September 4: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, September 4, 2015 – Episode #7157

Thomas Reflects

Thomas reflects on Caroline not remembering they made love and telling him that she didn’t want that. He gets a text from Ridge to come over.

Ridge Wants a Family with Caroline

Caroline asks Ridge if he’s sure that he wants this.  Ridge says he doesn’t want this.  He’s raised kids, but when she walked out that door a big part of him walked out with her. He doesn’t want a family with her, he needs a family with her.  What does she say.  Caroline cries that she wants that more than anything.

Ridge Promotes Thomas to the Design Team

Ridge calls Thomas over to the loft.  Ridge explains they went through a rough patch last night.  Thomas heard from Brooke.  Ridge tells Thomas they are back together. Caroline says nothing just glares at Thomas.

Ridge tells him that over the next year he and Caroline will be starting a family.  Ridge wanted him to be one of the first to know, because of Thomas’ concerns over his and Caroline’s relationship.

The conversation turns to work.  He has put in a lot of effort and Ridge is proud of what he’s done.  Ridge promotes him onto the Forrester Design team.  He likes the work Thomas and Caroline have been doing together and he wants them to continue doing that.  Caroline is not pleased.

Thomas is surprised.  Caroline feigns her approval. She thinks Thomas will be great.  Thomas doesn’t know what to say.  He thinks its an amazing opportunity and doesn’t know if he deserves it.  Ridge says he deserves it.  Ridge tells him hat Thomas just may be more talented than he was at the same age.  Ridge is excited about designing with his eldest boy, just like he did with his dad.  Ridge hugs his honest hardworking son and Caroline glares at Thomas.

Liam Wants Ivy to Delete the Video

Liam tells Ivy that photo shoots is part of the job. Liam wants to know what happened to her.  She got the face of Forrester and Ivy is still taunting her.  When is it going to, end Liam wants to know.  Ivy says when she admits she murdered Aly.  Blackmailing Steffy isn’t helping Aly.

Liam reminds Ivy that Aly was about high moral standards. Ivy reminds Liam Aly hated Steffy. Liam begs her to let them all move on by deleting the video.  Ivy wants to know why Steffy is so concerned if things really happened the way it did.

Liam says this isn’t about making Steffy pay or landing the Face of Forrester.  It’s about getting back at Liam, he states.

Ivy ahs lost so much in such a short amount of time.  Ivy admits she is really upset with him, but they are not the issue, but the real problem is what Steffy did to Aly.  Ivy is tired of hearing it was a tragic accident.  What is true is Steffy hitting Aly with a tire iron.  Liam says it was to knock a rock out of her hand. Liam says Steffy is not a liar.  Ivy says Steffy is the dangerous one.  Ivy tells Liam that not everything is about him. They should be thanking her for not throwing Steffy in prison.  Ivy tells Liam that he is kidding himself if he thinks she is going to delete the evidence.

Steffy Wants Wyatt to Delete the Video

At his Malibu beach house, Steffy wants Wyatt to help him hack into Ivy’s virtual storage and delete the video.  Steffy goes on about some kind of connection with Wyatt.  She calls him a pawn in ivy’s game.  A few clicks and the video is gone she says.

Wyatt says if he deletes the video he will be betraying Ivy and he doesn’t want to hurt her.  Steffy says they are both full of resentment. Steffy tells Wyatt that if he wants to advance in the company all he has to do is delete the video right now.  She will sing his praises and she won’t hold this against him.

Steffy knows he has Ivy’s password.  Delete it Steffy says.  Make this disappear.  Wyatt asks her to imagine turning the tables and she had to do this to Mr. Perfect.  Steffy argues that is different.  If this video gets out, She goes to prison for the rest of her life for something she didn’t do.  She didn’t want Aly to die, but she doesn’t know how much more she can take.  She had two choices that night; death or self defense. Does Wyatt really believe Steffy is a cold blooded murderer.  Wyatt doesn’t.  Steffy asks him to do the honorable thing and delete the video.

