October 26: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Monday, October 26, 2015 – Episode #7193


October 26 2015Thomas asks his father who can trust a man who settles his differences that way (presumably referring to Ridge banishing him).  Caroline watches.  Later, an aghast Caroline asks Thomas if he is really asking her if she knows who the father of her baby is.

Julius, Nicole and Maya’s father is once again spreading his brand of morality around.  Learning that Nicole has agreed to be Maya’s surrogate. After meeting Zende,  Julius asks Nicole if she really thinks that Zende is going to want her when she is all stretched out and as big as a house.  Maya listens stunned by her father’s words.

Vivienne’s advice for her daughter is a little softer.  Before she knows it, Vivienne tells Nicole her life will be a list of chances you never ever knew you had, that have passed you by.

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Julius and Vivienne Advise Nicole

You need to stay out of this discussion Julius tells Nicole.  Rick tries to calm things down. Julius wants to know if Rick wants his other daughter too.  Maya wants to know if this is what Julius means by one big happy family.  Julius tells Maya they are not all here at her disposal.  Julius turns to Vivienne for support

Vivienne says carrying a baby is a hard thing to do, but to carry it and give it up is even harder.  Julius asks Nicole if she really thinks that Zende is going to want her when she is all stretched out and as big as a house.  Maya listens stunned by her father’s words.

Vivienne yells at Julius to stop it.  She tells him that he told her to tell him whenever he steps over a line; and he just did.  Rick asks how he can welcome him back, when he doesn’t treat his daughters with respect.

Maya tells Nicole not to listen to their dad.  He doesn’t’ know Zende.  Rick says they just want what every newlywed couple eventually thinks about – a child of their own.  Julius reminds him he knew that wasn’t possible when he married Maya.  Maya says that this dream can come true however.

Vivienne reminds Julius that telling Nicole that no one will love her fi she does this with her body is exactly what they did to Maya and drover her away. Julius says that wasn’t his intention.  But that’s how it’s coming out Maya says.

Every wish can’t come true Julius says to Maya.  Maya never respected boundaries or limits; That which is possible and that which is not.  You’ve done what you want with your body, but you don’t get the chance to do that with your sisters Julius tells Maya. Medical procedures are second nature to you, but not regular people.

Maya wants to know when would be a better time for Nicole. When she’s married?  Or engaged?  Nicole asks for a moment alone with her parents.  Julius tells Nicole that she knows he’s right, but just doesn’t know how to tell Rick and Maya.

Nicole doesn’t see what is so wrong about what she wants to do for Maya.  Julius tells her she doesn’t understand.  Having a baby is not doing a favor.  Its bringing change to the world.  It’s making a life.  The blood that is running through that child’s veins is yours and you know it every second of every day.  This is all just too  much for Julius.

Vivienne tells Nicole right and wrong isn’t always clear.  Think about your youth Vivienne suggests. She is beautiful.  Youth is like a flower that fades fast.  Before you know it life is a list of chances that you didn’t even know you had passed you buy.  Is that young man of hers going to be one of them Vivienne asks Nicole.

Rick and Maya

Rick and Maya talk about her parents moving to LA.  Maya says they don’t have to see them.  They just love having a Forrester in the family.  Maya questions if they are wrong.  Rick says they haven’t pressured Nicole. They will know soon enough.  Nicole’s true feelings will come out with their feelings.

Carter Advises Zende

Zende and Carter discuss Nicole’s parents being in town and their reaction to the news that Nicole will be carrying Maya’s child as a surrogate.  Zende notes that it will change their relationship even though it won’t change how he feels about Nicole.

Carter says it’s hard to know if the most loving thing to do is support someone in a tough decision or talk them out of it.

Carter tells Zende that he’s young.  He has to live now not a year from now.

Caroline and Ridge and Baby

In Ridge’s office Bill, Katie, Ridge and Caroline and Thomas discuss baby nursery colors.  Bill says he hoped that Caroline would wise up and leave Ridge but it won’t be so easy now.  Bill still thinks someone will leave, but it will be Ridge.

Katie says Bill isn’t too good with surprises as he leaves. She notes she thought Thomas was in Paris.  A lot changes in a week Thomas notes.

Alone with Caroline and Ridge, Thomas tells them that he now knows why his father can’t stand the sight of him and removed him to Paris.

Thomas thinks he is treating him badly because he parallels what Bill did – physical violence by dropping him out of a helicopter with Thomas hitting him.

Then Thomas thinks its about Charlotte.  He gets some women are off limits.  Thomas isn’t needed ti Paris.  Thorne thought he was checking up on him.

Alone with Ridge Caroline tells Ridge he ahs to stop with the anger otherwise Thomas will work things out.

Later, Thomas, after Ridge tells him he can stay, Thomas finds Caroline alone in a design office. He has a question.  How long has she known she’s pregnant?  Are you sure he asks.  Caroline wonders if he is asking if she knows who the father of her baby is.  She does, Caroline assures him. Thomas says he has a right to know if that is him.  Is it he asks?

It’s Going to Blow Up in Caroline’s Face

At home in the kitchen Bill and Katie discuss that he has to get over his issues with Ridge otherwise he will start a feud.

Bill doesn’t think there is something right about this baby thing.  All these years Ridge was careful not to be anyone’s baby daddy, now Caroline and Ridge who weren’t having a kid, are having a kid.

Just be happy for Caroline Katie says, not Ridge, but caroline. Katie reminds him that people wonder how she can stay with Bill, just like he is questioning Caroline’s relationship with Ridge.

It’s going to blow up in Caroline’s face,  Bill states.