November 13: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday November 13, 2014 – Episode #7207


Pregnancy Test – Postive

Maya asks Nicole if she’s doing okay.  Nicole is nervous about her blood test and hopes she doesn’t disappoint.  Maya is just humbled that she agreed to do this.  The doctor takes Nicole to draw blood.

Nicole returns and wishes she had some kind of sign that she was pregnant, like tiredness or morning sickness.  Maya agrees the odds of success are low on a first attempt, but she choses to think positive.

The girls wonder how their parents will react whatever the news. Maya can’t believe they have decided to be negative over this situation.  They won’t let it affect them.  It will only strengthen their bond.  How can something so loving and beautiful be anything but positive for all of is Maya wonders.

The doctor enters with Nicole’s results.  Congratulations  she says.  You are having a baby.  Nicole is in shock.  We did it she utters.

Maya promises to take good care of Nicole. The doctor tells her to come back in two weeks to check her hormone levels.  She congratulates them and leaves.

Nicole thanks her sister hugging her.  her sister is giving her a baby. How far we’ve come Maya says.  Years of not knowing her.  She now a part of her life and now Nicole is giving her one.

We’re having a baby Maya cries in delight.

Grandparents and Boyfriend Wait

The prospective grandparents wait at the mansion for news about Rick and Maya’s baby.  You mean rick and Nicole’s Julius says.  Zende reminds him that even if Nicole is pregnant the baby won’t be hers. They go over the details.  Julius doesn’t think Nicole understands what she’s signed up for.  How can she know what is like to have a baby and give it up.

Brooke and Eric serve tea.  Julius prays it fails.  Vivienne tells him to pray for understanding.  Eric notes it must be confusing for them.  They will be happy for Maya but worried for Nicole. They will figure out how to deal with it Vivienne says if Nicole is pregnant.

Julius asks Zende how he will feel when Nicole has Rick’s baby inside of her.  Eric, sidelines Julius question.  He says he is proud of Zende for giving Nicole his support, and that he doesn’t have to feel one way or the other about it.

Brooke talks to Zende in private.  Zende worries about how he is expected to react if Nicole tells she is pregnant.  Maybe Julius is right.

Can Ridge Forgive Thomas

Ridge enters to find his children talking about him.  Thomas says she’s just trying to get ridge’s respect back.  Steffy tries to mediate.  The company and their family needs Ridge to forgive Thomas, Steffy tells him.  Ridge is non committal.  He’s working on it.

Steffy tells him to think about his wife and unborn child.  This anger and tension isn’t who he is.  He needs to move on and forgive Steffy tells her dad.  Ridge agrees what his priorities should be.  He doesn’t like being at odds with Thomas.  He’s not going to give Thomas the opportunity to make the same mistake again.

Steffy knows the bad feelings don’t go away overnight.

Ridge leaves.  This is all because of a stupid punch she says.  She bets Thomas wishes he could take that back.  Thomas is suspicious.

What is Going On?

Liam asks Caroline if she’s alright.  He can see something is wrong.  She tells him she is pregnant.  Its and emotional roller coaster.  But Liam isn’t buying it. There is tension between Ridge and Thomas and ridge doesn’t want the press to know about the pregnancy.  They are family, he is here for her.  What is going on Liam asks Caroline.

Caroline tells him that Ridge and Thomas are trying to put something behind them that should never have happened.  They are working on it.  Liam asks if Ridge is stressing her out.  Caroline says he is her rock.  What about Thomas then Liam asks.  She is just not herself recently.  Come clean Liam begs.  What is wrong.

Liam recounts the strange things going on with the secretive pregnancy and the tension between Ridge and Thomas.

Caroline reminds Liam that she was ambushed into telling everyone she was pregnant before she was ready because of Pam and Charlie.  And the whole vasectomy and reversal this is very personal; its no one else’s business.  She appreciates his concern, but she is fine.

