October 9: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, October 9, 2015 – Episode #7182

Rick and Maya

At the Forrester Mansion Rick and Maya kiss before heading back to the office.  They discuss playing hooky and calling in Sick.  Maya says Pam would rush over with chicken soup. They discuss Pam and her beloved Doberman tiny who is like her baby.  Maya says maybe we should have one of those.  A dog Rick asks.  A baby Maya corrects.  They are married and they are happy.  She wants a family.

She wants a baby with him Maya tells Rick.  Why wait.  She’s excited about starting a family and showing their child all the unconditional love they have to give.  Rick admits he’s already looked into adoption. It worked well for Zende.  If they get the ball rolling they could have a baby by Christmas.   Maya tells Rick while she is a huge proponent of adoption, she was hoping the baby could be part her and part him.  How does Rick feel about surrogacy Maya asks.

Rick says it can’t really happen.  Maya says it can happen.  Rick says they would have to find a surrogate.  Maya has someone in mind; someone who has the genes and the eggs to make their baby part Forrester and part Avant.  The only person who can make it happen. Rick realizes she’s talking about Nicole. He thinks it would be a great answer.  They hug.

Nicole  – the Baby Incubator

Zende is working out, Nicole doesn’t want to mess up her new workout clothes.  He asks if he’s still cooking dinner for her.  They kiss.  They joke about him kissing his workout partners.  He makes out there has been many of them, but Nicole knows he’s not a player.  He’s too sweet.

Nicole is going to head home and check on Maya before having dinner with him.  They haven’t had a long chat in a while.  She leaves telling him she hates mushrooms…

Nicole arrives at the Forrester Manasion.  Pam had her worried about them.  She’s glad they are alright. Rick says her timing couldn’t be better when Nicole offers to give them their privacy.

Rick and Maya says they are discussing their future.  Maya knows she wasn’t always there for her but she is no.  Me too Nicole says.  Rick says they want to have a baby.  Start a family of their own Maya adds.  Nicole assumes they will be adopting.  They are also thinking surrogacy, so that the child could be part Rick.  Maya thanks her for defending her and standing up for her.  Nicole says Maya deserves for her dreams to come true.  Maya says a baby with both their genes.  Nicole thinks its possible for Rick but not for Maya.  A baby that is part Forrester and part Avant is possible.  She knows she is young and just starting out in her life, but Maya says it would be the best and biggest possible gift she could give her.  Would you be our surrogate Maya asks a stunned Nicole.  Would you have our baby?

Ivy the Face and Body of the Bedroom Line

Steffy reads Ivy the press release about Ivy rejoining Forrester Creations.  It notes that he will be working alongside Quinn Fuller on the Jewelry line in addition to her becoming the face and body of the bedroom line.  Ivy isn’t enthusiastic and Steffy asks if she’s having second thoughts.  Ivy says she is – traipsing around in her underwear isn’t her.  Steffy asks if she’s thinking of dropping out.   No says Ivy.  If Steffy wants her modeling lingerie that is what she will do.

Steffy is glad to hear that and goes to choose some lingerie for Ivy to take home and model for Wyatt so she can get over her inhibitions.  Get comfortable with it Steffy says.  Ivy leaves and Liam welcomes her back as Ivy leaves.

Liam asks about Ivy’s mood.  Steffy says first day jitters.  She’ll be fine, she thinks.  Liam notes Steffy seems okay with it.  Steffy isn’t, but she’s making the most of it.  What did you do Liam asks her.

Steffy tells him she just took Ivy at her word.  Steffy tells Liam that Ivy is now the body of the bedroom line.  Liam is aghast.  What? Liam says.  Is she kidding him right now ? Ivy is going to model their lingerie?

Steffy says that Ivy blackmailed her to be the face of Forrester, now she is front and center as the face and body of the bedroom line.  Ivy isn’t like Steffy she’s shy.  Steffy is making Ivy’s life a living hell because she can, Liam accuses.

Liam gets that Steffy is still pissed. Steffy tells Liam this is a huge opportunity for Ivy.  Liam tells her she’s having too much fun with this.  She told Ivy to take some lingerie and model it for Wyatt.  IF anyone is going to talk her off a ledge its her boyfriend.

Wyatt Likes Ivy’s New Job

Ivy arrives home.  Wyatt asks what she’s doing there.  Ivy tells Wyatt that she’s now modeling the bedroom line.  Guess who’s idea that was Ivy asks.  She’s terrified of doing this.  It’s a nightmare of hers; being stared at by people in her underwear.  If this is what it takes to be part of Forrester Creations maybe she doesn’t want to be part of it.  Wyatt tells Ivy this is exactly the reaction that Steffy is looking for.  She’s pulling Ivy’s strings.

