Ridge and Caroline Elope | The Bold and the Beautiful

Living in the moment, Caroline and Ridge elope to exchange vows in Malibu..

Finding very little support in their proposed marriage from their family and friends has Ridge and Caroline make an important decision about their future.

The Decision to Elope

With Bill, Steffy and Brooke less than thrilled about ridge and Caroline’s impending nuptials, Ridge suggests that they marry in the same way as their relationship has progressed:  him and her against the world.

Ridge wants to elope:  just the two of them.  He tells caroline that they can do the whole wedding ceremony, guests and speeches thing, but it doesn’t seem very them.  He wants to get married today.

A giddy Caroline agreed.  When Thomas entered Ridge’s office trying to have Ridge look over he design revisions, Ridge told Thomas to hold the fort.  He and Caroline were leaving the office to get married – today.  Ridge’s buddy has just finished a place down in Malibu and that is where he and Caroline will exchange vows.

It is fortunate that Ridge and Caroline head up a Design House, as they arrive in Malibu with Caroline dressed in a lovely two piece dress and undergarments suitable for a bride about to have her honeymoon night.

Without a celebrant or witnesses they will have to make their marriage legal in City Hall the following day, but Ridge and Caroline exchange vows overlooking the ocean from an expansive and impressive modern Malibu beach front estate.

Caroline and Ridge exchange vows

Ridge’s Vows:

Ridge takes Caroline’s hand as a symbol of what brought them together; two artists working together. He will hold her hand from now on, and neither one of them will ever let go.

They will not change as individuals. But they are a couple. It will change how they see the world and their sense of what it means to be home.  They both own pieces of each other they will never get home.  He can’t wait to call her wife and navigate married life with her and parenthood if they are lucky enough to have a child.

Ridge doesn’t care what is thrown at them.  They deal will with it together.  Ridge recites traditional vows.

Caroline’s Vows:

This moment has been building for so long – since the first time they joined hands designing. Individually they were stuck but together the can move forward.  Together they’ve taught him to draw again and her to walk again.  That makes her unafraid of the bad things in these vows.  Together they can conquer anything.  Caroline recites traditional vows.

They exchange rings.  Ridge announces them man and wife and Ridge gets to kiss the bride.

Beginning Married Life with Secrets…

Ridge and Caroline exchanged beautiful vows about facing anything together.  It is true, their short relationship has survived opposition from friends and family from the start. They were brought together by  Ridge’s challenges after his accident in the Gulf, and they have faced Caroline learning to walk again after her own accident in New York.

But two more secrets remain buried;

On the one night that Caroline and Ridge were apart, Ridge having set her free to be with someone else who could give her the family she so desires, Thomas, unbeknownst to him, took advantage of the drugged Caroline.  Caroline and Thomas have vowed to keep their secret, but how will Ridge feel when he learns his son slept with his, now, wife?

Ridge too is harboring a life changing secret.  When Ridge and Caroline reunited, he promised to have a family with her.  But Ridge knows that isn’t possible.  He had a vasectomy in Paris, and hasn’t informed his bride yet that it may not be reversible…


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