September 2: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Wednesday, September 2, 2015 – Episode #7155

Rape? or a Beautiful Thing?

A groggy Caroline wakes up and drinks water.  As she rolls over in bed she is stunned to find a man there.  Ridge she calls out, but its Thomas that turns around.

What happened Caroline asks Thomas asks.  Don’t touch me she says when he says he couldn’t just leave her here.   Did we?  Caroline asks.  She is horrified she wouldn’t do that, Caroline says.  Thomas is stunned that she doesn’t remember.

Thomas explains that he told her how much she meant to him.  She reached out to him.  They made love Thomas tells her.

Caroline freaks out.  Thomas is concerned.  What is going on he asks.  They get dressed.  Caroline can’t remember what happened. Caroline then remembers she took pills – anti anxiety meds – before he got there.  Thomas say oh no – and they drank so much.

Caroline is distressed.  She didn’t want that.  She didn’t want that, she says again upset.  Thomas shays he would never do that.  He would never take advantage.  He didn’t know about the pills.

How could you not?  Caroline sobs.  Thomas says it was so special.  It was amazing. How could you do that to me Caroline yells.  You had to have known – I was so emotional about Ridge.

Thomas says they talked for such a long time before anything happened.  Thomas says it sounds like he’d done something wrong here.  He did, Caroline yells.  Caroline tells him to get out.  Thomas tries to make her understand he would never do this to her….but when he she continues to yell at his to get out he leaves.

Ridge calls.  He wants to see her.  But Caroline can’t see him now.  Alone Caroline sobs uncontrollably.

Ridge Had a Vasectomy

You had a vasectomy?  That’s why you broke it off with caroline?  Brooke wants to know.  She thinks you don’t want children, not that you can’t.

Ridge says Caroline left her hurt and confused but when she wakes up it will all make sense to her

He was hoping the issue of children wouldn’t come up, but it did, and when it did he realized he was being unfair, so he let her go to find someone who she can have children with.

Brooke tells Ridge he didn’t tell Caroline everything.  If he did, she would at least understand.  Ridge says he’s not going to stand in the way of her being a mom.  Brooke asks if he’s having second thoughts.  Ridge says if it was possible to be with Caroline he would never let her go.

Brooke notes that he lives in the moment and moments don’t last.  Parents need a plan, children need consistency.  But Brooke notes that vasectomy’s can also be reversed.  Is that what he’s considering, Brooke asks.

Ridge calls Caroline.  He tells Brooke that Caroline is a mess and he has to go find her.  he wants Brooke to keep his secret about he vasectomy.


Steffy implores Wyatt to do the Right Thing

Steffy storms into Wyatt’s beach house looking for Ivy.  She is furious.  She wants every copy of the video destroyed.  Where is the damned video Steffy rants.  Wyatt tells him to find out where the copies are.

Steffy doesn’t care what it will do to Wyatt’s relationship.

Steffy says Ivy thinks she can control her with that video and make it look like murder, but Steffy is done.  This game is over she tells Wyatt.  Ivy is out of control and Wyatt needs to do something  about it.

Wyatt wants to know if that is a threat.  Steffy says she watns every trace of that video gone for good. It’s a tall order Wyatt says.  Not if you have a conscience.  It’s the right thing to do.

Steffy says that he knows this is wrong.  Wyatt says he is not the one who is looking like a murderer.  Steffy reminds him blackmail is a crime too.  Steffy isn’t going to have this hanging over her head. Ivy has changed. Maybe Wyatt has too Steffy notes.  Steffy has to protect herself, and wants to know if Wyatt is going to help her or not.

Wyatt accuses Steffy of playing games and tells her to go to her boyfriend to be her hero. Wyatt says he wants results and Liam failed her.  He let Ivy down too – a running them.  Steffy thinks all this is about him and Ivy being mad that Steffy is back together with Liam. If Ivy really wanted justice for Aly she would go to the police, Steffy notes.  Doing nothing is not helping anyone. None of them can heal with this video out there.  She asks him to do the right thing, let them all put this behind them. Help me put this behind us.



Tuesday September 2, 2014

Rick wants to see Ridge’s Designs – Yesterday

Caroline surprised Rick by coming home from New York and visiting her mother’s a day early.  Caroline asked how many times Maya hit on him while she was gone.  A frustrated Rick said he could handle Maya it was Ridge he was having trouble with.  He hadn’t seen any couture designs yet and their deadline was looming.

Caroline and Rick walked into Ridge’s office to find Katie there.  Ridge was still unable to draw.  Rick demanded to see some designs.  He hated pulling rank but it was time for hism to see something – even one design.  Of course, Ridge had nothing so he delayed.  Caroline mentioned that she had been dabbling in couture designs during her time off.

Rick went back to his office and Katie followed.  Rick asked if Katie had seen Ridges designs.  She had Katie admitted.  But she couldn’t assure Rick that Ridge was on track she just stalled by stating that Ridge had always delivered.  But Rick was only concerned about this line, not Ridge’s brilliant design history. Rick came out and asked Katie if there was something else going on with Ridge.

Caroline wants help with her Couture Designs

Alone with Ridge Caroline asked if she could have a peek at Ridge’s designs.  When he changed the topic Caroline complimented him on his work and then asked if he could help her with her couture design attempts.  She opened her portfolio and they discussed her work.  Ridge complimented her designs but gave her some ideas on fabric weight and suggested that her designs had too much going on.

They worked on one design in particular.  Ridge tried to direct Caroline to draw what he was telling her, but it wasn’t working and Caroline became frustrated.  She asked Ridge to draw it.  Instead he placed his hand over Caroline’s.  His hand was trembling Caroline noted but together they finished the design.  Ridge had found away to get his designs on paper….

Hope is confused

Hope arrived at her mother’s house to find Deacon already there.  Deacon turned up early in the morning to get an answer to his proposal from the night before.  Brooke didn’t get a chance to answer before Hope arrived.

Deacon noted that Hope was glowing and that married life clearly agreed with her.  Hope was still al little stunned she was married.  It had happened so fast.  One minute she’d been waiting  for Liam, the next she was married to his brother.  Hope was still trying to process what had happened in Paris and that if Liam had mad e it in time she would likely be his wife now.

Brooke noted that Wyatt had been committed to Hope from almost the day they’d met.  Hope just wished she’d understood all the circumstances.  Deacon asked if Hope was committed to her marriage. Hope said she just hated “what ifs”.  Deacon told his daughter that it was okay not to be able to turn off her feelings .  Liam was and is a big part of her life.  Hope hugged her dad, glad he was back in her life. She told her parents she loved them both.


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