This is her worst nightmare coming true.  Look at you Wyatt says.  She has no reason to be self conscious.  She’s going to be every mans fantasy.  She’s already his.  He wants a sneak peak.  Ivy says no.  Wyatt starts to strip.  He’ll put it on then.  The only way he won’t do it is if Ivy  puts it on first.

Ivy comes out wearing the lingerie.  She’s self conscious.  Modeling for her boyfriend is one thing, but doing it on a runway and television is another…

Wyatt says she will be the sexiest lingerie model ever.  Brooke who? Steffy what?  Hot Damn Wyatt says and kisses her.


Thursday October 9, 2014

Rick Spills Ridge’s Secret to Eric

Caroline can’t get her dream about Ridge out of her mind.  Rick enters the office and kisses her. He digs again at the design Caroline is working on.  Caroline says she and Ridge did this but Rick asserts it was all Caroline.  Caroline pleads with Rick to keep Ridges problem  to himself.

Eric tells Rick that they are two weeks behind on their production schedule.  Eric agrees Caroline is spending too much time with Caroline.  Mentoring is all well and good but he has his own work to do.

Rick leads Eric to review the designs they have.  Different eh, he asks his father.  Eric admires the designs and says Ridge just continues to grow and change as a designer.  These are great but we need more Eric tells Rick.  That might be a problem says a still smarting Rick. He tells Eric that Ridge hasn’t designed anything since Abu Dhabi.  That why Ridge hasn’t show us anything Eric says stunned.  Rick tries to tell Eric he doesn’t belong here – he’s got Maroni blood running through him.  Ridge needs to go back to Paris.  He and Caroline can run Forrester here.  The future of Forrester has already begun, Rick tells his father.

Caroline Admits to Feeling Something

In his office Ridge remembers working with Caroline then picks up a pencil and  draws…Katie comes in to find Ridge excited about what he’s done.  It’s a start he says…This proves your talent is coming bak says Katie.  Caroline has had a lot to do with that and Ridge has no idea how to repay her.  Katie notes she’s had a lot of training in return.

Ridge thanks Katie for being his rock through all this. Ridge thinks Eric made Rick president because Rick is his biological blood.  Katie thinks that Rick is jealous about the time Ridge has spent with Caroline.

Katie leaves and Caroline arrives.  She has some ideas and they begin work. Ridge watches her draw…Ridge takes her hand and they draw together.  Ridge asks her if she’s ok – her hand is shaking.  Caroline is clearly bothered.  What’s going on Ridge wants to know.  Caroline tells Ridge that she’s feeling something she shouldn’t be feeling.

She loves her husband but this is so different.  Ridge admits to feeling it also.  It’s two artists working together how can he not feel it.  He’s always worked alone so Ridge has never experienced this either.  Caroline wants to keep working with Ridge but her feelings are taking over her.

She admits to having intimate and physical thoughts about him and it’s freaking Caroline out.

Eric Steps Down

Eric enters and tells Ridge he knows that he can’t draw.  He’s sorry and he hugs his son. Eric tells him he should have told him.

Rick hands Ridge notes on his designs and continues to assert that the designs that have been handed over are Caroline’s not Ridges. Ridge is resistant to taking design notes from Rick who is not a designer.  It’s time for a change Rick tells Eric.  Eric is still disappointed that Ridge didn’t come to him.  Eric agrees it’s time for a change.  He’s stepping down and one of the two of them will be CEO of Forrester Creations.

Bill Asks Katie if She’s Jealous

Bill is testy and Cranky since Brooke left for Milan Alison says as Bill grumps at Justin about a contract. Justine tells Bill not to go to Italy.  He needs to give Brooke some space.  Katie arrives.  Bill is very sorry about the other day – it could have been tragic.  But it wasn’t Katie says.  Will is fine, but Bill doesn’t’.  She’s sorry about Brooke and Italy.  If it helps, Katie says she understands hi s pain.

Katie tells Bill about Ridge and Caroline spending so much time together.  Bill asks Katie if he’s jealous of Caroline.  It doesn’t matter sasy Katie, because Ridge would never cross the line.  Ridge and Caroline are artists and they speak the same language.  Rick isn’t happy about it.  Bill notes that Katie is bothered by it also.  Her boyfriend is a well documented playboy and his niece is smoking hot.  Need he say more?



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