November 20: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday November 20, 2015 – Episode #7212


November 20, 2015 B&BA shirtless Thomas tells Ivy that maybe there is something better than sleep that she could be doing with the person across the hall.

Spending a romantic evening at home (where Liam, unbeknownst to Steffy, plans to propose) Steffy tells Liam to never underestimate his importance in her life.  Liam tells Steffy that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Quinn goads her son.  She’s surprised that he doesn’t think that Ivy is a lot like Hope.

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Episode Summary

Ivy and Thomas and the Storm

Thomas and Ivy are both in the kitchen.  So you can’t sleep, Ivy asks Thomas.  No not with his mind racing thinking about her.  Thinking what he was that maybe there was something better than sleep you could be doing with the person across the hall, Thomas says.

Bridge?  Or chess Ivy suggests. They should definitely play sometime Ivy teases.  She’s good.  So is he.  Lightning sends Ivy rushing into Thomas’ arms.  Ivy removes his arms from her and tells him he really is something.

Them playing games isn’t going to help either of them sleep.  Ivy leaves to go to bed. Thomas follows, but texts Steffy first.

Thomas knocks on Ivy’s bedroom door. Come in she calls. Ivy reminds Thomas she’s with Wyatt.  Does he tell her how beautiful, elegant and insanely sexy she is.  A guy like Wyatt can’t appreciate her like he does, Thomas says getting closer and closer.  Thomas kisses her.  Ivy eventually pulls out of the kiss.

Ivy tells Thomas she can’t.  She’s not interested in him, like that.  She’s with Wyatt.

Be daring do something a little crazy, with him   They are young he tells her. Do something crazy with me Thomas tells says and they kiss again.  They sink onto the bed as Ivy’s muted phone rings with a call from Wyatt.

Wyatt and Quinn in San Francisco – No Storm

In SF Wyatt tells his mother that Thomas and Ivy being under the same roof.  The place is so big they needn’t ever cross path with each other.

Wyatt tells her not to set Deacon all night.  Quinn says same to you and Ivy.  Then laughs because sweet Ivy wouldn’t sext.  Doesn’t she remind you of some other goody two shoes he used to hang around with?  Quinn says you don’t think she reminds her of Hope?

Ivy is a loyal trusting honest woman and Wyatt happens to like it.  Quinn tells him that Pollyanna won’t hold his attention when he was smitten with someone else not so long ago.  Wyatt says he never had a chance with Steffy.  She came to town to reunite with Liam and she got what she wanted.

Quinn is annoyed that Steffy is with spineless Liam.  Wyatt asks if she about to do something weird again.  No says Quinn. Wyatt isn’t upset about how things turned out with Ivy,  he’s happy and committed to Ivy.  He loves her Wyatt tells him mother.

Steffy and Liam and the Storm

Liam gets him and Steffy more wine.  While Liam is gone she picks up a text from Thomas gloating about Ivy staying across the hall from him.

They discuss the rain.  If its still bad for the commute tomorrow maybe they can stay in and celebrate.  Liam goes to close windows and Steffy calls Wyatt under the guise of checking if they are ready for the meeting tomorrow.  Steffy tells him to call Ivy  and say goodnight.  Chicks love that.  Liam returns and Steffy ends the call.

A flash of lightning send Steffy into Liam’s arms. They cuddle on the couch.  Steffy’s phone beeps with a message.  She checks the message while  Liam checks the game.  Thomas sends her a text telling her she’s going to lose the bet.

Liam understands sibling annoyances better than most.  They agree no more cell phones fo r the rest of the night.  Tonight is about them.  She turns off her phone. He has her attention for better or worse.

They talk about couples on their phones and ignoring each other. She doesn’t want their relationship to ever take a back seat and get lost.  Liam assures her that won’t happen to them.  Steffy doesn’t want him to ever underestimate the importance of him in her life. Liam isn’t worried about the losing their connection.  After the honeymoon kids and jobs they will still find time for nights like this.

