November 23: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Monday November 23, 2015 – Episode #7213


November 23 2015 B&BAt the office, Ivy tells Thomas that she feels like she has done something so terribly wrong, and so right all at the same time.

Wyatt returns from his business trip, and with Thomas watching, he tells Ivy that she could not have missed him more than he missed her…

Later Ivy asks Thomas what she is supposed to say to her boyfriend.

Nicole finds herself asking Zende if he feels differently about her, not that she is actually pregnant.  Zende is honest with Nicole.  He doesn’t want to share her; not yet anyway.

Episode Summary:

Steffy Engaged And Worried for Wyatt

Quinn and Wyatt debrief on the trip.  Quinn notices the ring and they congratulate her.  Wyatt jokes he can’t leave her alone for one night.  Steffy asks if he’s seen Ivy yet.  Wyatt says Ivy will be pleased with the stones she brought back.

Steffy asks if he’s talked to Ivy last night.  He did but she seemed distracted.  She was staying at the Forrester Mansion.  Where Thomas lives Quinn notes.

Quinn tells Steffy that Wyatt is worried about Steffy’s brother’s wandering eye.  Wyatt goes to see Ivy.

Later, Wyatt returns to Steffy’s office.  She asks what he’s doing tonight. He’s hanging with his lady.  Steffy encourages him to let Ivy know how much she means to him.  Wyatt plans to.  Tonight.

Ivy and Thomas – Incomplete

At work, Ivy remembers kissing Thomas the previous night.  Thomas enters and says he was thinking about it too.  Ivy asks if he needs anything.  Yes he does, and he kisses her again.

Last night was good Ivy says.  But incomplete Thomas says.  Kissing is good but he wanted more.  Ivy says it was fun but shouldn’t have happened.  Thomas says it should have happened.  And it should.  Again. And Again. And Again.

Ivy says she has a boyfriend.  Wyatt. Last night was very unlike her.  Ivy doesn’t want him getting the right idea.  She doesn’t do that.  Ever.  In her entire life.

She feels like she’s done something so terribly wrong and right at the same time.  He tells her she’s right about the right part.

Ivy wants to know what she tells Wyatt – her boyfriend.  Thomas asks why she should tell him anything.  Ivy says it’s a think called honesty.  Thomas says she’s over thinking this. It was just serendipity.

Ivy doesn’t know how she let this happen.  He tells her to come back to the house tonight.  Tell Wyatt she’s prepping for Thanksgiving dinner.  He wants a repeat of last night.  And so does she, Thomas says.

Wyatt enters.  They kiss, as Thomas watches.  He tells Ivy that she could not have missed him as much as he missed her.  He has plans for them tonight.

Thomas says they are in the middle of something. Wyatt says accessorizing the dress should take all of five minutes.

They are going to fire up the grill and open a bottle of wine tonight,  Wyatt leaves when Steffy texts.

Thomas tells Ivy, no ring, no commitment.  Let it play out.  She’s a free agent.  Listen to the offers.  Ivy asks what it is that he is offering her.  She should do what she wants to do; not what she’s supposed to.

Ivy doesn’t know what she wants anymore.   He suggests again she stay at the house tonight.  Ivy can’t believe she’s even thinking about this. Ivy is confused.  She’s never been attracted to two people before; it’s not her.  Thomas agrees.  She’s a lady.  That’s what he finds so attractive.

Thomas says it’s simple.  What does she want?  He kisses Ivy  again.

Zende and Pregnant Nicole

Zende returns from a business trip and Nicole asks if she looks different pregnant.  She’s supposed to have some kind of glow.  Zende says he’s still trying to wrap his head around it and can’t believe it worked on the first try.  Nicole asks if there has been a change in him.  Does he feel differently about her not she is pregnant.

The better question is whether he wishes she weren’t pregnant.  Of course he does.  He was honest with her.  It sounds selfish but he wanted him all to himself.  They are just beginning.   But now her first priority is the baby growing inside her.

She is aware of a life, more than her own.  She’s never been responsible for anyone other than herself. She’s responsible for more than just her now.  It changes her perspective on thinks Nicole admits.  She asks if changes things for Zende.

She has a huge commitment to the life inside her Zende says.  He won’t compete with that.  The baby should be number one.  Zende wants her to be proud of the decision she made.  She’s doing an amazing thing for Rick and Maya.  But Nicole thinks the way he’s looking at her has changed.  He hasn’t seen her in days and he hasn’t even kissed her.  Does it gross him out knowing that she’s pregnant, Nicole asks.

He’s been going through something too, Zende says.  But he’s not running for the hills.  She asks if he still feels the same?  Does he still want her.  Zende proves he does by kissing her.



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