September 17: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

 Thursday, September 17, 2015 – Episode #7166

Bill and Katie Confront Steffy and Liam

Steffy and Liam work on the press release detailing Ivy’s firing. Steffy becomes frustrated.  A Forrester who leaves a Forrester Creations is going to look like a family squabble however they frame it.

Bill and Katie walk in.  Katie jokes that Bill always forgets to knock. Liam tells him to make an appointment with his assistant if he wants to see him.  He tells Bill not to hold the 12.5% thing over his head.  He doesn’t need to be managed.   Liam realizes they are here because Wyatt registered a complaint.

Steffy says she fired Ivy, not Liam. Steffy and Bill get into a verbal duel about Wyatt’s place in Forrester Creations.  Steffy says he has a job here.

Bill realizes that Ridge doesn’t know that Steffy has fired Ivy.  Steffy tells him she has the authority to make staffing decisions.  Liam wants to know when Bill became a fan of Ivy’s.  Bill wants to know when Liam’s choke collar got so tight he could spit on the woman he married not so long ago.

Steffy tells Bill that if Liam has an issue with her decisions he can talk to her. If Bill has an issue with Liam’s decisions they can set up an appointment to discuss it at their mutual convenience.  Liam pipes up and tells his father  not to micro manage him.  Let him do his job Liam says.

Bill notes that Liam has a very interesting idea of gratitude.  Maybe he would like to go back to making house calls on sick computers Bill suggests.

Katie tells Liam that when Bill put him in this position, Bill thought Liam would exercise some independent judgment.  When did Liam become Steffy’s yes man, Katie wants to know.

Liam and Steffy are stunned.  Bill asks Katie if there is anything she wants to add.  Katie is done.  Bill and Katie turn and leave.

Liam wonders if they can give Wyatt a title.  He’s so resentful of me Liam says.  Steffy calls him a sucker for Wyatt’s passive aggressive thing he does.

Spencer Designs – Do We Have A Deal?

Ivy and Wyatt are designing at home.  He has weighty thoughts.  It won’t kill for Bill to invest in his company.  He needs to figure this out.  Ivy tells him he makes her feel so cared for.

Wyatt thinks that Spencer Designs is the challenge he needs.  Bill lives on the edge like he does.  Liam is Mr. Safety.

Ivy reflects on Steffy firing her. Ivy notes that Bill would be going up against himself if he funded their company.  He own so much of Forrester Creations.  Wyatt says Forrester could buy Bill out – they would love that – and it would be all the seed money they needed.

Quinn calls.  She tells Wyatt that it feels like Ivy’s firing is an opportunity for them.  Wyatt plans to make his own opportunities.

Ivy is curous if Wyatt will pitch Spencer Design to his mother.  Wyatt notes that would be suicidal.  Bill won’t invest in anything involving his mother.  Ivy says that Quinn is good and has a loyal following.

Katie arrives, but Wyatt has to call Bill to get him out of the car.  They’ve just come from talking to Liam and Steffy and it wasn’t pretty. Bill used to think that Steffy walked on water, but not anymore Katie says.  And Liam is behaving like a jerk.

Bill comes in. He has a headache. Bill wants to know what he wants. Some equal time; Liam has a bigger beach house and executive positions in Spencer and Forrester Creations.  Wyatt wants to make Bill a fortune in a brand new fashion house under Bill’s name and banner.  What’s not to like Wyatt asks.

They discuss the logistics.  Bill is skeptical that Ivy can design anything.  Bill doesn’t like Wyatt’s insinuation that Bill owes Wyatt.  Wyatt says he doesn’t expect there to be nothing in it for Bill. Back me, Wyatt says.  He has thicker skin than the foresters who don’t approve of his investment of his questions.

Do we have a deal Wyatt wants to know.


Rick, with a shirt stained from having food thrown at him,  and Maya talk to Quinn about Ivy’s firing.  Maya notes that Ridge didn’t have anything to do with it, it was all Steffy.  Quinn tells rick that Steffy is as brutal as him.  Quinn doesn’t want Wyatt to think that she got his girlfriend fired.

Later Maya brings Rick a shirt to change.  She wants to know why he didn’t let her call the police.  She is so sorry that this is what their life is going to be like. Rick says it was just a couple of juveniles.  Maya hates that she has brought this on him.

