October 29: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, October 29, 2015 – Episode #7196


B&B October 29 2015Rick Maya and Nicole get some medical advice.  Rick and Maya tell Nicole that they only want Nicole to be their surrogate if she is completely comfortable with it.

The doctor tells Nicole that her decision will not only affect her life, but (Zende’s?) also.

Meanwhile, at Forrester Creation while setting up for a Halloween party Julius tells Zende not to let Maya ruin his little girl’s life.  He should put a stop to this.

Ivy tells Thomas, with Wyatt standing beside her, that if nominated she will not run, and if elected she will not serve; her days of being a lingerie model are over.


Wednesday October 29, 2014

Caroline Searches for Rick

As Maya awakens in the cabin after having made love with Rick, Caroline searches Forrester Creations for Rick.  She asks Eric if he’s heard from his son.  He hasn’t and Eric believes Rick isn’t calling her back for good reason.  Caroline is remorseful about her behavior. She tells Eric that Maya wanted her marriage to fail that’s why she made it look so bad.  It wasn’t an affair.  But it was duplicitous Eric notes.

Eric tells Caroline she’s not the only one to blame – Ridge bears responsibility also.  Caroline won’t allow him to blame Ridge.  She wouldn’t let him stop working with her.  Caroline appeals to Eric’s experience as a designer.  But nothing is more important than her marriage.  She needs to find Rick

Ridge Admits He Kissed Caroline

Katie congratulates Ridge the following morning when Ridge arrived home after Katie went to bed the previous night.  Katie asks how it feels to be CEO.  Ridge says not as good as he thought it would. Rick was upset and he has to tell Katie whey rick was upset – When Rick didn’t get the job Maya stood up and accused Caroline and Ridge of having an affair.

Katie thinks May is ridiculous and admits Maya tried it on with her too.  Ridge admits he and Caroline kissed.  That’s all it was but they did kiss.  They were working, they were collaborating.  He was drawing again.  Katie asks again why he ended the collaboration.  Is there more to it than a kiss?  Have you been making a fool out of me Ridge?

Ridge admits he could have made better choices but didn’t.  There was an intimacy that developed designing together and he got drawn in – for a moment.  But he wants Katie.  He loves her – that never changed.

Ridge tells Katie he should have put a stop to it but he did not but he promises it will never happen again.  He didn’t want to hurt Katie.  Katie tells him that he has no idea how upset she is.  You two are artists – you got wrapped up in each other’s talents Katie says facetiously.

Katie ties her string on her finger every morning.  This reminds her that Ridge loves her and that we were supposed to be together.  Katie says it seems she’s not the one that needed reminding.  She spits at Ridge that maybe she should have tied a piece of string around his…finger…to remind him not to make out with his muse.

How can such powerful men have such little control over themselves Katie asks.  She thought he was different to Bill but she keeps making the same mistake over and over again.  Katie tells Ridge they are not fine when he claims history is not repeating itself.

Caroline Realizes Rick Slept With Maya

Maya leaves the cabin before Rick wakes up.  She takes his wedding ring with her.  Maya walks through Brooke’s home.  She tells herself she thought she lost Rick.  She will never lose him again she says making herself at home at Brooke’s house.

Rick walks in.  Maya has made him coffee.  Maya says yesterday was hard, but last night was beautiful.  Rick notices he took his ring off.  They would have gotten away with that if you hadn’t said something.  Maya says she knew something was going on and she couldn’t let them hide it.  Maya and Rick are about to kiss when there is a knock on the door.

It’s Caroline.  He tells her he has nothing to say to her.  Caroline begs Rick to let her explain then sees Maya walk up behind Rick.  Caroline cries.  No, you didn’t.  Rick only has two words for his wife however.  “Screw you.”



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