Did you say honeymoon Steffy asks Liam.  When she was in Paris he missed the quiet nights just as much as the wild ones.  They have experiences a lot and lived a lot.  She has energized him and made him take chances he never would have.  Kind of like the one he’s about to take now.

Steffy you’ve brought spirit to my life. There are two very different thinks you inspire in my; hold you tight and keep you safe; the other is to grab you and laugh and scream dancing in the rain.  She is the only woman who brings out both of those instincts in him.  That’s why they will succeed to balance out the quiet moments with the stormy ones.  That is why he wants to spend the resot fo his life with her.  They have made so much history together, he wants to make so much more.  Will you marry me Steffy, Liam asks, opening a ring box.

Yes, she cries and they kiss.


Thursday November 20, 2014 – Episode #6958


Gloria turns up at the show surprising Eric.  Whisper on the street is the collection is extraordinary and for these prices it better be she says.  Gloria admits to having sticker shock.  She wishes Eric luck.

On the Sky Lounge

Bill tells Ridge to stay away from his niece after having punched Ridge.  Bill turns to leave but Ridge grabs him and tosses him to the ground.  They end up in a fist fight as the fashion show get started.  The two men fight until finally Ridge doesn’t get up.

We done here?  You don’t get to take whatever you want – not from my family.  Ridge makes fun of Bill not having a family until two grown boys knocked on his door.  That dunk in the ocean is childs play compared to what will be coming if he doesn’t stay away from Caroline.  Bill punches him again to make his point.  Bill tells him to enjoy the show.

Backstage and the Couture Line Showing

Carter checks in on Caroline who could use some help.  Where is Ridge she wants to know? She needs help Eric tells Rick.  A good CEO steps in whenever and wherever he’s needed and he prices his merchandise more realistically. Eric tells Rick about Gloria Baldwin’s sticker shock comment.  If this is his idea of sinking the line…Rick interrupts and claims to have priced the dresses as the pieces of art that ridge claims they are.

Maya exerts her new power as lead model.

Rick asks Caroline where lover boy is.  Caroline says she doesn’t know.  Its his collection Rick says.  Caroline reminds him it is their collection.

The show starts.  Rick opens the show as CEO.  This is his premiere collection following the in the footsteps of his father.  He introduces Eric.  The collection is collaboration between two talented designers. Caroline is surprised when he introduces her as Caroline Spencer Forrester.

Carol asks Carter to find Ridge.

Rick watches the feed of the show backstage and says $9000 for that – not a chance. Clearly his pricing was designed to sink the line as Eric accused him.

Maya tries to go on stage without Caroline’s review.  Caroline tells her she designed it she has final say.  Get out there and don’t blow it Caroline tells her.

Ridge stumbles in.  What happened? Caroline asks.  Is this because of me she asks working out what happened? They hug as Rick watches from across the room.

Gloria tells Eric she can’t wait to tell Lauren about the designs for the boutique.

Rick asks Ridge what happened.  Rick says he has to get out there – the head designer closes the show.  Ridge says seriously like this?  Ridge says Caroline should go – get the credit she deserves. Rick tells her to get out there she will be great when Ridge looks to his help as CEO.  Rick seethes as he watches Ridge watching Caroline on the monitor.

Caroline returns backstage after taking her bow as Head Designer

Maya sees Rick’s regret with Caroline comes back stage and heads off with Ridge to tend his injuries.  Maya says they loved it.  A huge success. The CEO and the lead model.  A practical Rick says the designs had something to do with it as well.

Caroline is furious that Bill did this.  First he tried almost destroyed Ridge’s career with the helicopter stunt – now this.  Ridge changes the topic to the success fo the line. Did you hear the crowd out there – that’s for you.  You deserved it – Ridge couldn’t be more proud of Caroline.  They did this together – hand in hand Ridge tells Caroline



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