The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: October 19 – 23, 2015

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (October 19 – 23, 2015): Surprise! Maya and Nicole’s parents are coming to town; Caroline’s secret comes out.  Ridge comes up with a cover story.

    Wyatt, Ivy, Liam and Steffy – Bedroom Line Photo Shoot

    As Ivy gets ready for her first photo shoot as the “body” of the bedroom line, Caroline asks Steffy is she’s sure Ivy is ready for this.  Caroline and Wyatt’s concerns are justified as when the shoot gets underway, Ivy freezes.

    Liam stretches some leadership muscles in his VP position (that have been very absent recently) and tells Ivy and lectures Ivy and Steffy about getting over their respective grievances and finding a way to work together.  .  A frustrated Liam tells them to stop the cat fighting and work together; for both their sakes.

    later, Steffy tells him that as her VP, he is support to support his President.

    When Steffy learns about Caroline’s pregnancy she can’t imagine her dad being a father again.  She also wonders how Thomas will feel about it all…

    Ivy and Steffy see the sense in what Liam says and make an effort at peace between them.

    Ivy and Wyatt have a playful time around Ivy’s new job.  She tells him to strip, which Wyatt gladly does while Ivy waves her dollar bills!  Wyatt has a shoe on the other foot moment when he is caught in a compromising situation that helps him understand what Ivy has been going through in regards to modelling underwear.  Lets see, does he get caught with his pants down doing that strip tease?

    B&B Spoilers October 19 - 23, 2015

    Maya and Nicole – Parental Surprise!

    Maya and Nicole face a surprise this week.

    Maya tells Rick and Maya that she would be honored to be their surrogate.  Zende told Nicole that the final decision was hers, but that it would change things; it couldn’t not affect their relationship.  Despite Nicole’s decision to help Maya and Rick have a baby, Zende and Nicole’s relationship progresses.

    Maya tells Nicole that if she has second thoughts she can bail; up to the last second.

    Nicole gives Zende a similar out; if he says he really can’t do it and it would mean the end of them; then maybe she wouldn’t be Maya’s surrogate.

    Meanwhile Maya tells Rick she can’t wait to get the wheels in motion.

    Maya and Nicole are in the midst of working out the details of their surrogacy arrangement when grand parents-to-be  Vivienne and Julius arrive in LA with news of their own.  Maya and Nicole’s parents are moving to LA to be closer to their offspring.

    Vivienne and Julius turn up at the Forrester Mansion. Maya’s father tell her that he is willing to try to accept whoever she is.

    But Julius has made this promise before and it turned out rather badly on Maya’s wedding day.

    Maya tells her father that he can’t expect her to throw her arms around him and accept him back into her life.  Maya doesn’t know how she is supposed to believe him now.

    Last time we saw Julius he was being thrown out of Maya’s wedding for his inability to come to terms with his son, Myron’s transition into Maya.  How will Mr Avant deal with Nicole providing the genes and body to provide her sister and new husband, Rick, with a baby?  How will Julius like having a family tree as twisted as the Forresters?


    Brooke’s motives are called into question.

    Since Brooke is the only person other than Ridge and Caroline that can work out Caroline is pregnant with someone other than Ridge’s baby, look for tension in this arena. Caroline wasn’t too pleased to hear Ridge had confided in Brooke about his vasectomy and sterility.  It puts Ridge and Caroline’s plan to pass off Thomas’ baby as their own into question.

    When Brooke hears about Caroline’s pregnancy she goes to Ridge and asks him directly; who’s baby is it Ridge?

    Brooke tells Ridge she will congratulate Ridge when she believes the baby is his.

     Ridge, Caroline and Thomas – Baby Makes Four…

    Katie is talking to Ridge (?) She tells him that if it’s a boy she’s sure he’ll be handsome like his father, with an eye for the ladies.  She also question Ridge about Thomas’ banishment to Paris.  Ridge sticks with his reasoning, but even Katie thinks there is more to it than Ridge is saying.

    Caroline and Ridge’s secret is spilled earlier than Caroline would like, when she suffers morning sickness at the office. Pam has a theory… Charlie and Pam share Pam’s latest theory with Liam.  Charlie tells Liam that his little fruit tart thinks that Caroline might be pregnant.  Liam sends Pam out to get a pregnancy test for his cousin.

    Pam shares her feeling that their just may be a baby Ridge Forrester in his wife’s tummy – with Ridge.

    Brooke overhears the chatter about Caroline being pregnant and is stunned.  Given Ridge confided in her about his vasectomy and sterility even before he told his wife, Brooke wonders about the baby’s paternity.

    Caroline worries that it is far to early for her secret to have come out.  Caroline worries about pulling off the plan, since Brooke knows about Ridge’s vasectomy and sterility.  Caroline looks panicked as Charlie wonders why Brooke is so surprised Caroline is pregnant.  She and Ridge are married and have been talking about having a baby.

    Later Caroline, at home with Ridge and still looking worried asks Ridge “We can do this right? We can pull this off”

    Ridge comes up with a plan to put Brooke off the scent.  he tells her that the doctors were wrong.  He isn’t infertile, the vasectomy was reversed and lo and behold, Caroline is pregnant.  Brooke, however, isn’t buying the story.

    Caroline is relieved and a little disbelieving that Ridge managed to defuse Brooke.

    Later Katie has a fun with breaking the news to Bill that Caroline is pregnant with Ridge’s baby.  You’re having this clowns baby Bill asks.  Ridge knowing full well  how Bill feels about him jests with Caroline that he doesn’t’ think Bill  likes him very much…

    Bill doesn’t pull any punches;  You are too old for her, he tells Ridge, and you are certainly too old to be having a baby with her Bill continues.

    By week’s end Thomas is back in the Los Angeles offices and Pam continues to spread the news.  Pam holding a tray of lemon bars tells Thomas he is about to have a little baby brother, or sister, as Caroline and Ridge look on.


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    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:

    The Bold and the Beautiful are casting a bisexual male character in his mid to late 20’s.  Needless to say he’s handsome and works in the fashion industry. Rumor has it he will seduce two B&B characters at once.

    Maya and Nicole’s parents return to town claiming that they are moving to be closer to their girls.  Look for Julius and Vivienne to make their appearance on October 22, 2015.

    Big Brother contestants appear on the Halloween Episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, appearing in costume with the B&B gang.

    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming Up

    Look for a Halloween party on B&B, airing October 30, 2015,  with Quinn dressed as a princess and Carter as Captain America?  Wyatt, in a nod to Australian girlfriend  is either Crocodile Dundee  or The Crocodile Hunter as he carries a stuffed kangaroo. Thomas is all top gun in a pilot costume and Pam appropriately is the Mad Hatter. Looks like it’s an event at Forrester creations with lights and the FC logo visible…

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.



    1. Maya should not pressure Nicole in carrying a child for her as Nicole is so young & with zende in the picture she will likely lose him, & I don’t blame him. I t will ruin her life in the future. I think maya is being selfish as she chose her life as it is so let it be & adopt.

    2. Wrong, wrong, wrong Maya is being very selfish, she knew what the consiquences were going to be like when she chose the life she’s living deal with it. Not liking where this storyline is going

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