Caroline IS Pregnant! And Ridge is Infertile| The Bold and the Beautiful

For a moment, it looked like the only challenge Caroline and Ridge faced in married life was his inconvenient little secret about having a vasectomy in Paris.  That little known fact is what drove Ridge to set Caroline free to pursue her dream of having a family.  Caroline could have a family, but he couldn’t father her children Ridge told her.

Ridge Proposed

But after only a night apart, Ridge couldn’t imagine life without Caroline.  He changed his mind.  He would have a baby with Caroline, if she would take him back.

A delighted Caroline reunited with Ridge.  Since they were about to have a family Ridge had some things to take care of. Brooke, who Ridge had confided in about his vasectomy, hoped telling Caroline the truth about his fertility status, was one of those things.

Instead of telling Caroline the truth, Ridge proposed.  Caroline gladly accepted.  But like Ridge and his vasectomy secret, Caroline was also bringing a secret into their reunion.

Caroline and Thomas Keep a Secret

Through an unfortunate set of circumstances Caroline unknowingly slept with Thomas on the night they were officially broken up.  Caroline made Thomas promise that he would keep their secret and that Ridge would never know what happened between them.  Thomas agreed, and when Caroline got her period she thought that she could put the ill-fated night with Thomas in the past.

Ridge and Caroline eloped to Malibu where they officiated their own wedding (to be legalized at city hall the next day). Caroline was giddy with how perfectly everything was turning out.  Not only was she married to the man of her dreams she was going to have his baby.

Doctors Exams All Round

Brooke finally badgered Ridge into making a doctor’s appointment about getting his vasectomy reversed.  Brooke with the help of Dr Google learned that not all vasectomies could be reversed.  Ridge’s doctor was optimistic about the success of a reversal but before scheduling the procedure wanted to make sure that it wasn’t pointless.  He ran a fertility test.

Ridge Infertile Caroline Pregnant

Ridge Infertile

Ridge was devastated to learn that his sperm were no longer viable and that he would no longer be able to father the child that his young wife so desperately wanted.

Ridge had to break the news to Caroline, but as he was starting to do so, Caroline had an alert go off reminding her of a doctor’s appointment.  Caroline was headed to her OBGYN to do exactly as Ridge had done.  She wanted to make sure everything was okay and get some tips on how to make sure she conceived a healthy baby.

Caroline is Already Pregnant

Caroline’s OBGYN could see no history of fertility issues in Caroline’s file.  She didn’t foresee and issues with Caroline getting pregnant, but they ran routine blood work anyway.  Caroline waited for her results gushing to the doctor about being the mother of Ridge’s baby.

When the blood work came back the doctor told Caroline that most of it was as she’d expected; except there was one surprising result.  She had Caroline sit down.  You’re pregnant, the doctor told Caroline.

Caroline was initially giddy with excitement then recalled the night with Thomas. She confided in her doctor telling her what happened between her and another man when she and Ridge were apart. The diction was concerned that the other man had taken advantage and assaulted her.  Caroline assured her that wasn’t the case.

But Caroline’s joy turned to despair as she realized that either Thomas or Ridge could be the father of her baby.

Building up to Bombshell of a Reveal

The Bold and the Beautiful has a recent track record of delivering storyline twists.  Maya’s transgender reveal and Aly’s death were of the jaw-dropping variety.

Caroline discovering she is pregnant after getting (a lighter than normal) period has less impact.  But the fallout from this piece of news could be devastating.

Spoilers for next week hint that Caroline learns about Ridge’s secret.  The revelation that Ridge has not only had a vasectomy but is infertile could put a dampener on Caroline’s news.  Especially since Caroline has no idea that Ridge can’t be the father of her baby.

Caroline is asking herself who’s the daddy of my baby, but viewers already know; its Ridge’s son, Thomas who already has a difficult relationship with his father.

What happened form here depends on whether Caroline learns about Ridge’s vasectomy before or after she tells Ridge she’s pregnant.  To maximize the mileage out of this storyline, Caroline could keep Ridge in the dark.  But how would she handle knowing she’s having Thomas’ baby?

Caroline desperately wants a family; granted with Ridge, but given that is an impossibility will she want to keep the baby she is carrying?

Or will she, like Ridge was planning to do, have a secret procedure to make everything alright again.

What do you think?


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