November 19: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday November 19, 2015 – Episode #7211


Quinn tells Ivy (?) that her track record with men; before her son came along; was meh.

Later, Ivy is having dinner with Thomas at the Forrester Mansion.  She tells him she appreciates how much effort he has gone to to make tonight a lovely evening.

Steffy and Liam enjoy a romantic evening at home also.  Tonight is not about our past Liam tells her; its about the future and the life they are going to build together.

Quinn warns her son that his girlfriend is sleeping under the same roof as Thomas.

More Spoilers for this week


Wednesday November 19, 2014 – Episode #6957

Bill Hears Caroline’s Side of the Story

Bill listens as Caroline and Ridge discuss Rick trying to sabotage the line with his changes.  Ridge gets a text – another change and leaves Caroline. Enter Uncle Bill.  He thought he might need her he says as a sad Caroline hugs him.   Rick and I aren’t in a good place Caroline admits.  A bill says he knows because of Ridge.  Bill says Katie told him but Bill wants Caroline’s perspective.  He’s not here to judge her but he’s trying to understand how with everything she had at stake – her career and her marriage – she allowed herself to fall for Forrester.

Caroline tries to explain. But Bill struggles with the artistic crap.  Bill says the guy sure has game.  He played on your hero worship.  Caroline says she may have been feeling something more than a crush.  Bill asks Caroline if Forrester used her feelings to strengthen his bid for CEO.  When Caroline doesn’t’ answer Bill takes that as a yes.  Caroline says initially, but it was more.

Bill blames Ridge – he was older and he knew better.  You may be married to Rick but you are still a Spencer and Forrester doesn’t get a pass on this.

Ridge Tries to Talk Reason to Rick

In his office Rick and Maya re making final commands and changes to the preview of the Couture line.  Maya is nervous having never walked Couture before.

Ridge knocks and enters – What now he wants to know.  What irritated cos I pulled you away from Caroline Rick asks. Ridge says he isn’t here to get into it with him.

Ridge shushes Maya calling his disrespectful.  Ridge doesn’t like Rick’s final change to the line.  Ridge asks why Rick is sabotaging the company.  Rick says he isn’t.  You need to get it together Ridge warns Rick.  You’re going to sink this place and lose Caroline for good if you keep letting your model girlfriend made decisions here.

If you kill this line it will hurt all of us.  Ridge asks May for privacy but Rick does say she needs to get ready.  Ridge sarcastically tells Maya to go ahead and break a leg as she leaves.

I kissed your wife Rick, so place that anger on me – not on the company and not on Caroline.  Stop making silly choices Ridge says.  Changing prices and lineups and dump Maya and go back to your wife.

Caroline made a mistake, like you’re making mistake now with Maya.  Rick says all Ridge has to know that he trusts Maya.  He gets it.  Rick Forrester doesn’t tolerate disloyalty.  He’s got it, Caroline’s got it.  Stop punishing her.  She’s a beautiful smart talented woman.  It would kill him the think that Rick threw away the best thing in his life because of him.  Give Caroline five minutes after this show to have her say.  You woe that to her and you owe it to yourself Ridge says as he leaves.


Maya returns. She notes Rick feels far away from her.  Rick says he just has a million things on his mind.

Backstage,, Maya tells Rick she’ll be walking for him.  Rick gets called away.  Caroline runs into Maya and Maya tells her to leave Rick alone, rick is done with Caroline.  He’s hurting that’s why you can tell he still loves me, Caroline explains to Maya.  Maya says exposing Ridge and Caroline was just her being honest.  Caroline describes Maya as a gold digger.  Maya admits that Rick knows she is excited about her new lifestyle. Caroline accuses Maya of continually reminding Rick about how evil Caroline and Ridge are. Caroline suggests she stop fanning every little flame – she doesn’t want to start a fire she can’t put out, Caroline advices.

Bill Punches Ridge

Bill finds Ridge on the sky lounge.  We’ve got some business he states.  That is my niece who is like a daughter to me.  She is young and impressionable and easily swayed by a predator you.  You mess with Spencer women – expect me to be in your face – that includes Katie – remember her? The woman with the red string on her finger.

Ridge tries to explain the same artist story as Caroline.  It’s done Mr. Self Righteous.  Ridge reminds him for throwing him out of the helicopter.  Bill reminds him he showed up at a party he wasn’t invited to when he crashed his wedding to Brooke.

Is Bill Spencer Being Hypocritical?

Bill tells Ridge that he made just one miscalculation.  Someone is going to stand up for those women (Katie and Caroline) and that’s Bill.  Bill punches Ridge.



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