September 25: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

 Friday, September 25, 2015 – Episode #7172

Who’s the Daddy

Caroline can’t leave the doctor’s office till she knows who the father of her baby is.  It’s too early for a paternity test.  The doctor wonders about Caroline’s lighter than normal period.  She did have a period she notes.

Caroline wants to hear that her baby is her husband’s.  She was on the pill.  The doctor reminds her that the pill isn’t 100%b effective especially if she missed a dose.  Caroline notes she was so stressed around then.

The doctor reassures Caroline.  It sounds like Caroline had her period.  This pregnancy would likely have come after.  For now there is no reason to believe this isn’t her husband’s child.  Given what Caroline has told her the doctor has a good feeling.  The doctor doesn’t foresee any problems with her pregnancy.  For now she will only start her on prenatal vitamins and when she’s further along they can so tests to put her mind at rest.

Reassured, Caroline says she can’t wait to tell her husband.

Ridge is Infertile

Meanwhile in the office, Ridge tells Brooke that he married Caroline because he wanted to give her a baby.  And now he is sterile.  Brooke tells him that Caroline loves him and she’ll be disappointed but she will come around.  Brooke says she needs to tell Caroline.  He’s done everything he can to give her a baby, it’s just not possible, Brooke reassures.

Later Thomas brings a design to Brooke.  She thinks it’s good.  Thomas wonders where his father is.  At home Brooke says.  There is something he needs to talk to Caroline about; in private.  Thomas figures it’s for a romantic evening and 9 months from now there will be a baby Forrester.

Caroline Arrives Home

Caroline gets home to find Ridge drinking scotch.  She has some amazing news.  She starts to tell him, but Ridge interrupts.  There is something he needs to tell her first.  Carline is disappointed she’s on a roll, but sensing Ridge’s mood lets him go first.

Ridge wants to talk to her about Paris. He was at a crossroads in his life and made a decision about his future. The idea of having another family never entered his mind so he had a vasectomy. Then she turned up all perfect and beautiful.  If he had known she was coming into his life it would have been different.  He took steps to make sure to make sure he never had children again;  he had a vasectomy.

What? Caroline asks stunned. Ridge continues. He let her go because he didn’t want to deprive her of what she wanted so badly.  But then decided he couldn’t be without her. He decided to have the vasectomy reversed, but after a visit to the doctors he found out his sperm aren’t viable.  He’s sorry, but he can’t be the father to her kid.

Realization dawns on Caroline’s face.  The baby she is carrying belongs to Ridge’s son…

Steffy Has No Regrets

Steffy doesn’t like Quinn’s designs.  They are all wrong, Steffy tells Thomas as she walks into the office where her brother is designing.  They are nothing like Quinn pitched Steffy states.  Thomas corrects her – like Quinn AND Ivy pitched.  Thomas asks if she’s having second thoughts about letting Ivy go.

But Steffy isn’t.  She tried to blackmail her, Steffy doesn’t trust Ivy.  Thomas supports Steffy’s decision. Steffy asks Thomas how working with their dad his new wife considering Thomas’ history with Caroline.

Thomas tells her that there is no problem.  He thought their father was going to disappoint Caroline, but he’s stepped up and giving Caroline the child of her dreams.

Later, Ivy arrives in Steffy’s office after slipping by security.  She thinks its time she got back to work.  Doesn’t Steffy? Ivy wants to know.

Ivy says she wasn’t dealing with Aly’s death well.  She agrees what she did with the video was swrong.  She should have dealt with her own guilt.  Ivy gets whay she isn’t the face of forrester, but this company is important to her too.  She made a valuable contribution and wants to again.  Theya re family and should be able to but things behind them  and work together.  Ivy adks Steffy to find it in her heart to let her return to Forrester.

Quinn Wants Wyatt’s Happiness

Wyatt is working from home so he doesn’t have to see Liam’s smug face.  Ivy tells Wyatt she respects Bill for not wanting to pitch his sons against each other.  Conversation turns to Ivy being fired.  Ivy said Forrester is her family business too. She’s not going to stay away.

Quinn arrives. What’s going on Quinn wants to know?  Is she plotting a way to get her job back.  Ivy admits she’s going to try talking to Steffy.  Ivy misses being at Forrester especially having her defender down the corridor.  Quinn says once Wyatt is in her corner he’s there for life – unlike Liam.  Ivy tells Quinn Wyatt has already proven that.

