October 2: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, October 2, 2015 – Episode #7177

Caroline Needs Her Husband

Caroline struggles to tell Ridge.  He understands that she wants to tell him something.  Has she already packed her bags?  Or does he get a chance to get her to stay. Caroline says she isn’t leaving him.  She loves him and meant his vows.  She does wish he’d said what he meant about not being about to give her children.  She understands he just wanted to fix everything for her so she wouldn’t worry.

She wishes she could do that for him now.  But it’s not an easy fix, and she can’t do it on her own. She needs her husband.

Ridge tells Caroline he will do anything in the world for her. He might take that back when he hears what she has to say.

Caroline says its about the night Ridge broke up with her.  She was so confused. Ridge has many regrets about that night, Caroline says she does too.  It was the worst night of her life. They both agree they would do things differently.

Starting with the pills, Caroline says. She was freaking out and she’d found some of Pam’s pills so she just took a few to relax her.  She didn’t know how hard they would hit her.  Especially, since she added wine to them.  It was stupid Caroline says. What happened wasn’t’ ridge’s fault Caroline tells him as he tries to take responsibility for her pain.

Caroline doesn’t remember a lot afterwards especially after he showed up.  He was just trying to comfort me and he misunderstood and (Caroline pauses)…he spent the night with you, Ridge finishes.

He didn’t realize.  Ridge isn’t buying it. Was it what she wanted Ridge wants to know.  What kind of man does that.  Tell me who it is Ridge wants to know.

He couldn’t tell about the pills Caroline tries to defend.  Ridge still isn’t believing it, but he stays calm. Caroline says it seemed like he understood about her being upset. He kissed me, Caroline says.  Ridge wants to know if she told him ‘no’ or pushed him away.  He can tell from her reaction that she didn’t.

I was just out of it and he misread everything Caroline says.  She says she would never…Ridge says he should have been there for her.  It should have been him there with her.  He’s glad she told him.  She doesn’t need to be ashamed of anything.  An apologetic Ridge takes her in his arms tells her he is so sorry.  They are going to be okay.  They will get through his.  It won’t break them.

There’s more Caroline tells Ridge.

She wishes she could just put this all behind her but she can’t. Things have changed.  Ridge tries to prompt Caroline.  Finally she says the guy is not back in her life, he never left.  Ridge realized he knows him.  Who is it Ridge wants to know.  Its Thomas Caroline cries.

My son…Ridge says.

Just Like His Dad?

Thomas works with a model who is waiting for him to RSVP for her birthday pool party. Steffy watches as she flirts with him. The model leaves telling Thomas seeing him in a swimsuit will be gift enough for her birthday.

Steffy compares Thomas to a young Ridge breaking model hearts.  That’s not what he‘s doing Thomas says angrily, insulted to be compared to Ridge.  He’s nothing like his father.

Steffy asks why he is so down on Ridge.  Ridge probably knows since he punched him in the face, Thomas tells Steffy.  Why Steffy wants to know.

Thomas says he was being judgmental. He was calling him a selfish entitled brat. Steffy is furious when she learns that Thomas slept with an intern. His father has no idea.

Ivy is Thankful for Wyatt

Ivy thanks Wyatt for supporting her.  He’s stood by her through it all.  He could have given up on her, Ivy says.  Not a chance Wyatt says as they kiss.  He’s there for her, Wyatt tells Ivy, he’s not his brother.  Ivy gets that.  Wyatt thinks Ivy has trouble trusting people because of Liam.  Ivy agrees, he did make it hard for her to trust, but he shouldn’t worry about that because he is making it easy again.

They discuss that they were right in front of each other for so long and didn’t see it. Wyatt tells her it doesn’t matter because they see it now.  They make love.


Thursday October 2, 2014

Brooke is Leaving Los Angeles

Katie is stunned that Brooke is moving to Milan. She wants to give Bill and Katie the chance to be together if they want.  What she saw today Will could certainly use it. Katie doesn’t understand why Brooke is playing matchmaker – they’ve all moved on.

Brooke has made a decision – one she is proud of for a change.  Katie doesn’t understand where this is coming from and Brooke simply notes everything about her is changing – maybe she’s finally growing up.  I hurt you terribly and I’m never going to forgive myself for that.  I want to give you a chance to be with Bill again I’m taking myself out of the equation.  But Katie notes that Bill loves Brooke and she loves Ridge.  Will calls for Katie and Brooke leaves.  Before she does she makes a call – to Eric.  She’s made her decision – she’s going to take that position in Milan.  She’s going to Italy.

Brooke goes to Bill’s office.  Bill admits to being better now after their close call.  He’s leaned about child proofing his office.  Brooke says today helped her make an important decision also.  She’s leaving Los Angeles.  Brooke tells him she doesn’t know how long she’ll be gone.  Great he says we’ll get married in Italy.  Brooke breaks the news to Bill that she’s going alone.

John Forrester Arrives

Eric organizes Ivy to be at the house for dinner – she asks if Liam can come.  After Ivy leaves John Forrester arrives.  Ivy’s mother is named Claire and keeps the home fires burning down under and puts up with his globetrotting.  John has just bathed in the Ganges and family life couldn’t be better. He brings some champagne for his little brother.

John tells Eric about his travels and is clearly exaggerating his adventures when he show Eric a photo of the leader of North Korea – in front of the Great Wall of China!

Pam and Charlie arrive and Pam notes that it’s been since Eric and Stephanie’s wedding Charlie becomes jealous when John flirts with Pam and she invites him to dinner at the house.

John says he’ll take Liam to task that evening and give him either his blessing or condemnation!

Liam and Ivy, Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast?

Bill finds Liam in his office and tells him that Will nearly choked to death on a coin today.

Liam meets Ivy for lunch at Il Jordino.  She tells him they have dinner soon and they joke about starting a foodie blog.  Liam tells Ivy that Hope is pregnant with Wyatt’s child. Ivy realizes that’s why she went back to Wyatt and notes that Liam is really having bad luck.  She wonders if she will be hit by a bus or something for having lunch with him.

Daddy Wyatt Prioritizes Hope and His Baby

Wyatt is ecstatic that Hope is pregnant but Hope is still getting used to it.  Hope gets a phone call and while she is out of the room Wyatt calls Quinn and tells her he has news –good if she likes being called grandma.  Quinn is ecstatic.  Take care of your wife Quinn tells Wyatt.  Treat her like the princess she is. Hope comes back into he room as Wyatt hangs up.  Wyatt says he just told his mom but Hope is clearly not happy.  I don’t want her anywhere near our baby Hope tells Wyatt. This is how it has to be.  She has hurt so many people and I can’t let her do that to our baby,

Wyatt understands and agrees.  Our family comes first Wyatt tells Hope.  Wyatt goes to talk to Quinn.  But Quinn arrives at their place first.  Quinn is so excited she brought Hope some tea.  Hope tells Quinn “no”.  I don’t want you in our lives Hope tells Quinn.  I will raise this child with your son, but you will not be a part of this.  I want you out of our lives, an adamant Hope tells a stunned Quinn



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