November 25: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Wednesday November 25, 2015 – Episode #7215


November 25 2015 B&BThe Forrester’s, Spencer’s Logan’s and Avant’s  celebrate Thanksgiving.


Eric wishes Stephanie a happy thanksgiving.  Pam chases everyone out of the kitchen then calls Charlie back.

The family arrives. Ridge tells Eric that his mom would love this.  Eric asks if Ridge is ready to jump back into fatherhood.  Absolutely he tells him.


Charlie uses an app to time his turkey basting.  Pam has him do it on her schedules not an app. Vivienne and Pam work together in the kitchen preparing dinner.

Living Room.

Football in the living room; Quinn arrives with her special yams and spoon feeds Wyatt some;  Maya and Nicole’s parent arrive with Nicole’s favorite side dish – since she’s eating for two.

Zende’s parents send their love.  They concentrate of giving thanks.  Eric toasts the extended family.  “Happy Thanksgiving.”

The gents come in from playing football.  Spencers vs. Forresters. Thomas tells Ivy she looks gorgeous. Steffy sees him put his hand on Ivy’s knee.

Thomas takes a photo of Caroline and Ridge for social media to make her mom’s very happy.


Eric tells them that Rick and he worked hard on the seating arrangement to get everyone to keep up Hope’s tradition.

Eric is thankful that Thomas is back

Caroline will be an amazing  mother and the two of them amazing parents.

Caroline says there are all types of families.  Love loyalty and how you face things together makes a family,  She tells Ridge he will be an amazing frather to their child.

Ridge tells Steffy she is opinionated cutthroat and loves deeps.  He’s happy for both Liam and Steffy.

Steffy thanks Liam for giving them another chance.  This is the beginning of their forever.

Liam bypasses Bill and goes to Katie making everyone laught. He tells his father he’s supported and loved him and taught him more than he ever imagined.  A vote of confidence from him means everything.

Bill tells Katie that he is lucky to have her sitting next to him again this year.  They kiss.

Katie tells Vivienne that she can tell by her lovely daughters that she must be a wonderful and devoted mother.

Vivienne tells Julius that they haven’t always agreed but she is grateful he moved to LA to bring their family together again.

Julius calls Maya his daughter.  He has his whole family for thanksgiving. He doesn’t know why his daughters want him here but he’s grateful.  He says they can all be crazy together.

Maya is glad he’s here.  She will never forget the hurtful things he’s said but she is thankful for him saying he loves her.  he  does Julius tells her.

Maya says this is her family.  They have accepted her with open arms.  And what her sister is doing for her is an act of love.  She thanks Rick for his acceptance.

Rick is grateful to Zende for his love and support for Nicole as she gives him and Maya the fgift they never thought possible.

Zende is really impressed by what Nicole is doing for Rick and Maya. He hopes to be part of her life for a very long time.  He tells her he loves her.

Nicole tells Charlie he protects and informs them and makes them laugh. Thatnks for being good people.

Chrlie tells Pam she is the glory in his life.

Pam tells Deacon she is thankful that he is in Quinn’s life making her feel loved and stable.  She even gave Quinn a butter knife.

Deacon is thankful he doesn’t have a boring marriage.

Quinn tells Wyatt they have been through so much. He has been brilliant even when she flash cooked a turkey in the kiln.  She is proud.

Wyatt ells Ivy she never gives up, he hopes he never gives up on him because she will never give up on her. Wyatt ells Ivy he loves her.

Brooke Logan, Ivy tells her she fills the halls at work with compassion and kindness.

Brooke tells Eric they are all here because of him; the leader and founder of this family.  They should be thankful for him each and every year.

The families toast.


Tuesday November 25, 2014 – Episode #6961

Maya – Lead Model and CEO Mistress

Maya says no, tell me you are not going back to Caroline.  You would not go back to her for any reason.  Rick tells her that’s what he thought too.  No, tell me I’m misunderstanding Maya yells at Rick.

I can’t be CEO unless I get back with Caroline Rick tells Maya.  So that’s what I’m going to do.  I’m going back to my wife.  I don’t have a choice Rick says.  Maya says she loves her life with you as CEO but I love you .  I want to be with you.  Rick tells her he wants to be with Maya but he’s going back to Caroline to hang onto his job.

Maya is realizing that Rick is just pretending to get back with Caroline.  Everyone has to think he is back together with Caroline until his Dad retires of Rick has revocable control over the company. Maya isn’t happy with Rick’s plan.  Rick still says they will be together.  She will be his lead model and mistress!  Rick tells her he really needs her.  Okay Maya says through tears.  Rick doesn’t like it either, but it’s necessary.  He has a plan and will take care of them.  But he has to find a way to get Caroline back.

Rick Wants to Know Caroline’s Decision

Ridge tells Caroline this has to end there is no future for them.  Rick wants her back and that’s what you want.  Caroline admits she doesn’t know what she wants.  Who does Ridge states.

Being with you has changed me Caroline tells Ridge.  Its changed him too Ridge says and he loves that but Rick is her husband. Caroline asks him if they are supposed to pretend they never felt this way.

Ridge will never forget this extraordinary moment in time.  But we have to forget each other Caroline finishes for her.

There is a knock at the door and Rick enters.  He wants to know where they stand.  It’s not too late for them Rick says.  They are still married and he still loves her… Tell me you still want me Rick pleads.  Tell me it’s not over.

Ridge offers to leave but Rick says he can hear this.  Rick admits he’s been cruel and dismissive.  He overreacted and turning to Maya was a huge mistake.  He’s sorry he hurt Caroline.  Caroline isn’t sure she can forget it.  Rick is going to make her feel like the most special woman in the world. He can see she still loves him.  All she has to do is say the word.

Rick gets the okay from Caroline also…Rick asks her if she still has his ring.  She has it in her ag and puts it on his finger.  But as she hugs he husband Caroline can’t help but look at Ridge…

With ‘Rick gone Caroline tells ridge that she has to be grateful for Rick forgiving her.  He’s come to his sense Ridge tells her.  Like we have. But Caroline cries. You are magnificent Ridge tells her and they hug one last time as Caroline cries in his arms.

Katie Thanks Bill for Coming to Her Defense

Bill is terrorizing the staff when Bill arrives.  Bill thinks she’s come to dress him down over fighting with Ridge.  Katie merely says, I don’t condone violence but I do appreciate you standing up for me. What’s the catch Bill wants to know?  Bill is surprised he’s not in trouble.  He betrayed you and manipulated Caroline.  He may have ruined her marriage to Rick.

Bill admits he has trouble keeping his temper in check sometimes.  You mess with my niece and the mother of my child and you pay.  I think you made that clear, Katie says.  Bill is missing the appeal of Ridge.  Katie says he’s kind of sweet when he’s protective. He can’t help getting involved in her life.  He can’t help it.  She’s the mother of his child and an amazing woman.  Bill hopes that Ridge realizes how lucky he is.

Bill asks Katie where he and Ridge stand.  You’re wearing a string on your finger.  You deserve som serious bling on that finger.  You gave me lots of giant diamond and look how that turned out.  Bill reminds her she loved them.  They had some good times together and made a very handsome kid together.  Bill looks at Katie and wishes she was happier.  She and Ridge will be fin Katie assures.  We just have to get over this hurdle.

You deserve the perfect white knight Bill says.  But he doesn’t exist.  He’s sorry Ridge disappointed her but he’s not surprised.

Katie wishes that Brooke would be here for Thanksgiving as peacemaker.  They discuss Brooke thinking they should get back together.  They decided it was nuts.  Katie likes them being able to talk like this.  They were family he reminds her, she was his wife.



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