Thomas and Caroline: Was it Rape? Or Did They Make Love? |The Bold and the Beautiful

The Baby Speedbump

Ridge and Caroline’s relationship hit a speed bump, as Ridge called it, when Caroline’s divorce from Rick made her realize in losing her marriage she wasn’t pursuing some of her life goals other than her career.

With her career on track and a significant failure in her personal life now behind her, Ridge realized she still wanted the things she’s wanted when married to Rick.  She wanted a family.

Ridge, however, wasn’t keen on the idea.  Not only had he raised two families already – one with Taylor, and one with Brooke, but he was now just looking forward to living in the moment.  His days of three hourly feeds and toddler tantrums were well and truly behind him Ridge told his young girlfriend.

Ridge or a Family?

Caroline was faced with a decision.  Ridge OR a family.  She couldn’t have both.  And Caroline made her choice.  She chose a life in the moment with Ridge.

But whenever Ridge was drawn into parenting his other families Caroline became uncomfortable.  The children issue had brought tension into their relationship.

Thomas Doesn’t Approve

When Thomas arrived home after Aly’s death, he wasted no time in telling everyone that he feared his father would end up hurting caroline.  He would walk out on her to eventually.  Growing up, he’d had a ringside seat to Ridge doing the same to his mother and Brooke.  Thomas didn’t like the way Ridge treated women and he made sure everyone, including Caroline knew about it.

But perhaps Thomas has inherited his father’s bad behavior towards women.

The children issue finally came to a crunch.  After a conversation with Brooke, Ridge realized he was being selfish for not giving Caroline what she wanted – a family. Ridge went home to put things right with Caroline.  Brooke told Thomas that she thought Ridge was going to tell Caroline that he would have a family with her.

Ridge Sets Caroline Free

Ridge did go home resolute.  He told Caroline that it was selfish of him to withhold from her the very thing that had brought him so much joy in his life – having his families.  Caroline was giddy with excitement thinking he was agreeing to have a a baby with her.  She told Ridge they had so much love to give a baby.

Ridge agreed, but it would be her giving a baby love, not him.  She would be a mother, but he couldn’t be their father.  He couldn’t have children with her.  The bottom fell out of Caroline’s world as she realized that Ridge was setting her free to find someone else to have children with.  In tears, Caroline left the loft and told him this was the biggest mistake of his life.

Caroline checked into a hotel still clearly emotional and distressed.  Remembering Pam’s anxiety medication that Caroline had picked up from Pam’s desk for safe keeping, Caroline popped one; and then another pill.

When Thomas called to run some design ideas by her, he could tell everything wasn’t right. Caroline gave him the address of the hotel and he came right over.  Caroline told a stunned Thomas what had happened when she went home.

Rape? Or a Beautiful Thing?

Caroline was clearly emotional and upset about the break-up with Ridge.  As they talked she became groggy and sleepy; a fact that Thomas failed to notice.  He began to tell Caroline how he felt about her and kissed her….

Caroline awoke later confused.  She rolled over to find a man in her bed.  Ridge she called out, but it was Thomas who rolled over.  Aghast Caroline sat bolt upright in the bed asking what was going on and what had happened.  Her memory of the previous night was impaired and as it became clear from Thomas retelling of events that they’d made love, Caroline became hysterical.

How could he do that to her Caroline asked; then she remembered the pills.  Thomas was surprised to hear Caroline had taken pills and quickly put together that her hazy memory was due to the pills and all the red wine they’d drunk.  But Caroline just wanted to know how he could sleep with her when se was distressed and upset about breaking up with his father.  He’d taken advantage of her.  Thomas tried to defend himself, saying what had happened between them was beautiful, but a panic-stricken Caroline just yelled at him to get out.   Thomas left.

The Potential Fallout

Caroline clearly didn’t think what had happened between them was anything remotely like making love.  And Thomas too must question his actions given that Caroline was not only drunk but under the influence of anti anxiety medication.

Will Caroline accuse Thomas of rape?  Or will she sweep the whole seedy event under the carpet once Ridge approaches her with a baby basket full of baby goods to win her back.  If spoilers are any indication Ridge reconsiders his position on children (though he’ll have to have the vasectomy he got in Paris reversed).  He can’t lose her, Ridge tells Caroline.

But how will Caroline feel about having Thomas work closely with them as a design partner?  Could Thomas’ bad judgment have cost him his career as a designer? And what would happen to Thomas and Ridge’s already tense relationship if Caroline were to turn up pregnant from her unmemorable interlude with Thomas?

With Brooke, Steffy and Hope already having lost babies over the past couple of years, if Caroline does end up pregnant, she should carry the child to term.

This set-up is loaded with conflict so it looks like we are set for either a “who’s the daddy” storyline or Caroline trying to pass Thomas’ child off as Ridge’s.  That, of course, could be especially interesting if Ridge doesn’t come clean about the vasectomy…..


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