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The Bold and the Beautiful Rick and Maya have overcome a lot to be where they are.  As Maya’s secret, that she was trans-gender, was revealed, Maya worried that she would lose Rick over it.  But Rick stood by Maya not once but twice.

Rick and Maya: Unconditional Love Tested

Though there was a misunderstanding involving a car accident, Rick, all things considered responded favorably to Maya’s news.  He loved her and more importantly she loved him like no other woman ever had; unconditionally.  Rick could do the same.

That assertion was tested when Bill Spencer publicly outted Maya using his publishing empire, and Rick realized that almost all of Forrester Creations knew about Maya before her did.  But Rick came through.  He loved Maya and he still wanted to marry her.

When Bill Spencer also made Rick choose between Maya and the CEO job that he loved, Rick’s choice was clear.  Again he chose love over career.

Professionally everything worked out for Maya and Rick.  Both are back at Forrester Creations; Maya because of a media outcry and Rick because of Maya.  On Maya’s return to the runway, Rick dropped down onto one knee at the end of the show and proposed to her.  Maya accepted.

Maya’s Father: Discrimination Close to Home

Maya and Rick then faced discrimination and opposition in the form of Maya’s father, who just could not accept what his son had done, despite trying.  Maya ousted him from her wedding before she and Rick tied the knot.

Now Rick and Maya have settled into married life and they are looking to share their unconditional love with a baby.  When Maya raises the topic, Rick admits that he has already been looking into adopting. Rick reasoned adoption had worked out well for Zende who Kristen and Tony had adopted while on her honeymoon in Africa.

Since Maya came to the Forrester’s attention when she turned up at Dayzee’s looking for the child Dayzee had place for adoption when Maya was incarcerated it is clear that Maya could love a child without her genes as her own.  She clearly loved Jessie’s little girl as if she was.

Nicole:  The Ultimate Gift – Surrogacy

Maya was all for adoption but she had another idea.  Surrogacy. It would mean heir baby would be a part of both of them.  Rick was perplexed.  How could that be.  Maya told him there was only one person who could make that happen; give them a baby that was part Forrester and part Avant; someone who had both the genes and the eggs to make it happen.  Rick understood immediately what Maya meant, and as if on cue, Nicole enters.

Maya decides there is no time like the present and tells her sister that she understands how young she is and that her life is just getting started but she has a favor to ask.  It would be the ultimate gift to her if Maya could help her and Rick have a baby that is half Forrester and half Avant.

Nicole is understandably shocked.

Will Nicole Become Rick and Maya’s Surrogate?

And she is right to have reservations.  Nicole is just getting started at Forrester Creations as an intern.  How would she juggle that with pregnancy? Though if Thomas keeps spreading his seed around as he has in the past weeks, Nicole needn’t worry.  Forrester Creations will be forced to boost the maternity options in their medical plan as well as implement onsite child care for Charlotte, and Caroline!

(Note: there is no reason to believe from spoilers or otherwise that Charlotte is pregnant, just an observation about Thomas’ recent sexual activities.)

But spoilers hint that someone else may not be thrilled with Nicole becoming Rick and Maya’s baby incubator.  Though Zende was adopted himself, the young man who just started dating Nicole wonders what it would mean for their relationship for her to become Rick and Maya’s surrogate.

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Will Nicole give her sister the ultimate gift?  And will it cost her Zende?  Keep watching the Bold and the Beautiful to find out…



  1. […] Nicole tells Zende about the conversation she had with Rick and Maya before coming to have dinner with him (that Zende cooks!).  Rick and Maya want to have a baby, Nicole tells her boyfriend, and they want the baby to be a part of both of them;  part Forrester; part Avant.  Nicole says that Maya has asked her to help make that happen by being her surrogate. […]

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