Ivy goes to Forrester and Wyatt discusses the situation with his mother.  Wyatt is curious about Quinn doing a 180 on her attitude towards Ivy.  Quinn says that she can see how Wyatt feels about her.  Quinn wants to know why Wyatt isn’t fighting back against Liam and Steffy.  He’s a natural born leader.  She should be running Forrester or Spencer or at the least creating his own company to go head to head with them.

Wyatt simply says who said I haven’t tried.


Wednesday September 25, 2014

Wyatt Tries To Make Peace With Liam

Wyatt comes to see Liam at work who is remembering Hope telling him she’s pregnant.  Here to gloat Liam asks.  To apologize, Wyatt states.  For his mother – again.

Up until now its been easy to forgive her but Wyatt can’t do that anymore.  He has a wife to protect now and a family.  That can’t come soon enough for him Wyatt says when Liam says he must be looking forward to a family.  Liam says its hard to hear about this family he’s started with Hope. Liam says its hard to be brotherly when Wyatt walked off with his life.

Wyatt tries to tell him that they are all family and it would be nice to time his forgiveness for when Hope gets pregnant – Hopefully that won’t be too long, Wyatt tells his brother making it clear to Liam that he doesn’t know yet that Hope is pregnant.

When Liam questions whether he’s talked to Hope Wyatt admits she’s not quite there yet. If its too soon to be brothers maybe we can start with friends.  Wyatt knows hes hurting but theres no going back only forward and be part of our family.

Hope Tells Brooke She’s Pregnant

Brooke arrives with coffee at Hopes house assuming they will be packing today.  Hope tells her mom that she’s not moving out, but staying with Wyatt.

Plans change Hope tells her mom.  Brooke is surprised.  Hope hugs Brooke clearly not at ease with her decision to stay.  Brooke tells her daughter she can end her marriage but Hope says she and Liam can’t be together.  Hope tells Brooke she’s pregnant.

Not consciously Hope says.  Instead of telling Liam we were going to start a life together I had to tellhim there was no choice,  Hope tells Brooke about Liam offering to raise the child.  But when Brooke says Wyatt must be thrilled Hope admits she hasn’t told him yet…

Brooke assures her its okay to get used to it.  It’s complicated, but it’s never not a miracle.  Hope knows that but ins’t making any announcements yet.  Brooke can tell Dad (Deacon) but no one else.  This baby was supposed to be limas and it would have been if Quinn hadn’t pushed Ivy.

Hope says she’s going to stay with her husband and tell him they are pregnant and watch his face light up because he’s a really amazing person.  He loves me so much and will be a great dad.  I’m going to honor our leap of faith and be the wife Wyatt deserves.  I’m going to spend the rest of my life being so grateful for my family.

And Liam? Brookes asks.  Hope says she will forget about Liam, somehow, because she has to.  Brooke hugs her daughter.

Maya Tells Katie About Caroline and Ridge

interrupt her pla Carter leave for a conference call leaving Maya with Katie who just arrived.  So you’ve been orphaned by Ridge and Caroline also. It doesn’t bug you Maya asks?  Why would Ridge suddenly single out Caroline for specialized attention Maya wants to know.

Maybe that’s not ok Maya says.  She saw them she tells Katie and what they were doing was a lot more than designing.  She’s had painful experience with Caroline how she inserts herself into other peoples relationships and before you know it she has your man.  I saw Caroline in Ridges arms

Caroline and Ridge Design Together

Caroline asks Ridge Carter finds Maya at FC.  He’s supposed to meet with Rick.  He’s sorry to to reconsider letting her tell Ridge. No says Ridge.  Maybe we need to readjust.  Caroline says she’s ok.  She’s sure his blockage is only temporary.  Caroline is thrilled to have had this experience.  Ridge tells her that he likes working with her.  Everything is new and  a revelation like when he first started.  He was on top for so long – now he’s a novice again.  And he needs Caroline..

Caroline assures him this is only temporary and Ridge says she’s good for him.  Ridge needs Caroline he tells her.  Caroline reciprocates the sentiment. They begin working together.  Ridge tries to have her draw but Caroline wants him to take her hand and show him what he sees.  You always start with your inspiration point Ridge advises as they start with the back of the dress…



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