November 6: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, November 6, 2015 – Episode #7202


November 6 2015 B&bWyatt says that “he” can whine and stomp his feet all he wants but the Spencer’s are in the building. And he better get used to it.

Steffy tells her brother that like it or not, the Spencer’s have a voice here (Forrester Creations).  Thomas tells Steffy that he knows she has her issues with Ivy, but he needs her to relax.

Wyatt tells Ivy that Thomas is hitting on her and he doesn’t like it.



Thursday November 6, 2014

Rick and Caroline Excluded

Rick holds a meeting about Amsterdam and excludes Ridge and Caroline.  Rick tells them they know everything they need to know.  Hope’s handling the shoot.  Caroline tells Rick it doesn’t need to be this way.  Rick tells them they are not needed and they should leave so they can finish

Maya asks Carter if he is who told Ridge about the meeting.

Rick tells Hope and Wyatt that he trusts them o make this a success.  Hope tries to tell Rick that Caroline had a good point, but Rick shuts her down.  Caroline can’t believe that Rick is leaving her for that god digging opportunist.

Maya and Rick

Maya tries to tell Rick that they could go to Amsterdam as well…but Rick just wants to work. He’s not needed.  Launching Ivy’s jewelry line is important, but the most important thing he can do is stay in LA and stake his claim says Rick when Maya suggests they jet set around Europe.

Maya tracks down Carter.  We have to get Rick and Caroline’s marriage annulled today, Maya says.

Back in his office Caroline enters waving a white flag.  Rick says its not funny.  Caroline wants another chance.  But she’d settle for an answer. How did we get here?  Rick thinks she should know.  Caroline understands how much she hurt him but she doesn’t’ understand that he won’t listen.  Don’t you think what we have is worth saving? She wants her husband back.  He wouldn’t be this upset if he didn’t care.  She is so sorry that she messed things up but she’s not the one who walked away. You let Maya pounce.  End it Caroline says.  We are going to work this out – come back to this marriage – I love you.  Please come home, Caroline asks of her husband.

Ivy Invites Liam to Amsterdam

Ivy meets Liam on the sky lounge after excusing herself from the meeting and tells Liam she wants him to come to Amsterdam with her.  Liam learns that Rick is staying behind and that Hope is going in his stead.  Liam says so it will be you me, Hope and Wyatt on a great big Dutch adventure.  Liam loves the idea of travelling with Ivy but doesn’t think this is a good idea.

You could cover the launch for the magazine.  She’ll hook him up with an interview with the designer.  Ivy tells the four of them in a jet doesn’t have to be awkward.  Ivy says she and Hope have had a talk – she’s too busy with her life to make life hard for them.  Liam agrees to go.

Hope finds Ivy alone on the sky lounge. Hope tells Ivy that there is so much tension in the office she doesn’t want to add to it.  The three of them will have a good time Hope says.  Ivy tells Hope that she didn’t like the idea of being a third wheel so she invited someone.  Hope asks if it’s her dad, but Ivy tells her its Liam.

Hope asks if Liam understands who will be going.  Hope admits she is surprised.  Don’t you think four of us on a jet together will be hard.  Ivy says we have talked about this and you have to be able to let Liam move on.  Hope isn’t comfortable with this.  Ivy tells Hope she’s married and expecting his child.  She’s starting a new relationship – it’s an exciting time in all their lives.  She’s not asking they be best buddies but they should be able to get along for a few hours on a jet.  I guess we’ll find out Hope says unconvinced.

Wyatt is surprised when Liam arrives on the jet.  Hope and Wyatt are clearly uncomfortable while Liam and Ivy are excited.  Things are tense on the plane so Hope and Wyatt go to bed.



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