September 3: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, September 3, 2015 – Episode #7156

Ridge Wants Caroline Back

Caroline is back at Ridge’s loft.  Ridge thanks her for coming. She is a silent mess.  Ridge is sorry.  He was wrong he tells her. He wants her back. He knows it’s the last thing she expected to hear.  He still loves her and wants a life with him.  He hopes she wants the same.

They are a team – at least he hopes they still are.  He wants her back.

Caroline tells Ridge he hurt her.  She’s not the same anymore.  Ridge wants to know if its what he did. Caroline thinks it’s her.   Caroline wants to know why he’s bringing this up.  He doesn’t’ want to give her a family. Ridge reflects on growing up with parents who didn’t get on, but always loved their children unconditionally. Ridge doesn’t think anyone knows what their heart is capable of until they hold their child for the first time.  He can’t have her miss out on that.  He picks up a baby basket filled with baby items.

Caroline looks at it with tears in her eyes.  She’s going to be an amazing mom, and he has to be there to see it.  He said it couldn’t be him, but it has to be him.  He can’t lose her.  We’re going to do this, he tells her.  They are going to have kid together. They hug, but Caroline’s mind is also elsewhere.  She isn’t the same….

Brooke Fills Thomas In

At Forrester Creations Thomas tries to work but all he can think of is what happened between him and Caroline.  Pam enters to get him for a meeting in Ridge’s office.  He’s passing on the meeting Thomas tells her.  Pam asks if he is okay.  Thomas reconsiders.

Brooke enters.  She asks if he’s talked to Ridge and Caroline today.  Brooke says she was wrong about Ridge wanting to have a family with Caroline.  He ended their relationship instead.  Caroline will find a man that can give her what she wants.  Brooke says Caroline will get through this – especially with help from family friends and Thomas.  They’ve always had a connection.

Brooke tells Thomas that Ridge called Caroline last night and she was a mess.  Ridge takes full responsibility.  Thomas thinks Ridge told Brooke something in confidence.  Brooke tells him that Caroline needs a confident and he should be it .  She’s always trusted him completely– unless she wonders if something has changed between them.

Alone again, Thomas reflects on how upset Caroline was what happened between them.

Ivy Has Multiple Copies of the Video

On the sky lounge Wyatt considers Steffy asking him to delete the video. Ivy arrives with a press release about her modeling gig. Wyatt asks if she has multiple copies of the video.  Ivy says she’s not stupid this is her secret weapon against Steffy.

Ivy is Paranoid about her First Modeling Gig

Steffy tells Liam about her visit with Wyatt.   Steffy worries that Lt. Baker could walk in any moment with a warrant for her arrest.  They tried to get through to Ivy.  Wyatt has done some questionable things but Steffy doesn’t believe that Wyatt wants Ivy to use the video against Steffy.  They both hope that after sleeping on it Wyatt has come to his sense.

Wyatt and Ivy enter for the meeting.  The four of them start the meeting. Ivy is the New Face of Forrester and Liam thinks it’s time to start planning her first photo shoot.  The yacht in Monte Carlo is available.  But Ivy is suspicious about why they want to get her out of the country.

Liam tells her this is just part of the job.  Steffy and Liam accuse her of being paranoid. Ivy reminds them that she should have gone to the police. Steffy says its self defense.  Ivy says if that was true, Steffy wouldn’t be so concerned about the video getting out.  Steffy took Aly’s life Ivy finishes.  Just admit to it Ivy says.  Steffy has nothing to confess.

Ivy tells them that she wishes that they would realize this is about Aly, but all they can do is try to get her out of the country.

Steffy tells Wyatt again the video must be deleted.  Ivy must be dealt with once and for all.

On the Sky Lounge

Liam understands Ivy wants justice for Aly, but they all know what is really driving her.  This is changing her, its consuming her. You need to heal Liam tells her.  This could backfire on her Liam warns as he walks away.


September 3, 2014

Hope overhears Ivy

At Forrester Creations Hope overhears Ivy tell Aly that she and Liam kissed again at the beach party.  Aly is supportive of Ivy and Liam as a couple and says they look like a couple in progress.  Ivy notes that it isn’t like she’d be taking Liam away from Hope.  Hope was now married to Wyatt.  “Yes I am” Hope says as she approached Ivy and Aly.  Aly disappears.

Aly goes to Spencer Publications where she visits Liam and they discuss Ivy.  Aly would be glad for Liam to spend more time with Ivy – that way they get to keep Liam around.

Ivy and Hope Clash

Hope tells Ivy that she thinks her timing is off in regards to Liam.  Ivy, tells Hope that she and Liam are not dating but if he asked her she wouldn’t say no.  Hope thinks she should say no and leave Liam alone to process his breakup with Hope.  Ivy responds to Hope by reminding her that she and Liam aren’t; together anymore and that Hope can’t have them both.  Ivy thinks non of this is Hope’s business anymore to which Hope responds that Liam will always be her business.  Ivy asks Hope how her husband feels about that.

Hope reiterates her position that Ivy leave Hope alone and insinuates that Ivy Ivy falling into the Seine wasn’t an accident – she did it deliberately to keep Liam from meeting Hope.  Ivy takes offence and tells Hope that it was her actions that were under scrutiny  not hers.  Why didn’t Hop wait longer Ivy wonders then adds “Blood tells” meaning that Hope is very much like her mother – a Logan.

When Hope protests being compared to her mother Ivy disagrees.  Hope then tries to pull rank on Ivy by reminding Ivy that she is her boss.  Ivy plays her own bloodline as a trump card.  Forrester Creations is her family’s business.  When Hope demands respect, Ivy promises Hope as much respect as she deserves.

And there we have it a new Forrester/Logan rivalry….

Ridge Designs through Caroline

Ridge and Caroline design a dress with Ridge drawing through Caroline.  Caroline looks him in the eye and tells him that was amazing.  Their eyes fix on each other in the shared artistic experience.  Caroline pulls out another sketch and together they work another one of Ridges designs.

Meanwhile Rick is still asking Katie about Ridge not producing any designs.  Katie reminds Rick that Ridge has been through a lot.  Rick understands beut he needs to see some designs – today.

Katie goes to Ridge who tells her that he managed to draw while working with Caroline.  Alone however, he still can’t produce a drawing.

Caroline takes the designs she and Ridge worked on to Rick.  Rick is both thrilled and relieved to see something.



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