September 11: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Steffy Makes Changes

Steffy’s nose is out of joint about Ridge and Caroline’s impending marriage. Liam is surprised that Ridge is making a commitment like this.  Steffy never expected her father to marry again either, let alone start another family. Steffy is trying to make peace with it because of her dad is happy then she is happy.

Liam says they are in a pretty good place right now. They are good, the company is good and no video.  They discuss the photo shoot and head up there.

Steffy Fires Ivy as the Face of Forrester

On the sky lounge, Ivy prepares for her first photo shoot.  The interns are preparing also. Oliver, the photographer, is late however. Ivy just hopes that she and Steffy can put the past behind them.  Ivy did delete the video.  At the least Steffy could be grateful.

Steffy and Liam arrive.  Oliver isn’t there, Ivy says.  Steffy told Oliver not to come in because there won’t be a shoot today – not with Ivy.

Ivy wants to know what is happening.  Why is the shoot cancelled?  Wyatt wants to know also. What is the problem Wyatt wants to know. Steffy is President of the company and she’s making some changes.  Number one is the Face of Forrester.,

Ivy thought they had an agreement.  Steffy reminds them she was forced into turning down the job, by Ivy blackmailing her. The conversation turns again to the video.  Steffy says what Ivy did was reprehensible.  Ivy says she should be thanking her.  Steffy tells Ivy its simple.  Her modeling days at Forrester are over.

Back inside, Steffy reminds Ivy that her being the spokes model was never part of the plan.  Liam reminds them that Ivy only got the job because she manipulated the situation.  Steffy tells Ivy she never earned the job, so she should stop playing the victim.

Ivy tells her she is going against her word.  Steffy says she never made any promises when Ivy deleted the video.  They spoke of a clean slate.  Ivy called her petty. Steffy is just fixing things and Ivy will have to deal with the consequences.  Ivy wants to know what that means.

Steffy knew it would be difficult for them to work together.  Steffy doesn’t trust Ivy.  For that reason she is no longer welcome at Forrester.  You’re fired, Steffy tells ivy.


Bill Tells Ridge Not To Screw It Up

Ridge and Caroline work together on a design. She messes with him saying he shows promise and tears up one of his early sketches.  Bill Spencer enters.  He’s heard the breaking news. Ridge jokes about him coming all the way over to Forrester to congratulate him on his engagement.

Katie likes the ring she tells Ridge and Caroline.  Bill makes a crack about the craft store running out of  red string (Katie’s engagement string).

Ridge wants to know if Bill is going to throw them a party.  Bill would throw the party of the year if Caroline was marrying anyone but Ridge.

Caroline doesn’t’ have a father to look after her, so Bill is. He loves her like a daughter and he is protective of his own especially from a predator like Ridge.  Ridge tells him there is nothing for him to be concerned about.  He will do everything in his power to make Caroline happy, Ridge says.  Katie tires to get Bill to leave when Bill raises that Caroline wants a family.

Caroline reminds Uncle Bill that she knows what is best for her.  And that is Ridge.  Katie is excited for their future, and they can sign her up for babysitting anytime. Caroline wants Ridge and Bill to tolerate each other.  They are the most important men in her life.

Bill tells Ridge not to screw it up.

Later, Caroline tells Ridge that is how Uncle Bill shows affection – its all wrapped up in a protective macho man package. Ridge says if the day ever comes where she needs protecting it won’t be Bill doing it – it will be Ridge.

Ridge has been thinking a lot about their wedding day.  He was hoping for just her and him against the world.  Caroline, Ridge, a beautiful secluded place, and make up their vows.  He want to be her husband.  He doesn’t want to wait.  Let’s do it today he says.  In Malibu…

Thursday September 11, 2014

Caroline and Katie discuss Ridge

After spying Ridge and Caroline hugging in Ridge’s office Maya returned later to find Caroline alone and began questioning Caroline about working with Ridge and accepting tuition when Ridge needed to get out the couture line.  Caroline told Maya that everyone would have to be patient. Ridge was doing his best with the line.

Katie arrived and agreed with Caroline’s statement.  Maya slunk out of the office and back to work.  Caroline told Katie that she didn’t like the way Ridge was being pressured over the line – he’d never let them down before and wouldn’t this time either.  Katie listened to Caroline and realized that Caroline knew about Ridge’s problem.  Caroline confirmed she understood Ridge couldn’t draw and promised to keep Ridge’s secret.  Katie was glad Ridge had confided in someone. Caroline felt privileged working with Ridge and described the experience in a semi-spiritual kind of way.

Working with Ridge for a few days she had learned more than in all her years at school.  Ridge had changed her career and her life she told Katie.  Katie told Caroline she appreciated what she was doing for Ridge.  It’s something not even she could do for him, Katie noted.

Hope and Ivy

Hope walked into the office where Ivy was working and things were immediately tense between the two.  Ivy told Hope that she meant no disrespect the other day  and thought she and hope should be able to get on – they should be able to do great things together.

A pouty Hope reiterated again that she thought Liam needed some time before getting into another romantic relationship.  That was all.  They spoke about the couture line and Ivy not being able to accessorize the line until she saw it. Hope then asked about Ivy’s get together asking questions until Ivy admitted that Liam was also present at her invitation.

Hope stated again it was too early for Liam to get involved with anyone else.  Wyatt arrived and told Hope he was working on some good news.  After a kiss he left and the ladies returned to talking about Liam.  Ivy noted that they both wanted the same thing – Liam’s happiness.  Ivy also wanted to get on with Hope just like Hope wanted Wyatt and Liam to get on.  Hope stated that the brothers would get on.  Nothing else was an option.

The Cliff House

Bill Spencer was on the phone to Liam checking that they were still on for the game that evening when Wyatt arrived in his office.  Bill hung up and asked what he could do for Wyatt. Wyatt told Bill that he needed a bigger house – he wanted to move into the Spencer Cliff house.  Bill told Wyatt that was Liam’s house but Wyatt insisted that Liam didn’t need the space.  Wyatt was married and Liam was single.  Wyatt needed more space for a family.  Bill noted that Wyatt didn’t need the space of the Cliff house either – Bill and Katie had lived in the Beach House happily.  Bill then asked if Hope was preganat already.  Not yet, Wyatt stated.

Bill arrived early at Liam’s house bearing a bucket of wings and pizza.  He began quiaaing Liam about his plans and if he’d thought about moving into the city to enjoy the nightlife.  Liam asked what the hard sell was all about.  Bill admitted that Wyatt had asked to move into the Cliff house with Hope. Liam saw red and told Bill that he was not moving out.

Later Wyatt arrived with a bottle of champagne – a housewarming present for his brother.  Liam told Wyatt that he wasn’t moving out of his home.  Liam wondered if Hope knew anything about Wyatt’s plans.  Wyatt had already taken Hope from him.  This house was all he had left and Liam told his brother that it would never be his.



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