October 23: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, October 23, 2015 – Episode #7192


October 23 2015Maya tells her father that he can’t expect her to throw her arms around him and accept him back into her life.  Maya doesn’t know how she is supposed to believe him now.

When Bill learns of Caroline’s pregnancy he doesn’t pull any punches;  You are too old for her, he tells Ridge, and you are certainly too old to be having a baby with her Bill continues.

Thomas is back in the Los Angeles offices.  Pam holding a tray of lemon bars tells Thomas he is about to have a little baby brother, or sister, as Caroline and Ridge look on.

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Thursday October 23, 2014

Katie Sends Ridge to Work Confident Ridge Will Be Named CEO

At home Katie is confident that Ridge will take his rightful place as CEO of Forrester Creations.  Their lives together are finally taking shape.  Caroline really came through for you Katie says.  She gives Ridge a good luck gift.  Not that she things he needs luck.  Ridge is a designer and Rick isn’t.

Katie asks ridge is Ridge things Rick knows that Caroline has a crush on ridge.  Rick is perceptive Katie says.  Ridge says there is nothing for Rick to pick up on.  The collaboration is over and they are both moving on. Katie tells Ridge that she has faith in him and Eric to make the right choice for CEO – Ridge.

Donna arrives to visit Katie who is decorating the guest room while Will sleeps.  Donna notes that Ridge will be even busier if he’s named CEO.  Katie notes she understands this – she was once a CEO.  She admits to Donna that Caroline developed feelings

Rick is Confident He and Caroline Will Be Running Forrester Creations

Rick walks into his office to find Caroline looking over the designs she did with ridge (and remembering working with and kissing him.  Rick tells his wife that today is the day.  Eric has made his decision about the CEO position.

Rick says this is a big thing for them.  They will ascent – they will be just like Stephanie and his Dad.  You can always count on me Caroline assures her husband.  Don’t ever doubt it.  She is firmly right by her side.  Nothing and no one will ever change that Caroline assures Rick.

Ridge enters the office to find Caroline and Rick kissing.  They banter about the end of the collaboration and Ridges drawing skills returning just in time.  Rick says it’s good because he will need his wife’s full support when he is named CEO.

Rick thinks Ridge should concede.

Maya Won’t Let Caroline Make a Fool of Rick

Carter and Maya are on opposite sides of who should be CEO.  Carter thinks it will be Ridge and Maya says it will be Rick.  Carter fears that Maya will drive trouble if Rick doesn’t get the position.  You are blowing up an innocent expression of affection and blowing it up Carter tells Maya.

Maya tells Carter that she is sad that he thinks so little of her.  He says lucky they found out before they exchanged vows.  Maya said she wanted to marry him – she thought she was over Rick – but the closer they got to a wedding date she realized she was ignoring her heart.  Which wasn’t fair to ether of them.  You weren’t a mistake Maya tells Carter.  Try to remember it was good for a while.  She wants his friendship but Carter can’t give her any more than they have right now.

Maya thinks that Ridge and Caroline ended their collaboration because they are running from the attraction.  Carter says she’s blowing a hug out of proportion.  Maya thinks Caroline is making a fool of Rick and she’s not going to let her get away with it.

Maya contemplates calling out Caroline in the meeting…Caroline and Ridge are involved and Rick and Katie deserve to know it.

Eric Struggles with Disappointing a Son

Hope talks to a distracted Eric.  Eric says one on his some will be very happy and the other very disappointed.  Hope is sure he will make the right decision.  Eric notes it’s the downside of running a family business.  He ends up hurting one of his kids.

Hope leaves as Ivy walks in.  Ivy notes there is a lot of pressure in the decision he makes today.  He is the fairest person she knows and that is the way forward Ivy tells Uncle Eric as she hgs him.  Hope notes their interaction.  Let’s do this Eric tells Ivy.

Everyone arrives in Eric’s office for the announcement.  This will be a big transition.  John reminded him that life was about balance and he’s going to take that on.  He will still be a presence here but tits time to allow for the future of Forrester and the CEO who is going to take them there.

You have given this company your talents and dedication whatever needed, Eric tells Ridge.  I think you are the best designer in the world.

You’re tenure at International has developed your business skills and you brought that back here.  You had the good sense and luck to marry a woman who complements him perfectly, Eric tells Rick.

Eric is proud of both of them and that’s what makes it very difficult.  One of them will be disappointed but Eric will make sure they both rise to the occasion to function within the business and as brothers.  He won’t have it any other way.

Without further fanfare, Eric makes his announcement.  The new CEO of Forrester Creations is….



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