with Dylan being his eyes. Harding arrives and tells Paul to keep the Scooby gang in line.  Christine also has advice that evidence gathered by a civilian is inadmissible.

Paul gets a call from Dylan.  he has a witness to place Harding at the Abbot cabin the night of the murder


Harding finds Kevin at the Abbott cabin and asks what he is doing there.  Keven was just about to ask him he same question.  Kevin is confused why Harding would put a security detail on Jack and Phyllis.  What would Marco want with them?  Harding tells Kevin to butt out of his investigation.

Later, Marco shoots Harding making him a hero.

Walking the crime scene where Victor has already broken the police tape Dylan asks why harding didn’t go after Marco, his injury was hardly debilitating.

Harding finds himself pushed into a corner – how will he get out?  Noah accuses harding of killing Austin and Courtney. Noah accuses Harding of being the murderer. Harding pulls a gun on Noah but puts it down again telling him he’s still grieving Courtney. Harding leaves after detaining Noah.

Dylan and Kevin arrive.  Kevin searched camera footage to find Kevin on the roof. Paul asks where Dylan is – as if he really has to.  Paul leaves for the rooftop.

Sharon and Summer arrive and they watch the footage as Paul arrives on the rooftop and a gun goes off. Sharon is hysterical.

On the rooftop Dylan conftonts Harding.  Harding pulls a gun on Dylan. Paul arrives and tells Harding to drop his weapon. Harding suggests Paul does the same. Dylan reaches for Hardings gun.  It goes off.

Marco and the Abbott Cabin

Marisa arrives at the Abbot Cabin.  Marco tells Marisa he will have Jack’s life – he deserves it.  Marisa calls jack and tells him to come to his family’s cabin.

Jack arrives at the cabin.  Marco taunts Jack about taking over his life and sleeping with Phyllis.  Jack ends up breaking a bottle and threatening Marco with it.  Marco eggs him on.  Go on do it he yells, but Jack drops the bottle refusing to stoop to Marco’s level.   When Marco continues to rub in that he slept with Phyllis Jack hits him.  Jack leaves.  Marco works on Marisa while he is gone.

Marco tries to convince Marisa that she is the only one for him and that she should until him and they can run off together.  Marisa pretends to play along, but instead of untying him spits in his face reminding him that he told Jack he couldn’t wait to get back to jack’s life and Phyllis..  Marisa will enjoy watching Jack kill him, she tells Marco.  Phyllis enters and agrees.  She too will enjoy watching Marco die.

Phyllis has a knife at Marco’s throat when Jack arrives.  Phyllis drops the knife.  Jack enters and picks it up. Marisa stops Jack from stabbing Marco. Victor enters.

Michael and Lauren

Michael contacts Lauren.  He reaches out to her.   Devon didn’t give up on being with Hilary despite the odds.  He shouldn’t have given up on them either Michael notes.  Lauren tells Michael its what he does today that counts – not what happened in the past.  He wants his wife back.

The Young and the Restless Comings and Goings (Casting News)

Stacy Haiduk will reprise her role as Patty Williams, Paul Williams’ criminally insane sister.  Look for a September air date.  Patty hasn’t been seen in Genoa City since 2012.

Down the Track on The Young and the Restless:

Patty Williams returns to Genoa City
The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.




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