The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: October 26 – 30, 2015

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (October 26 – 30, 2015): Thomas questions his father, and Caroline; Nicole receives advice, as does Zende; Thomas flirts; A party ends the week

    Trick and Treat fun on Friday for Halloween… Pam and Charlie throw a Halloween Party for all at Forrester Creations.

    Liam, Steffy, Wyatt and Ivy

    Wyatt admits to his mother and Deacon who are visiting him at home that he is really enjoying his time with Ivy.  Quinn squeals with delight and claps her hands that her son is falling in love.

    Ivy, initially resistant to modeling the bedroom line gets encouragement from an unexpected source.  Ivy asks Thomas when he picks up a saucy little red negligee from the bedroom line whether he can seriously imagine her in that.  Thomas looks at the lingerie than at Ivy and tells her he has, many times.

    Thomas tells Ivy that the important thing in her return to work at Forrester, is that she is true to who she is.  A curious Ivy asks Thomas exactly who that is.  A lady, Thomas tells Ivy.

    Wyatt enters and asks if there is anything going on as Thomas and Ivy look guilty.

    Ivy tells Thomas, with Wyatt standing beside her, that if nominated she will not run, and if elected she will not serve; her days of being a lingerie model are over.

    B&B Spoilers October 26 - 30 2015

    Ridge, Caroline and Thomas

    Thomas confronts his father about being banished to Paris.  Thomas doesn’t believe Ridge’s response was proportionate to his crime (sleeping with an intern and punching his father).

    Thomas asks his father who can trust a man who settles his differences that way (presumably referring to Ridge banishing him).  Caroline watches.

    Thomas and Brooke discuss his tense relationship with his father.  Brooke assures the young man that this problem won’t be hanging over his relationship with his father forever…(babies are pretty much forever Brooke  J  )

    Later, a serious Thomas asks Caroline if his dad is really the father of her baby…

    Later, an aghast Caroline asks Thomas if he is really asking her if she knows who the father of her baby is.

    Caroline has a hard time coming up with an answer to a pregnancy question.

    Thomas needs to get his hormones under control.  This week he’s flirting with Ivy!

    Maya and Rick

    Rick finds himself regretting letting a visitor turned houseguest into his home.

    Rick Maya and Nicole get some medical advice.  Rick and Maya tell Nicole that they only want Nicole to be their surrogate if she is completely comfortable with it.

    Patriarch of the Avant family, Julius puts his foot down and forbids Maya and Rick to use Nicole as their surrogate (which pretty much guarantees it will happen!).  Maya tells her parents that she understands that what they are asking of Nicole is extraordinary, and that is why they are so grateful that Nicole has said yes.

    Nicole and Zende

    Nicole’s parent’s bring other points of view about her being a surrogate for Rick and Maya to her attention.

    Julius, Nicole and Maya’s father is once again spreading his brand of morality around.  Learning that Nicole has agreed to be Maya’s surrogate. After meeting Zende,  Julius asks Nicole if she really thinks that Zende is going to want her when she is all stretched out and as big as a house.  Maya listens stunned by her father’s words.

    Vivienne’s advice for her daughter is a little softer.  Before she knows it, Vivienne tells Nicole her life will be a list of chances you never ever knew you had, that have passed you by.

    Meanwhile at the Forrester mansion Vivienne tells Nicole (with Maya sitting beside her) that no matter how grown Nicole gets, Julius wants to make sure she makes the right decision.

    Looks like Zende will get some unsolicited advice about his relationship with Nicole.  Since Nicole’s father is full of hot air, bets are Julius lets Zende know his opinion also, and provides some outdated advice to the young man.

    Zende gets some unsolicited advice from Julius when they meet at the Forrester Creations offices.  Julius tells Zende that he can’t let his little girl go through with having a baby for Rick and Maya.  Julius believes Maya made her choices and has to live with them and the limits they imply.

    Julius tells Zende that he is not doing Nicole or their relationship any favors by not telling Nicole that he doesn’t support what this is.

    Nicole has questions for Zende about his commitment to their budding romance.  At the office, Nicole asks Zende if they are over.

    Rick Maya and Nicole get some medical advice.  Rick and Maya tell Nicole that they only want Nicole to be their surrogate if she is completely comfortable with it.

    The doctor tells Nicole that her decision will not only affect her life, but (Zende’s?) also.

    Meanwhile, at Forrester Creation while setting up for a Halloween party Julius tells Zende not to let Maya ruin his little girl’s life.  He should put a stop to this.

    Pam and Charlie’s Halloween Party

    Quinn is dressed as a princess and Carter as Captain America?  Wyatt, in a nod to Australian girlfriend  is either Crocodile Dundee  or The Crocodile Hunter as he carries a stuffed kangaroo. Thomas is all top gun in a pilot costume and Pam appropriately is the Mad Hatter.

    Nicole comes to realize that her decision could have more far reaching consequences than she ever realized.

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    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:

    The Bold and the Beautiful are casting a bisexual male character in his mid to late 20’s.  Needless to say he’s handsome and works in the fashion industry. Rumor has it he will seduce two B&B characters at once.

    Jake Maclaine (Todd McKee) appears for the Halloween Party on Friday.

    Big Brother contestants appear on the Halloween Episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, appearing in costume with the B&B gang.

    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming Up


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