October 15: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, October 15, 2015 – Episode #7186


Wed October 15, 2015Steffy and Brooke are both confused by Ridge’s recent turnabout where Thomas is concerned.  No sooner has Ridge made Thomas part of the design team with him and Caroline, than he tries to send him back to Paris.  They wonder what has motivated Ridge’s change of heart.  Steffy confides in Brooke that ridge caught Thomas with one of their interns, Charlotte.  Steffy also notes that family is a funny thing.  You think an argument is about one thing them something else entirely comes up…

Zende is having misgivings about Nicole becoming Rick and Maya’s surrogate.  Zende asks Nicole what her future is going to look like, and if there is any room in it for him.

Meanwhile Rick and Maya can only hope that Nicole will be there surrogate. Their fertility specialist tells them that if Nicole says yes to being their surrogate, they can get started on the process right away.

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Wednesday October 15, 2014

Liam Still Protective of Hope, Hope Jealous of Ivy

Liam and Hope discuss how close they came to being together so many times and how they let it slip through their hands because of other peoples manipulations

How did it get this way Hope asks.

Liam asks Hope how she’s feeling – nausea cravings etc.  He says he’s been reading.  Hope asks why.  Liam asks if Hope has been to a doctor.  Hope assures Liam she’s fine. What about her mother in law?

Hope tells him that they have banished Quinn from Hope and the baby’s life.  Liam is relieved that Wyatt is on board with this plan.  You guys are always going to be looking over your shoulder because of Quinn.  And if you guys don’t Liam says he will.  He knows what Quinn is capable of.  Liam wants her to call if Quinn becomes an issue.

Liam gets a text and has to leave.  Not work he tells Hope when she asks. Ivy Hope says.  She’s coming over and we’re going to barbeque Liam confirms.  She’s my friend Liam tells Hope.  Hope admits to being jealous, but she’s going home to her husband to read baby books.  Hope assures Liam that Quinn won’t become an issue.

Quinn Begs Not To Be Exiled

Wyatt comes home to find his mother there and asks her what she’s doing there.  Wyatt tells her she knows the rules.  Quinn tells him to be a man and he should set the rules.  Wyatt says he has and she shouldn’t be there.

How did you expect me to react when she told me to get out the moment she walked in the door.  Quinn will not be an exiled grandmother.  Quinn tells Wyatt to take a stand.

Wyatt tells Quinn that he almost lost Hope so many times because of her.  She made promises over and over again and broke them.  Take up crochet and make a blanket.  Behave like a grandma and maybe things will change for you.  If Hope doesn’t want her around because she finds her threatening then so be it.

He has a family now.  Something he never had.  Giving his son or daughter a happy home is his proioryt.  Quinn is no longer his priority.

Quinn doesn’t expect to be his priority, but Wyatt tells Quinn needs something else in her life to focus on.  All she wants is to be a part of her own family.

Hope arrives home.  She arrives and apologized to Wyatt that her position regarding her mother is difficult for him.  Wyatt tries to tell Hope something but Quinn comes in from another room before he can.  Hope says she has nothing to say to Quinn.  Hope makes it very clear she is not welcome in her home.  Hope tells Quinn that she is accountable for being purged from her family’s life.  Her apologies mean nothing Hope says.  There is a price to pay for your behavior and that price is expulsion.  Hope will not put her child at risk and with Quinn around that is a very definite possibility.

Look into your heart and forgive me Quinn begs of Hope.

Ivy and Liam – Dinner Date

Ivy and Aly discuss why Hope stayed with Wyatt despite e Quinn’s nasty tricks – she’s pregnant. Ivy wonders if they were ever supposed to be together.  Wyatt and Ivy made that baby without Quinn Ivy tells Aly.

Aly notes it opens the door for her and Liam.  Ivy admits she listened to Aly’s advice and listened in on Liam and her dad talking at the party.  He told her dad that he thought the tide might be changing for them.  Aly assures Ivy that she is okay with Ivy being with Liam if Liam and Hope can’t be together.

Ivy heads over to Liam’s house that is set for a candle lit dinner.  It won’t be a feast like her aussie barbeque.  He pulled her out of a river but she pulled him out of a slump Liam tells Ivy.  Ivy tells Liam that she’s there for him and Liam appreciates it.

They toast new beginnings over a glass of wine.



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