The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: November 2 – 6, 2015

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (November 2 – 6, 2015): The grandparents weigh in on Rick and Maya’s choice of surrogate…there’s a heated staff meeting; and Ridge and Caroline have their first ultrasound…


    Liam, Steffy, Wyatt and Ivy

    Wyatt gets a little perturbed by Thomas. Wyatt doesn’t think Thomas has any boundaries he won’t cross.  But Wyatt is just as determined that Thomas will not get away with making moves on his girlfriend.

    Wyatt tells Ivy that Thomas is hitting on her and he doesn’t like it.

    Wyatt says that “he” can whine and stomp his feet all he wants but the Spencer’s are in the building. And he better get used to it.

    Steffy tells her brother that like it or not, the Spencer’s have a voice here (Forrester Creations).  Thomas tells Steffy that he knows she has her issues with Ivy, but he needs her to relax.

    B&B Spoilers November 2- 6, 2015

    Ridge, Caroline and Thomas

    An emotional outburst at a Forrester Creations staff meeting causes tensions to rise.  Weeks end sees Ridge and Caroline attend their first baby ultrasound.  What will the ultrasound show?

    Thomas’ roving eye has found a new target.  And once again, that the lady is spoken for does nothing to temper his behavior.  How will Wyatt like Thomas going after his girlfriend, Ivy?

    Bill and Katie

    When not playing hooky for a little hanky-panky, seems like Bill continues to get up a head of steam over Ridge becoming an entrenched member of his family through his and Caroline’s shared child.

    Maya and Rick

    Julius, with Vivienne at his side, in the Forrester mansion, tells Maya that if she and Rick are really serious about this they should tell Nicole they will find someone else to be the surrogate for their child. Julius tells them that no young man is going to hang around while his girlfriend is blowing up with another man’s child.

    At Forrester Creations, interns Nicole and Zende talk.  She seems upset as she reminds Zende that he said it wasn’t a deal breaker for their relationship if she carries her sister’s baby.  Nicole of course doesn’t realize that Julius has been in Zende’s ear… She asks if he means that.

    Rick and Maya are delighted that Nicole still wants to have their baby.   But Julius remains against the plan and is determined to stop it.

    Julius states that they have to come together as a family and stop this (Nicole becoming Maya’s surrogate).  Julius and vivienne learn that Nicole is at the clinic planning on being inseminated – today.  They rush over there.  Julius tells Nicole that her mother and him are not letting this happen.  This is going to be big trouble Julius warns.

    Maya tells Nicole that their father lives in his own world (and Maya doesn’t?), but he’s also very protective of Nicole and so is their mother.

    Nicole and Zende

    At Forrester Creations, interns Nicole and Zende talk.  He has been trying to be supportive of Nicole, even though he doesn’t believe she should be Rick and Maya’s surrogate.  Julius has  also pushed that line with the young man, but to be fair, Zende had reservations and told Nicole not to do it from the outset.

    Nicole seems upset as she reminds Zende that he said it wasn’t a deal breaker for their relationship if she carries her sister’s baby.  Nicole of course doesn’t realize that Julius has been in Zende’s ear… She asks if he means that.

    But Nicole wants to have Rick and Maya’s baby…and spoilers hint that she may head off to be inseminated this week.  Julius and Vivienne are also teased to be rushing to stop Nicole from doing something she may regret.  Will Nicole be inseminated?  And will it take the first time?

    Eric and Brooke

    Eric and Brooke meet with Julius and Vivienne to discuss their children’s futures.  Rick and Maya, of course, have asked Nicole to be their surrogate.  Julius in particular is openly opposed to the idea thinking Nicole is too young.  Vivienne also has cautioned her daughter that youth is fleeting.

    Eric and Brooke are united when they weigh in with their opinion on Rick and Maya using Nicole as a surrogate.  They agree that what may serve Rick and Maya may not be in Nicole’s best interests.  Brooke worries that Nicole may not be able to give up the child once born.

    Though Brooke and Eric, support the surrogacy decision and promise to support Nicole through the pregnancy, they understand Julius and Vivienne’s position.  Nicole is very young.  Rick and Maya will make spectacular parents, Eric tells Brooke, no matter how it happens.

    But this week brings bigger changes in Eric and Brooke’s life.  Eric asks Brooke to move in with him at the Forrester mansion.  Its well established that Brooke doesn’t deal well with being alone, though her descent into alcoholism seems to be past her.  Is it loneliness driving Eric to ask Brooke to cohabitate?




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    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:

    The Bold and the Beautiful are casting a bisexual male character in his mid to late 20’s.  Needless to say he’s handsome and works in the fashion industry. Rumor has it he will seduce two B&B characters at once.  Jeri appears this Friday, November 6, 2015.


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