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With the video now gone, Steffy takes back her power...How long will she keep it though?

Payback – Steffy Style

Since Aly’s death, Steffy has been living with the knowledge that Ivy could at best have her stand trial for murder, and at worst see her go to jail for Aly’s murder.  Steffy maintained the entire time that Aly had a rock in her hand and was about to attack her when she instinctively picked up a tire iron and swung it at her cousin.  Aly fell, hit her head on a rock and died on the same stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway that her mother did years earlier.

It was self defense.


But Ivy wasn’t buying that.  She and Wyatt spend hours going over the video.  There was no evidence of a rock.  (Viewers, of course know there was…)

Ivy ahd lost so much to Steffy.  She lost Liam to her (Liam dumped Ivy on the day of Aly’s memorial service) and she lost her cousin and best friend.  And Ivy had the means to make the woman responsible for both those events, pay.

With her new boyfriend, Wyatt’s blessing, Ivy used the video to blackmail Steffy into becoming the new Face of Forrester Creations.

When it became clear that Ivy’s demands were not going to stop, and that Ivy believed Steffy should be eternally grateful to Ivy for not putting her behind bars, Steffy went to work on Wyatt.  She pleaded with Wyatt to see the sense in Wyatt Steffy was saying.  Steffy told Wyatt she wasn’t a murderer and already ahs to live every day with the knowledge that she was involved in her cousin’s death.

Deleting the Video

A few Steffy tears  and a promise not to hold the Ivy’s blackmail against Wyatt, had Wyatt’s finger hovering over the delete button on Ivy’s online photo storage that would delete the video from all Ivy’s devices.

The Ivy entered for the second time to find Wyatt about to delete the video.  Wyatt made a case to both ladies about deleting the video being the right thing to do.  Blackmail, after all was also illegal.  Ivy broke down and the truth behind her recent behavior came out.  She was grieving and blamed herself for not seeing that her best friend was in trouble.  She should have helped her.

Ivy went to the computer and hit the delete button herself.

Steffy Fires Ivy as the Face of Forrester Creations

With the video gone, Ivy had some lingering regrets.  She now had nothing on Steffy.  But Ivy agreed it had been the right thing to do.

But Ivy didn’t feel that way for long.  Thinking it was business as usual at Forrester Creations Ivy prepared for her first photo shoot as the New Face of Forrester Creations. Everything was ready on the sky lounge.  Only Oliver, the photographer, was running late; by over an hour.  When Steffy and Liam arrived, Steffy filled Ivy in on what was going on.  There wasn’t going to be a photo shoot.  Not today; and not with Ivy.  Steffy told Ivy that her modeling days at Forrester Creations were over.

Steffy and Wyatt went on the defensive, but Steffy stood her ground with Liam at her side. Ivy was never supposed to be the new Face of Forrester Creations.  Ridge chose Steffy, but Ivy used her cousins death to blackmail Steffy into giving her the position.

The argument continued inside, where Steffy told Ivy the bottom line was she didn’t trust her and that Steffy didn’t work with people she didn’t trust.  Steffy then delivered her next bombshell.  You’re fired, Steffy told a stunned Ivy and Wyatt. Wyatt defended Ivy but Charlie, in his role as Forrester security arrived to remove Ivy Forrester from the building.

What’s Next?

But if spoilers are any indication, Ivy and Wyatt aren’t taking Steffy’s latest move lying down.  They bring in the big guns – Bill Spencer himself.  Bill and Katie, the true Spencer power couple pay Steffy and Liam a visit at Forrester Creations.  Both make cracks about Liam being Steffy’s yes man and under her thumb.

Have Liam and Steffy lost their biggest supporter?  If Bill Spencer is now backing No. 2 son, Wyatt, things could get interesting…


  1. Steffy should take a lesson!!! Ivy isn’t a better character but both made Liam loose himself!!! Bring back home and let Liam survive!!!

    • that wasnt done on purpose, the bitch Ivy was attacking Steffy at the Memorial Service, OF ALL PLACES !! BLACKMAIL IS ILLEGAL. ALLY WAS A PSYCHO NUTCASE.

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