Wyatt watches the video.  Steffy swears there was a rock. Wyatt finger hovers over the delete button.  Ivy enters.  Wyatt tells Ivy what she is doing is wrong.  Ivy is aghast, he is on her computer and her account. Do not do it, Ivy says as Steffy tells Wyatt to hit the delete button.


Thursday September 4, 2014

Hope Vents to her Husband

Hope came home to Wyatt who had prepared dinner of pizza and bagged salad. Wyatt promised to get used to microwaving for two when Hope pretended to get excited about bagged salad. She then  told Wyatt about her day.  Hope continued to remain put out by Ivy and Wyatt quickly got the picture.  Hope admitted that Ivy had made it clear that Hope was a Logan and she was a Forrester.  Wyatt told Hope that she was a success and should be secure in the value she brought to Forrester Creations.

Hope then said it wasn’t only business that was bothering her, but Ivy’s attitude.  Hope told Wyatt that Ivy had kissed Liam and Wyatt was thrilled for his brother and even congratulated him on getting on with his life. Hope told Wyatt that Ivy needed to leave Liam alone to process his breakup with Hope before making a move on him.  She wondered what kind of woman made a move on a man who was still going through a breakup from and intense and complicated relationship (I don’t know perhaps the same kind as a man who would whisk his brother’s fiancé off to Monaco and marry her before she can process her break-up!) 

Wyatt didn’t understand Hope’s problem with what Liam and Ivy did.  What’s going on here he wanted to know.  He told Hope that she had to step back and let Liam and Ivy play out as it would.  She had moved on and she had to let Liam move on too.  And he didn’t want to talk about his brother (and Hope’s ex) when he was at home with his beautiful wife.

Ivy Hosts an Aussie Barbeque

Ivy with Aly’s help to prepare hosts an Australian barbeque at the Forrester estate.  They barbeque lamb chops, try yabbi’s and eat vegemite which wasn’t called vegemite but Australian vegetable spread.   Liam arrived late after Bill encouraging him to get out and have fun with his friends rather than sitting alone at home with the cat – Boo.  Liam made it to the party but was clearly not into it spending a lot of time on his phone.

Ivy told Aly that she and Hope had had a chat after Hope had overheard all of their conversation at the office earlier that day.  Hope had told Ivy to give Liam time to  “process” his breakup with Hope before making a move on him and given Liam’s reaction tonight Ivy was beginning to wonder if Hope had been right.

After Rick and Caroline went home, Oliver and Aly went to get ice cream.  Liam wasn’t up to it again disappointing Ivy.  When the two of them were alone Ivy admitted that she wanted to put a smile on his face.  She admitted to really liking Liam and having had hight hopes for the night.  It clearly wans’t meant to be so Ivy suggested that just say G’day and Goodnight Mate a nd leave it at that.  Ivy started to clean up expecting Liam to let himself out.

Liam kissed Ivy

Liam felt Ivy’s disappointment.  As Ivy cleaned up she felt a hand on her shoulder.  She turned to find Liam still there.  Liam told Ivy the night wasn’t over yet and  then kissedher!

Quinn Confesses to Bill

Quinn arrived at Bill’s office to find Liam there.  She told them she didn’t have a sword and wouldn’t touch their little swords unless she was asked to.  Physically repulsed by Quinn, Liam left to go to Ivy’s party.  Quinn was clearly on a high over Wyatt winning Hope from Liam.

Bill reminded Quinn that he had three sons not just one.  Quinn noted she only had one and would do whatever it took to make him happy.  Anyway, Mr. Goody Two Shoes (Liam) and Miss Prim and Proper (Ivy) were clearly a match made in heaven she noted.  Bill noted that fate seemed to have stepped in to give here exactly what she wanted. Quinn stated that Liam’s response to Ivy falling into he Seine was predictable.  It was then that Bill put two and two together and realized that Quinn had pushed Ivy into the Seine.

Quinn proudly stated that it had been her finest work.  Bill was horrified that Quinn once again had interfered to ruin Liam’s life.  Bill told her that Liam and Hope had to know what she’d done and that he was going to tell them.  Quinn assured Bill he wasn’t going to do that…