Steffy and Liam

Kiss.  She asks what is wrong.  Liam confides in his concern for Caroline. Steffy reminds him she is pregnant and in a mine field of hormones.  She’s not herself.  She has the man of her dreams and a baby on the way.  Caroline is fine Steffy assures Liam.

Caroline and Ridge

Caroline admits to Ridge that Liam is picking up on things. He needs to help her out a bit by relaxing a bit with Thomas.  Caroline hates the tension and keeping secrets.  It’s stressful.  Can they really do this Caroline asks her husband.

Thomas will never know Ridge tells his wife as Thoams listens in through the crack  in the door.


Thursday November 13, 2014

Back at the Forrester Boutique in Amsterdam

Back at the Forrester Boutique they talk up the shoot and Ivy and Hope upstaging the jewelry – even though it looked great.  When Liam asks Ivy how her first shoot felt. Hope interjects and says nervous.  Ivy admits she was to start but she relaxed into it.

Back in the studio they do the head and shoulder shots.  There is clearly a competitive air between Hope and Ivy as they ladies jostle for camera time.  Liam and Wyatt watch and wonder what is going on.  Eva even laughs at their competitive nature.

Not too much? Ivy asks when the shoot finishes.  They both note they weren’t competing –Huh!  Ivy offers to help Eva pack up.

Liam tells Hope that was entertaining.  They discuss all the places they’ve been.  Hope admits Ivy did well today.  Liam thanks Hope for helping her but Hope asks if that was really what she was doing.

Hope goes to check in with Wyatt and overhears him on the phone arranging the most romantic boat ride ever with Lars.  Wyatt tells Hope she handles working with Ivy with Class.  Hope says Ivy was okay today but she is glad it is over so they can relax and enjoy the rest of the day. What does he want to do?  Wyatt confirms to Hope that he has something very special in mind.

Ivy and Liam are trying to decide what to do with the rest of the day also when he gets a call from Lars.   He has a mystery reservation for them.  Ivy says lets do it!

Hope and Wyatt – Back at the Hotel

Back at their hotel Hope is glad that the hard part is over.  Wyatt is proud of putting aside her feelings about Ivy except for the smack own they had at the boutique.  Wyatt says Ivy did ok.  Hope says that all that diva stuff must come naturally for a Forrester.  They also note that it was baby’s first modeling shoot and this time didn’t take the limelight form momma.

Hope wants to know what their plans are for this evening.  Wyatt looks uncomfortable.  He has spent so much time planning Liam and Ivy’s evening he hasn’t got anything planned for them…Hope keeps trying to pump Wyatt for information.  Wyatt says that Ivy and Liam probably have their own plans – moving forward with any luck.

While Hope is getting them candy, Wyatt takes binoculars and spies on Ivy and Liam on the boat…

Ivy and Liam’s Boat Ride

Ivy and Liam arrive at the boat noting they have seen it before.  Lars arrives and says its his boat, its stocked for a romantic evening.  They thank Lars and

Deacon and Quinn

Quinn is nervous waiting for Wyatt to check in.  Wyatt’s plan lacks a little pizzazz and innovation Quinn says, but at least he’s being proactive.  Deacon doesn’t think that Liam is a threat now that Hope is pregnant with Wyatt’s baby.  Quinn says that isn’t the case – Liam is making goo-goo eyes at Hope across Amsterdam.

Wyatt is going to provide Liam the opportunity to move on from Hope Quinn tells Deacon when he asks what Wyatt’s plan is.  Wyatt has planned a boat trip for Ivy and Liam through Amsterdam.  Since Liam has no game Wyatt is helping him out to take his relationship with Ivy to the next level.  Deacon says he never realized how much like Quinn Wyatt was.

Deacon tries to distract Quinn but Quinn is focused on what is happening in Amsterdam.  Quinn wants to make sure Hope and Wyatt are happy without Liam interfering.

Quinn tells Deacon that she adores Hope mostly – but t sometimes – Quinn has a weird fantasy about kidnapping Hope and torturing her until Hope agrees to let Quinn be [part of their lives.



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