October 22: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, October 22, 2015 – Episode #7191


October 22 2015Maya tells Nicole that if she has second thoughts she can bail; up to the last second.

Nicole gives Zende a similar out; if he says he really can’t do it and it would mean the end of them; then maybe she wouldn’t be Maya’s surrogate.

Meanwhile Maya tells Rick she can’t wait to get the wheels in motion.

Vivienne and Julius turn up at the Forrester Mansion. Maya’s father tell her that he is willing to try to accept whoever she is.

Caroline is relieved and a little disbelieving that Ridge managed to defuse Brooke.

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Wednesday October 22, 2014

Carter and Maya

When Maya enters the office Carter apologizes that he isn’t Rick – who she was hoping to see.  He tells her Rick is at home with his wife.  What they need is privacy Carter tells Maya.  Caroline has been giving all her time to Ridge Maya says.  Carter accuses her of snooping.  Ridge isn’t the a saint he thinks he is Maya tells Carter.  Carter is furious with Maya when she admits she told Ivy and Rick about walking in on Caroline and Ridge in an intimate moment.  Carter says she’s just out to cause trouble and that she’s nothing but a gold digger.

Carter tells Maya to back off.  If there really is a problem they will break up.  And then go after the guy.  But Maya won’t this is her opportunity.  Admit it Carter says – you’re in love with Rick’s money.

Maya tells Carter that Rick is with the wrong person.  I can make him happier than Caroline ever will.  Carter tells Maya that Rick doesn’t want her.  IF he keeps pestering him she’s going to end up back on the street.  Does she remember what that was like?  Of course I do Maya hisses.  Why do you think I want this life?  I will have it Carter.  This is my chance Maya yells.  She’s just waiting for Caroline to self destruct.

Carter tells her the gossip she’s stirring up is not only destructive its ridiculous.  Ridge and Caroline – there’s not a chance Carter says.

Rick and Caroline

Rick arrives home to find Caroline looking at their wedding photo.  She tells Rick that they are finished.  Rick is surprised. He thought she and Ridge would be at it all night.  Rick is delighted to have his wife to himself.  Caroline wishes that Ridge and Rick could get on.  But Rick says that can’t happen with them both vying for the same position.

Rick apologizes for being so tense about her spending so much time with Ridge.  Caroline apologizes to Rick for putting her attention elsewhere.  The experience with Ridge was amazing but it took her time away from them.  Rick admits he probably could have been more supportive.  She helped Ridge but he couldn’t get past his own ego.  He should have been more supportive. Caroline says there is something she needs to tell him about Ridge and her.

Caroline tells rick that Ridge’s talent is coming back.  Rick says she’s had quite an impact on Ridge.  Rick is supportive of Ridge and Caroline working together if it’s making her a better designer.  Caroline tells Rick that they have agreed to end the collaboration – it was wonderful but its taking her time away from him.  Caroline doesn’t want to go any further with Ridge.  Rick is stunned that his wife is doing this for him – and their life together.  They embrace.

Ridge and Katie

At home Katie finds a sullen Ridge.  He tells her they have finished the collection and Katie assumes his mood is because Caroline was upset when Ridge ended their collaboration

Katie admits she was concerned when Ridge told her he was considering using Caroline to get the CEO position.  Ridge admits he couldn’t do that.  Katie tells him he ‘s honest and loyal and that’s why she love him.

Katie asks if they talked about Caroline’s feelings for Ridge.  Katie admits she had a crush on Ridge for years.  Hopefully Caroline has an easier time getting Ridge out of her system, Katie jokes. They both got a lot out of the collaboration Katie says but it was the right time to end it – before Caroline developed real feelings for Ridge.

Katie admits she may have been a little bit jealous.  Ridge tells Katie he would never want to hurt her.  They debate who is the luckiest. Ridge says Katie was there for her the whole time.  Caroline helped him, but he loves Katie – that won’t change. They kiss.

Katie goes to check on Will.  While Rick is in the shower, Caroline calls Ridge.   She just wanted to call.  They got caught up in something and it will never happen again.  Its all behind us now, Ridge assures.  All forgotten.  It has to be.  So why are neither of them happy?  Caroline drinks her wine with tears in her eyes as she remembers the moments she and Ridge shared while designing together…



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