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Ridge and Caroline’s relationship faced its first real test when Caroline announced after her divorce was final from Rick that she wanted to have a child – with Ridge.  Ridge, who had no issue playing father to Katie’s son Will when he and Katie were together, suddenly wasn’t keen on being a father again, citing wanting Caroline to himself and living in the moment as the reasons.

Ridge, of course, had also raised two families; one with Taylor (Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe) and one with Brooke (RJ). He wasn’t looking to do three hourly feeds and toddler tantrums again.

Caroline was faced with a choice.  Ridge or a family.  Caroline chose Ridge and thought she was okay with that decision – except when discussions about Ridge’s children came up, or she received photos of friends’ babies.

Other’s also had opinions.  Thomas was none to flattering about his father’s selfishness when it came to his relationships.  He was there until he wasn’t, Thomas told Caroline.  Brooke also thought Ridge was not in a place to raise another family.  He’d been there and done that. But Brooke noted that this was a consequence of getting involved with a much younger woman.  Caroline hasn’t had her family yet and of course she wanted one with the man she loves.

Ridge realized his selfishness, and went home to do the exact opposite of what Brooke expected.  Ridge gave Caroline her freedom to find someone to have a family with.  And she may have unknowingly done just that.

Thomas came to Caroline when he realized she was upset.  Caroline filled him in on what had happened.  But Caroline left out that she had taken some of Pam’s anti anxiety medication that Caroline had taken from Pam’s desk earlier that day for safe keeping.

They drank red wine and Caroline’s tears gave way to a relaxed grogginess.  Thomas told her that he would do anything to have another chance with her and he kissed her.

Caroline awoke naked and was distressed to learn that Thomas had taken advantage of her vulnerable state.  Caroline didn’t remember sleeping with him. Thomas defended himself saying he had no idea she’d taken any pills or that she had no idea what was happening.  She’d seemed lucid to him.

Caroline threw him out.  Ridge called and realizing how upset Caroline was he went after her.  When Caroline and Ridge did talk, he took back what he’d said.  He didn’t want to be the father of her children, he needed to Ridge told Caroline.  Ridge asked her to take him back.  When Ridge presented her with a baby basket Caroline was elated.

But there were a few things and processes that they needed to take care of before they went about starting a family Ridge told Caroline. Of course, Ridge could have meant the vasectomy reversal he would have to have to father Caroline’s children biologically, but Ridge was talking about something else.

While looking at his sketch pad he muttered something about one more line – a very important line.  Caroline though he meant work, but when he turned the sketch around to show her, it was of a wedding dress.  The words “Will You Marry Me” written next to it.  The bride was in the same pose as Ridge had painted a nude Caroline.

Once again, thrilled Caroline accepted his proposal and gushed over the huge diamond Ridge placed on her finger.

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With Ridge committing to start a family with Caroline sometime in the next year, a marriage proposal was on the cards.  But both Caroline and Ridge go into this engagement with secrets:  Ridge has confessed to Brooke that he had a vasectomy while living in Paris, making if impossible for Ridge to father Caroline’s children biologically – for now.  And as for Caroline, spoilers indicate she tells Thomas that what happened between them in the few hours she was apart from Ridge was to remain their secret.

Spoilers indicate that Ridge is to keep his secret for at least a couple of weeks.  If Caroline were to become pregnant now, she would assume it was Ridge’s, but he, Brooke and viewers know that’s an impossibility….Plenty of potential conflict there.  Only time, and future spoilers will tell how this storyline plays out.


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