September 24: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

 Thursday, September 24, 2015 – Episode #7171

Caroline is Pregnant

Ridge tries to explain to Caroline that having their baby might not that easy.  She’s just grateful he wants to try. Ridge tells Caroline that if he could give her a baby right now he would.  Ridge reflects on Brookes words that

Ridge says that there has to be more to their life than having kids.  He married her to be with her, Ridge starts, trying to find a way to tell her his news….

Caroline’s calendar alerts her  to a doctor’s appointment.  She’s seeing her OBGYN to make sure she does everything she can to get pregnant.  Caroline leaves and promises to tell him how it goes.

Her OBGYN doesn’t see any fertility issues in her file. Caroline just wants to do everything right, so asks about supplements and diet changes.  She appreciates her wanting to be proactive but says that they should see where she is.

Her doctor recommends a blood test to check things out.  They’ll get the results back right away.  Caroline wants to know what she’s looking for. Just relax the doctor advises.  That’s the best thing she can do for herself.

They chat about her desire to be a mom while they wait for the blood test results.  Most of her results are exactly what the doctor expected.  But there was one surprise.  A big one. Caroline sits down for the news. Nothing is wrong the doctor advises.  This might come a s a shock, you’re pregnant, she tells a stunned Caroline.

Caroline is thrilled; until she remembers the night with Thomas. Oh no she says.  The doctor asks if anything is wrong.  How far along am I caroline wants to know. The doctor asks why Caroline wants to know.  Everything she tells her is confidential.  Caroline tells her what happened a few weeks ago when Ridge ended things.

Did this man take advantage and assault you, the doctor wants to know.  No Caroline says.  She got her period and put that night behind her.  Is there any chance that the other guy is the father of his baby Caroline wants to know.

Thomas and Brooke

Thomas is working on a design with Brooke.  She thinks the design is perfect, but he should wait before taking it to his father.  Ridge and Caroline need privacy.

Thomas tells Brooke that this is one of the few times that he is glad to be wrong; about their relationship.  But Ridge came through.  They are married and starting a family.  His dad is really following through.

Thomas and Brooke arrive to see Ridge.  Brooke learns that Ridge didn’t get to finish his conversation with Caroline before she left for a doctor’s appointment.  It’s nothing for Brooke to worry about Ridge tells Brooke and turns back to Thomas’ design.

Later, Ridge tells Brooke Caroline is doing what he did.  He regrets being cute about his own doctors appointment.  Brooke states keeping this secret is becoming a bit mess.  They need to face this – together.

An Avant Sisters Double Date

Nicole tells Zende if he’d waited any longer to kiss her, she would have kissed him.  Rick arrives.  He wants to know what is going on. He’s in a good mood.  Rick realizes he’s just interrupted something.  Congratulations youre finally a couple Rick says.  Rick tells Zende took his own sweet time about it.  Nicole says Forrester men seem to like long courtships.  Rick notes Avant women are worth waiting for.

Rick asks if Zende wants to hang out and watch football…Zende is in.  So is Nicole.  Zende is surprised that Nicole likes football. Rick says Nicole has been there for his and Maya and he wants to be there for her too.


Wednesday September 24, 2014

Bill Visits Liam

Bill arrives at Liam’s house to find out what happened with Hope.  Brooke is confident they are back together.  Hope is not here Liam tells Bill.  It’s too late for Hope to leave Wyatt Liam tells him.  Because they are married Bill asks.  Liam though he and Hope could turn back the clock but he was wrong.

Aly calls Liam. And continues asking questions until Liam tells her that Hope has gone back to Wyatt.

Liam tells his son he’s sorry.  Bill promises Quinn will never mess with him again.  Liam laughts.

Any chance he had with Hope was gone before Pam and Charlie showed him that video.  He tells Bill he will pour himself into his work and do whatever Bill does to keep his mind off Brooke.  Liam thought the truth would bring out what was right and fair and now he don’t know what to believe.  Bill hugs his son…

Hope Goes Home

Hope returns home to Wyatt.  You came back he says as she walks in. He’s not been waiting, not calling or not texting or not pacing a grove in the floor.  Wyatt understands what his mother did was a whole new brand of crazy.

That you’re here is either very good news or you’re here to get your stuff. Wyatt says.

Wyatt his mother did was despicable and disgusting but she said something sensible amongst all her excuses.  They are together for a reason that has nothing to do with his mother or Liam.  It doesn’t change how they felt when they made their vows (no one made them do that).

Whatever you and Liam did in the past you chose a future with me.  Hope says he has to admit that what his mother did was wrong.  Wyatt promises to be a great husband.  Hope says her mother’s interference and involvement in their lives and the tug of war with Liam has to stop.

Quinn pushed Ivy off a bridge…but she didn’t push you off the Stella Maris Wyatt defends.  She didn’t make you take that leap of faith.  Quinn made a bad choice Hope didn’t.  Wyatt wants a life with Hope;  kids and a partnership as successful as Eric and Stephanie’s.

Hope admits to being a planner but feels they are getting ahead of themselves.  Say the word he’ll do what she wants.  You know what Quinn did, you know where Liam stands and she knows what he wants.  What about you.  What do you want, Wyatt asks his wife.

Hope doesn’t know where thye go from here.  Wyatt suggests that they don’t.  No more thinking.  Just take it one day at a time.  Just go for it.  He admits he probably scared her with the house and the kids and the revelation about his mother.  That’s what life will be like with you – one surprise after another.  Wyatt then realizes shes staying.  Yes she says.  You are my husband and I love you.  I’m committed to our marriage, our future and our family.  This is where I need to be Hope says as Wyatt promises to make her happy and an amazing life together and someday a family of their own.  Yes we will Hope says simply.

Ivy Realizes Her Mistake

Aly and Ivy discuss how Hope will react.  Aly understands Ivy may not want to hear it but Aly thinks Hope and Liam’s history means she will go back to Liam.  Hope and Wyatt don’t have a connection like that.  But Ivy believes that she married Wyatt .  Ivy knew what she was getting into.  Hope is  a Logan.  Maybe its ttue thaty can have any man they want and then they don’t let go.  She won’t be mad if Liam takes Hope back.

Aly calls Liam to check up on him.  She told Hope what Quinn did and it changed nothing.  As bad as she feels for Liam Ivy respects hope sticking to her commitment.  Aly and Ivy disagree about what Quinn pushing Ivy off the bridge meant.  Aly tires to convince Ivy to reach out to Liam. But Ivy deosnt’ want him to think she wants something.  She will listen to him again.  She can’t belive he’s going throught his again.  He will be happy once he realizes there is life after Hope



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