September 10: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

2014: Caroline keeps Ridge's secret - from Rick 2015: Caroline and Ridge keep secrets from each other...

Thursday, September 10, 2015 – Episode #7161

Ridge Pulls Brooke into Line

Caroline wants to know what Brooke is talking about.  Why are they talking like she isn’t there.  Caroline thinks its RJ that is upset over the marriage or a new brother or sister.  Ridge says he will do whatever he can, but he says there are no guarantees.  Caroline understands that.  They can talk more at home.  She’s going to work on a design now.  Before she leaves Caroline tells Brooke she is never going to try replace Brooke in RJ’s life.

With Caroline gone and angry Ridge tells Brooke not to try force his hand.  This is his life and Brooke is to stay out of it.  Brooke claims she isn’t trying to hold this over his head.  She’s a mother and she understands what that means to Caroline.  He’s promised Caroline a family he may not be able to give her.  Brooke knows he never want to disappoint the woman he’s with.  This is different – vasectomy’s can’t always be reversed.  He can’t start a marriage keeping that secret.  Caroline deserves to know, Brooke advises.

Brooke just wants what is best for him. Ridge says he’s put her through enough.  Vasectomy’s can be reversed Ridge maintains.  Brooke tells him sometimes they can’t. Ridge told Caroline there were no guarantees.  Brooke says Caroline needs to know why.

Brooke tells him the longer he waits the harder it is to reverse a vasectomy.  Ridge says he will get to it.  He told Caroline if all goes well, they will have a child in the next year.  He tells Brooke he doesn’t want to worry Caroline unnecessarily.

Ridge tells Brooke, this is his secret and no one will ever know.

Thomas Can’t Get Caroline Out of His Mind

Thomas can’t get that night out of his mind.  Nicole and Zende enter talking about rare fabrics but Thomas barely notices.  It’s like Thomas is trying to bury himself in his work.  Thomas tells them that his dad and Caroline are getting married.  They didn’t see that coming they agree. Then he tells them  they are going to start a family.  Nicole says this is their happily ever after.

Thomas brings them back to business. He tells them that they are the next generation of Forrester Creations.  He wants Zende working closely with him, coming up with his own designs if he’s interested.

Caroline and Thomas end up working in an office together.  Caroline admits she was worried she might be pregnant.  But Caroline knows now that it isn’t possible (she went to the restroom).  Caroline wanted him to know in case he was concerned.  Thomas admits he didn’t even think about it.

He had no idea she had taken that anti anxiety medication.  He never would have taken advantage of her, or any woman.  Caroline knows.  He’s sorry she had to go through all of this.  But Thomas can’t help wondering if he and her…but he wants the best for her.  Caroline reiterates this is the last time they talk about this and no one is ever to find out.

Nicole and Zende

Zende and Nicole work out on the sky lounge. She calls him clueless about what girls want.  Maybe he’s just messing with her beautiful head. Zende asks if she thinks Thomas was serious about him working with Thomas. Nicole thinks Thomas meant what he said to Zende, but she doesn’t think he’s so happy about Thomas and his Dad. Zende warns Nicole to be careful talking about Caroline and Thomas.  Thomas’ dad is CEO and involved with Caroline.  Nicole agrees.  Ridge gave her a second chance with this internship and she isn’t going to blow it.  They share a close moment over Nicole being missed if she wasn’t an intern anymore.


Wednesday September 10, 2014

Maya tells Rick he won’t fire her

Rick asks Maya to remove her hand from his person.  He reminds her again that he is married.  Maya notes that marriages aren’t forever.  Caroline may be behaving now but the lies and schemes will start again – any day now.  Rick tells Maya that he doesn’t want to fire her for being difficult.  Maya says he won’t fire her.  Difficult people call the shots at Forrester and he remembers them too. ..Rick won’t fire her this time – but if there are any more surprises like the steam room or openly being rude to Caroline he will.  Maya notes that its okay for Caroline to mangle her name any way she sees fit though and leaves.

Ridge and Caroline agree to collaborate

Caroline works out that Ridge can’t draw.  She tells him that everyone loves him and they will understand.  But Ridge isn’t going to tell anyone.  Ridge confides in Caroline how her Uncle Bill was responsible for the loss of his creative ability.  Caroline is shocked and asks what his doctors say.  Ridge admits they don’t seem to know.  His ability to draw may come back it may not.  He asks Caroline to work with him to get the collection out.  She’ll get credit of course.  Caroline is happy to contribute what she can anonymously – she’s certain that the design they produced together is all Ridge.

Caroline agrees to work with Ridge but can’t keep it a secret from her husband.  Ridge tells her she can’t tell Rick.  He would use Ridge’s weakness against him – their relationship is complicated Ridge tells Caroline.  Though uncomfortable keeping secrets from her husband Caroline is seduced by the idea of working with Ridge and learning from him (a fantasy of her since starting at Firrester Creations.  Caroline agrees to work with Ridge and keep his secret from Rick…

Ridge and Caroline hug.  Maya walks in and quickly backs out unseen when she sees the two hugging.  Maya smiles to herself.

Katie confides in Brooke about her relationship

Katie and Brooke have lunch on the sky lounge.  Katie admits she misses her best friend and sister.  Brooke tells a teary Katie that they will always be sisters and their relationship doesn’t need to be awkward.  They are sisters first.

Brooke asks how Ridge is doing.  Katie admits to being frustrated because Ridge is all consumed by his work and inability to do it.  Brooke parallels ridge’s current situation with Bill being unable to work at Spencer Publications.  She apologizes to Katie for her hand in getting Bill back into Spencer Publications but Bill and Ridge are also similar – they are both defined by their work.  And if they can’t do that work.

Katie admits that she wonders if Ridge’s problems at work are the reason that she and Ridge aren’t married yet.  They talk about the future and what they want to do but that never results into concrete plans or dates Katie says still wearing Ridge’s engagement string. (This think should be seriously festy by now!).  Katie still loves Ridge and believes he loves her too but wonders what is keeping them from marrying.