September 18: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, September 18, 2015 – Episode #7167

Bill Has No Interest In Fashion

Do we have a deal Wyatt wants to know.  Katie says she will help them. Bill would need her to run the show.  Done says Katie.  Bill tells Wyatt that if he wants to impress his girlfriend he can borrow the jet or the yacht.  But Wyatt wants to make them all rich-er.

Bill mulls over the name.  Katie discusses logos.  Bill isn’t convinced they are moving forward with this.  Right now Bill has no interest in being in the fashion business.  The idea has merit but its not something he wants to pursue.  They have plenty going on at Forrester.  He makes plenty of money reporting on the people who make pretty dresses.  And its not about the money; he doesn’t want to create a war between his sons.

Wyatt says instead, he’s just going to chose Liam.

Alone with Ivy, Wyatt just has to accept he’s always going to be second or third.  Will isn’t old enough to run a company but his time is coming Wyatt laments.  Ivy tells him she got something much better than a fashion house.  He fought for her.  She noticed.  Ivy thanks him,  he may not have gotten the company he wanted today, but he got the girl.  It feels good having him in her corner.

Ivy wonders if Wyatt really doesn’t know the difference between him and Liam.  Wyatt takes action, he doesn’t just react to things.  That’s a big difference. Wyatt wonders even if he failed her;  Ivy says he ddin’t fail her just because his dad said no.


Steffy, Liam and a Beer

Steffy brings Liam a beer at home.  Liam needs to unwind after the weirdness with his dad. Liam doesn’t believe Bill believes in him anymore.  Liam thinks he may have been to hard on Bill.  But Steffy thinks standing his ground was the right thing to do – telling Bill he didn’t want to be micro managed.

Steffy and Liam go over Steffy’s right  to fire Ivy.  Bill would fire Ivy also if he knew she was blackmailing her.  Firing Ivy was her only option after seeing her try colors Steffy defends as they make dinner.

They discuss him being a yes-man.  Its not what Steffy wants from him.  Liam admits firing Ivy from a talent perspective was not a good idea, but she should feel guilty about firing her for not trusting her.

Steffy thanks him for his support.  They kiss.

Thomas Designs

Thomas tells Brooke Ridge and Caroline had a private ceremony and were going past city hall. After all the weddings she had with Ridge, Brooke says city hall was one of her favorites.  She makes Thomas laugh.  Brooke hopes it will work out for them.

Brooke compliments his design. Brooke can take it to Ridge – she’s heading to Ridge’s to give him and Caroline  a wedding gift.

Caroline arrives in the office and tells Thomas about her wedding ceremony.  She’s really married Thomas says looking at the ring.

Caroline heads home and tells Thomas not to send Brooke with more designs.  He and Ridge can look at them tomorrow.

Caroline reiterates to Thomas that Ridge can never know about that night between them…

Operation:  Baby Forrester

At home at the loft, Caroline reflects on her wedding day to Ridge. Caroline heads into he office to get some work and return a casserole dish to Pam.  When she’s back they can work on Operation: Baby Forrester.

At the loft Ridge thanks Brooke for the gift and bringing Thomas’ design.  After all these years, Ridge Forester and Caroline Spencer; married, Brooke notes.. Ridge doesn’t want to take anything away from the past, but he says him and Caroline (2.0) feels right. Brooke keeps thinking about the other Caroline and her charm bracelet that represented milestones.  Ridge couldn’t have some of those with her, but she hopes he can share those moments with Caroline.

Brooke reminds him that he hasn’t told her Caroline about the vasectomy.  It wasn’t a big deal to have done; Ridge hopes the reversal isn’t either.  Tell her Brooke tells Ridge.  Ridge makes an appointment while Brooke is still there.  Do you want to come Ridge asks.  Brooke tells him that Caroline should go with him.

He’s keeping a secret from his wife, and if this cant be reversed she will know she was lied to.  And you know how that will turn out, Brooke warns.

Thursday September 18, 2014

Hope faces Wyatt

Quinn asks Hope what she wants?  An apology?  I’m sorry you married my son instead of his loser half brother.  Hope tells Quinn that she won’t talk to her about Liam that way and she doesn’t want Wyatt allowing it either. An apology means nothing from you.  You just tell people what they want to hear.  Was there ever a doctor and therapy Hope asks.  Hope calls Wyatt gullible for not looking into it.

Quinn questions if Hope would be ok if it hadn’t been Quinn that stopped Liam from getting to Hope.  Would they still be having this conversation if chance had intervened?  Your problem is with me and not with your marriage to my son, Quinn argues.

Hope tells Quinn she had been planning to get married in Paris just not to Wyatt.  She married Wyatt because she loved him, Hope admits.  Did you never think it could have been a flight delay or bad traffic delaying Liam, Quinn asked?  You didn’t wait.  The reason doesn’t matter you married my son anyway.  Liam would have been out of luck if he was late, no matter what the reason.

You accepted my sons proposal I didn’t have a hand in that.  You needed an excuse to marry the brother of your fiancé.  You aren’t about to undo anything because of bad luck.  But you find out I’m involved and you’re outraged.

Hope is outraged.  When think about what life was for Wyatt growing up with you I could cry Hope tells loony Quinn.  We did alright, Quinn states n the way out.  Hope tells Quinn she’ll never let Wyatt see her again.  Quinn leaves. Wyatt says he will only see her at Christmas.  Where do we stand Wyatt asks his wife.

To call that woman mother, and have children calling her grandma, Hope states stunned by Quinn.  Wyatt says he’ll never see her again.  He’ll have her committed.  But Hope doesn’t think that’s enough.  Wyatt tries to use the same argument on Hope that Quinn did.  Quinn wasn’t there when he proposed, or they married or took a leap of faith.  Make it about us.  That was the life you wanted yesterday, and we can still have that.  All we got today was new information.

You Have Your Act Together – Wyatt Needs My Attention

Liam waits for Hope.  Bill wonders if she’s coming back. Bill is just factoring in that Hope is married.  She can undo the marriage Liam says but Bill doesn’t think she will.  You don’t have faith in me Liam says.

People see me and Wyatt as charming/obnoxious depending on the time of day.  Do you really want that handicap?  Liam states he doesn’t want to be either of them, he just knows that Bill’s money is on Wyatt.  He believes that Wyatt will always win out because he’s like Bill.

Bill says if Hope has just an ounce of sense and that is that part that he always questions there is no way she will stay with Wyatt this time.  He feels fro Wyatt.  Neither he nor Hope are innocent Bill tries to tell Liam.  If I sometimes favor your brother its because he was raised by a she-devil.  All he knows is what she taught him.  You have your act together.  He needs my attention.  And aside from that, your mother, I loved her.

Your reaction is natural Bill tells his son   Liam is sure he is solid with Hope this time.  Winners can afford to be generous – be generous he advises Liam

Quinn Tries to Make Liam Doubt Hope

Quinn walks into Liam’s house.  Bill is gone.  Quinn returns keys that Liam never gave her.  Quinn wants to apologize but starts laughing.  She can’t do it.  Liam reminds Quinn that the statute of limitations on her attempted murder on him hasn’t run out.  He has eye witnesses and proof of another attempted murder in Paris.

Quinn tells Liam Hope is going to take responsibility for her actions.  She takes her commitments seriously.  You are done, Liam tells her and so is the marriage you crossed the Atlantic to set up.