Rick says people don’t know what to make of him. Ketchup isn’t going to hurt him. Maya is used to rudeness and insults but Rick shouldn’t have to be.  Rick tells Maya he had his freak out courtesy of Bill Spencer. It nearly broke them up; he’s not going to let people get to him.

Rick was thinking about Julius today.  If today was an inkling of what he went through Rick can understand him a bit better.  Maya thinks she should probably be more forgiving of her.  Rick says a parent should always fight for their kids.


Wednesday September 17, 2014

Liam Proves to Hope Quinn Manipulated Hope’s Marriage to Wyatt

Quinn tricked you into a marriage that you weren’t prepared for.  But we can turn back the clock.  Its 3pm at the Eiffel tower right now, Liam tells Hope.  Quinn is human arsenic and we don’t have to let her poison us anymore.  We don’t have to give up. Liam tells Hope he’s missed her.  Hope has missed him too and cherishes those memories.

They have a chance to prove to Quinn that no matter how hard she tries she can’t keep us apart, Liam suggests to Hope.   Hope admits that she never gave up on them – until she had to.  They still have those memories, Hope says. Hope doesn’t believe that Quinn was responsible, and that Liam is just looking for someone to blame.  She’s married to Wyatt, Hope states.  Because you didn’t show up on time Hope gently reminds Liam – I know you’re looking for someone to blame and Quinn is an easy target, but she was in Los Angeles, Hope reasons.

I have proof Liam tells Hope.  Hope suspects that Ivy suddenly remembered something and is trying to stir something up.  Liam says its Pam and Charlie who came to him with proof.  Hope is skeptical when Liam mentions Pam.

Liam presents his proof customs scans of her passport arriving in Paris on the same day as him and Ivy.  He shows Hope the video footage.  Quinn confessed Liam tells her.  She put Ivy’s life at risk to keep them apart Liam tells Hope.  Hope is stunned.  This changed her life.  She married Quinn’s son because of this.

Hope admits she knew he would show up in Paris but then he didn’t show.  And instead she was disappointed and embarrassed.  And Wyatt was there. Quinn’s plan, Liam states.  Hope aske if Wyatt know.

But you choose me Liam says.  Quinn chose Wyatt for you, Liam says.  Hope gets a text.  Wyatt wants her to come home.  Liam says they have a chance to get back what they are robbed of.  Liam knows it will hurt Wyatt to lose love.  They hug and Hope says she has to go see Wyatt and Quinn.

Bill arrives at Liam’s house and admits Quinn told him what happened.  Bill doesn’t believe he didn’t see Quinn’s involvement from the beginning.  Bill asks what Hope is going to do.  Bill reminds Liam that she’s married.  But Liam isn’t letting Quinn get away with what she did.  She’s only married because of a crazy woman

Hope Hates Quinn and Hopes Wyatt Does Too

Do you think I really want to be married to someone because my crazy mother conned her into it?  Wyatt tells him mother to go he doesn’t want to deal with her.  Hope is your wife she’ll respect that Quinn tells Wyatt.

Quinn goes to Dollar Bill.  We have a problem.  It’s about our son.  Our Ivy falling into the Seine secret isn’t a secret anymore.  Everyone knows what happens.

Bill gives her a drink and says he’s glad the truth is out.  Hope should commit to her vows but she needs to come to that conclusion on her own Bill States.  But Quinn wants Bill to tell Liam that this doesn’t change anything.

Bill tells Quinn he’s staying out of it.  Quinn thinks Bill not meddling is a bunch of bull.  The facts don’t change – Liam dived in to save her instead of meeting hope.  It doesn’t matter how Ivy fell Quinn argues.

Quinn goes back to Wyatt’s house.  Wyatt tells her to leave because Hope is on her way home.  Hope is the one who has to decide what she wants to do with this Wyatt tells him mother.  Hope arrives.  Quinn tires to make excuses but  a furious Hope shuts her down.

You are just as sick as you ever were.  Risking Ivy’s life – you have no idea what could have happened to her.  You only cared about keeping Liam away from me.  I didn’t believe Liam at first but we were wrong to give you a second chance.  This is who you are.  Nothing else matters as long as you get what you want.  Ridge, Ivy Liam all people who you have hurt.  Now Wyatt is a victim just as much as the rest of us.  It is unforgiveable and disgusting and Hope hopes that Wyatt hates her just as much as Hope does.