The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: October 12 – 16, 2015

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (October 12 – 16, 2015): Father and daughter justify staffing decisions; Zende and Nicole’s first date;

    Does Steffy’s Payback Backfire?  Will Nicole’s gift to Rick and Maya cost her Zende?

    Liam and Ivy, Steffy and Wyatt – Ivy the Embodiment of Forrester Creations

    Steffy finds herself in justification mode once again with Bill and Katie over one of her management decisions.  This time Bill and Katie are looking for Steffy’s reasoning behind Ivy’s new position at Forrester Creations.  Has she seriously got the jewelry designer modeling underwear?

    Bill finds the whole thing rather amusing – Steffy has let Ivy return to the Forrester fold, but on Steffy’s terms.  Katie however, disapproves and lets it be known.

    Ivy is having second thoughts about her ability to be the Body of the Lingerie Line.  Walking around in her underwear really isn’t her thing.  Wyatt reassures Ivy.  Ivy ends up wearing the lingerie when Wyatt threatens to put it on instead.

    But once in the sexy lingerie Ivy turns it around on Wyatt.  Two can play this game she tells him. If she has to walk around his Malibu Beach House in her underwear….then so does he….

    Liam questions Steffy’s motives.  Steffy reminds him they don’t bring work issues home.  Later, she tells him that Ivy said she would do anything, making her model lingerie is just Steffy’s definition of anything.

    Steffy is self satisfied with putting Ivy in a situation she is uncomfortable with, but it looks like Steffy’s plan may backfire if Ivy turns out to do a good job.

    Wyatt starts to wonder if Ivy has gotten over Liam.  Will poor ol’ Wyatt every have a girl that doesn’t carry a torch for his brother?

    Spoilers october 12 - 16, 2015

    Nicole and Zende – Nicole as Surrogate?

    With a little bit of competition in the form of Thomas kissing Nicole, Zende and Nicole finally admitted that they were more than just friends.  Refreshingly sweet, Zende and Nicole’s relationship progresses to the next stage this week.  They have their first official date.

    Nicole tells Zende about the conversation she had with Rick and Maya before coming to have dinner with him (that Zende cooks!).  Rick and Maya want to have a baby, Nicole tells her boyfriend, and they want the baby to be a part of both of them;  part Forrester; part Avant.  Nicole says that Maya has asked her to help make that happen by being her surrogate.

    Nicole tells her sister, that she is grateful that she can do something as amazing for her as Maya has already done for her.  Maya is the reason she has a great life.

    But Zende wonders if they are headed in the same direction when he hears about a favor that Rick and Maya have asked of Nicole.  Could Nicole giving her sister her dream baby cost her Zende? Zende doesn’t seem to want Nicole to be Maya’s surrogate.

    Nicole finds someone to confide in about what Maya has asked of her.  Brooke tells the young woman she doesn’t mean to pry but if she needs someone to talk to, Brooke is there.  Nicole takes Brooke up on her offer.   She tells Brooke that if she gets pregnant with Rick and Maya’s baby, she doesn’t know if Zende will be able to look at her and touch her in the same way…

    Zende is having misgivings about Nicole becoming Rick and Maya’s surrogate.  Zende asks Nicole what her future is going to look like, and if there is any room in it for him.  Zende tells Nicole that she has to look at this surrogacy thing from her perspective as well – not just Maya’s. It’s a huge sacrifice.

    Oooh!  Rick and Maya are talking about starting a family…Do they ask Nicole to be an egg donor/surrogate since Maya can’t carry a child?

    Zende is a Forrester and has the Forrester money and assets at his disposal.  Will Zende choose to impress Nicole, like Wyatt did on their first date?  Or will Nicole and Zende have a more traditional first date?  Flowers, dinner and a chaste kiss at the door?  Nicole could use a simple courtship after Wyatt essentially using her….

    Rick and Maya – Planning for Baby

    Meanwhile in the Forrester Mansion, Maya assures Rick that she would love any baby they raised together, that it doesn’t have to have her genes.

    After asking Nicole to be her surrogate Maya is disappointed in herself of not thinking about what it means for Nicole and Zende’s relationship.

    Maya tells Rick that she doesn’t think its right for the future that she wants for them, to cost Nicole the future she wants.

    Despite this, Rick and Maya can only hope that Nicole will be there surrogate. Their fertility specialist tells them that if Nicole says yes to being their surrogate, they can get started on the process right away.

    When Nicole talks to Maya she wonders if she has an answer about being her and Rick’s surrogate.

    This statement is believable since the baby Maya was so desperate to get back when she was released from prison didn’t have her DNA either….

    Ridge, Caroline and Thomas – Casting Out Caroline’s Baby Daddy

    Ridge also finds himself defending recent staffing decisions at Forrester Creations.  Ridge isn’t budging on his decision to change Thomas role at Forrester Creations either.   That Ridge doesn’t want Thomas working with Caroline is a no-brainer, but not one easily justified without the truth coming out…that Thomas took advantage of Ridge’s wife while she was vulnerable.

    Ridge admits that he couldn’t look at Thomas and that is why he sent him to Paris.

    Ridge ends up getting into it with Steffy over removing Thomas from the California Freedom Design team.  Ridge’s final decision ends up having consequences for the Forrester Creations workforce.

    Steffy and Brooke both have difficulty understanding what is driving Ridge’s decisions when in comes to Thomas.

    Steffy and Brooke are both confused by Ridge’s recent turnabout where Thomas is concerned.  No sooner has Ridge made Thomas part of the design team with him and Caroline, than he tries to send him back to Paris.  They wonder what has motivated Ridge’s change of heart.  Steffy confides in Brooke that ridge caught Thomas with one of their interns, Charlotte.  Steffy also notes that family is a funny thing.  You think an argument is about one thing them something else entirely comes up…The ladies speculate what is behind it.

    Steffy asks her father directly; what is going on between him and Thomas.

    The ladies speculate what is behind it.

    Later, Ridge tells Caroline that this is their baby, and no one especially not Thomas can know the truth.Caroline stands by Ridge as he cops flack.

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