October 16: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, October 16, 2015 – Episode #7187


Zende tells Nicole she had to look at the surrogacy issue from her perspective as well; not just Maya’s.  it’s a big sacrifice Zende tells her.

Later, as Nicole chats with Maya, Maya wonders if Nicole has an answer about being her and Rick’s surrogate…

Ridge tells Caroline that this is their baby, and no one, especially not Thomas will ever know the truth.

Steffy asks her father directly what is going on between him and her brother, Thomas.

Carter has some advice for young Zende where relationships are concerned.


Wednesday October 16, 2014

Quinn Will Not Stay Away

Quinn tells Hope that she will not stay away.  Wyatt is as big a part of me as that baby is of you.  You won’t cut my son out of my life and you won’t cut me out of this baby’s life.  Hope tells Quinn she did this too herself.  She loves her son and they will have an incredible life together as long as Quinn stays away.

Hope will not stop her spending time with Wyatt – outside of this house.  But Hope will not let Quinn be part of this baby’s life.  Quinn looks to Wyatt for help, but Wyatt reminds her of all the things she did. As Quinn becomes more aggressive Hope steps behind Wyatt.

Let’s give each other a second chance Quinn begs.

With Quinn gone, Wyatt assures his wife that he will stop Quinn turning up.  Wyatt notes that Hope seems distracted.  Hope admits she saw Liam and that they couldn’t talk long because Liam had a date with Ivy.  Wyatt says that’s good – Liam should move on just like they have, Wyatt tells Hope.  They’re having a baby!

Wyatt convinces Hope that they’ll be parents soon enough but for now they are newlyweds as they sink onto the bed kissing.

Liam and Ivy’s Date Night

As they share their dinner, Ivy tells Liam that Eric is seriously thinking about stepping down as CEO – off the record.  Her dad wants to take Eric on a brother’s adventure around the world.

They discuss about their dads.  Ivy can’t imagine growing up with Bill Spencer.  Liam almost admits that Hope is responsible for reuniting them but changes his line of conversation.  You don’t have to be a jerk to get ahead Liam notes.  You are doing well and you’re as sweet as can be.

Ivy thanks Liam and says she wants to make the most of the opportunity she’s been presented at Forrester.  She’s always expressed herself through her art.  She has something for Liam Ivy says. Don’t tell your brother of your dad Ivy says as she gives him a jewelry box.  It’s a new styled sword – one not designed by Quinn.  She was thinking she could make a little one for Hope and Wyatt’s baby…Ivy apologizes for bringing up Hope.

But the mention of Hope doesn’t stop Liam and Ivy ending the evening kissing in front of the fire…

Deacon Tells Quinn to Back Off

Quinn arrives back at the loft in a foul mood.  Deacon notes her talk with Wyatt mustn’t have gone well.

Quinn tells Deacon that he has to talk to Hope.  We are not going to let Hope cut her out.  Deacon says she needs to come up with a better plan.  He’s not going to risk his relationship with Hope by helping Quinn. He’s been where she is.  Give it some time and things may change for you too.  But Quinn is determined not to wait.  She will be there for every day of her grandchild’s life.  Quinn deserves respect.  Hope is going to need help, Quinn notes.  She was alone, she knows.

Deacon says she’s not alone anymore.  Deacon says that she needs to let up.  They both know she doesn’t want to help, she wants access.  Deacon says he’ll talk to hope.  He believes ehs’ll come around.  She’d better says Quinn.



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