November 24: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Tuesday November 24, 2015 – Episode #7214


November 22 2015 B&BIvy has a conversation with Thomas; first making sure that they are alone.  If Wyatt asks her to move in with him, she will Ivy tells Thomas.

Later, Wyatt tells Ivy that he likes coming home to someone.  Just to be clear he tells her that by someone he means her.

Steffy tells Thomas that if Ivy is shallow enough to cheat of Wyatt the moment his back is turned, Steffy wants to know about it.

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Monday November 24, 2014 – Episode #6960

Rick tells Caroline He Wants to Reconcile

I need you Rick tells Caroline.  We’ve hurt each other enough.  We can make this work.  We can get back to what I almost threw away.  Rick takes her hands this is what you want, Right?. Ridge watches then leaves to do some work.  As Caroline and Rick leave the office Caroline looks back at Ridge who she has just told she has fallen for.

Rick wouldn’t blame Caroline if she’d giving up on her.  Caroline says he gave up on her.  He admits to being hurt but says he can’t lose her. He’s still having a hard time getting over what she and ridge did, but he’d like to think they can put back together their marriage.  He still loves her and wants to put back the pieces.  Will she let her try.

You turned to Maya Caroline says to Rick.  Rick admits to acting out and being immature and selfish  he is so sorry for the pain he caused her.  Caroline says she’s sorry she hurt him but it doesn’t change what he did.  Caroline doesn’t’ know if it is too late…

Eric Confides in Taylor about his Ultimatum to Rick

Eric tells Taylor about the hard line he took with Rick.  Rick is making it worse by the way he is reacting.  They discuss Eric’s ultimatum – that Rick reconcile with Caroline or he loses the CEO job.  Rick and Caroline crossed the line and Rick overreacted Eic tells Taylor.  Caroline is working so hard to keep that marriage alive.

Maya is Deliriously Happy with her Life

Maya tells Carter that Forrester’s server crashed because of all the hits Forrester – and she – had.  Carter calls Maya self absorbed.  He reminds Maya that Rick is so hurt because he still cares about his wife.   But Maya is only focused on the amount of money Forrester is making from  all the orders Rick is making on his first showing out of the gate as CEO.  Rick will make a gold mine out of this and since I’m Rick’s chick Maya states…Katie enters and says not if I can help it.  Katie is looking for Ridge. Maya makes it clear that she is with Rick.  Katie leaves.  She finds Ridge.

Maya is deliriously happy.  Can this day get any better she wants to know?  Carter tells her that Rick is still into Caroline.  Maya assures him that Rick is done with Caroline.    Carter warns he she’s getting way ahead of herself.  Maya says she’s not cocky she’s confident.

Later while Rick is alone, Maya enters his office.  What’s wrong she wants to know as he’s clearly distracted.  She knows he’s upset about the line being successful but this is the golden age of Forrester Creations with th two of them at the helm.  Rick tells Maya that his CEO position is on the line. My dad knows I tried to sabotage the line of letting my personal issues get in the way of the company. He’s given me an ultimatum Rick tells Maya.   I can hang onto the CEO position if and only if I reconcile with Caroline Rick tells Maya

Katie asks Ridge if she has all of him

Ridge tells Katie it was Bill’s fists that happened to his face.  He was defending Katie’s honor.  Katie changes the topic to the success to the preview.   What are we doing Katie wants to know.  She had time to think while she was away.  She’s been accused of running away from her problems. Space makes things clearer.  She promised herself that she wouldn’t change the way she loved because of Bill.  They don’t know how long they will be here but it makes no sense to love with only half a heart.  She wants to love with everything in her and she needs that in return.

They’ve had a tough few months.  You’ve felt so incomplete, and maybe it’s not fair to ask this of you. But it’s what I want.  Is it something you can do?  I need to know?  Do I have all of you Katie asks Ridge.

Ridge is sorry – for everything.

Katie kept the string on her finge because she didn’t want to take it off out of anger or disappointment.  She still thinks it as a symbol on the commitment they made to each other.  Ridge says he remembers that day.  But ultimately it is also just a ribbon that can be untied.

Katie tells Ridge she really loves him and she wants their life together but she needs all of him, not half…or she has to untie the ribbon and take it off.  She goes to until it but Ridge stops her.  What we have is good Katie tells him.  Don’t throw it – don’t throw me away Katie begs of Ridge.

Where To From Here?

Caroline comes to see Ridge after Katie has left.  She can’t believe the timing.  Out of the blue he’s asking for forgiveness and wanting our marriage back when I’ve told you….  Ridge tells her Rick realizes he’s about to throw away something incredible. Where do you go from here Ridge asks.  Caroline asks the same about him and Katie.  Ridge says they are moving forward with the life they were planning.  Rick is her husband …Caroline wants to know about hem though.  There is no us Ridge says though there clearly is.  This is goodbye he tells her.