December 10: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, December 10, 2015 – Episode #7224


Wyatt tells Thomas that he set the whole chain of events into motion that put Ivy in a hospital bed.

Eric defends Steffy.  Steffy was trying to save Ivy’s life.  And she probably did, Eric states.

Steffy tells Liam that she knows he wants to trust her and believe her; because he is a good honorable man.

Ivy is awake and tells Wyatt that she can’t get the images of Steffy pushing her into that electrical panel out of her mind.


Wyatt Confesses his Feelings for Ivy

Ivy’s doctor is encouraged by his progress.

Wyatt comes to sit with Ivy. Ivy is so sorry about Thomas.  Wyatt says Thomas turned her head around,  Ivy was scared she says, Wyatt tell her that scared is getting a phone call that your girlfriend is in the hospital.

Ivy is sorry.  She wanted to be the one to tell him, but Steffy beat her to it.  Wyatt could have lost her. Now he thinks back on the words that could have been their last.

Ivy is so grateful he is here by her side.  Wyatt tells her he loves her.  Ivy loves him too. He kisses her forehead and tells her to relax. He’s so grateful he didn’t lose her today.

But Ivy can’t get the images of Steffy pushing her into the electrical panel out of her mind. Steffy scares her Ivy tells Wyatt.  She’s dangerous.

Wyatt Blames Thomas

Thomas tells Wyatt he should ask Ivy what happened.  She’s awake.  Wyatt still wants to know what happened.  But he blames Thomas for setting the whole chain of event into motion that put Ivy in a hospital bed.

Thomas tells him it was an accident.  Thomas says he can’t blame him for that.  He never wanted her hurt.  Wyatt tells him he didn’t think through the consequences of his seduction and look what happened because he thinks the rules don’t apply.

They argue about what happened. Wyatt accuses him of wanting to put a notch in his belt despite Ivy asking him to back off.  Thomas claims to care about Ivy.  He doesn’t think this is his fault.

Wyatt thinks that Thomas was upset about being shot down and told Steffy his dirty little secret knowing it would come back to Wyatt.  If he touches Ivy again Wyatt will make sure he’s sorry.

Steffy and Liam – Over?

Steffy tells Liam she is not taking off the ring.  They can deal with this.  Liam reminds her that Ivy almost died.  Steffy says she messed up and feels horrible but they can’t let it mess up their engagement.

Steffy says Ivy got in her face.  She didn’t attack her it wasn’t her fault.  Steffy realizes Liam doubts her.

Liam is concerned about her.  The past is forming a pattern.  First Aly, now Ivy.  Steffy claims she wasn’t looking for trouble. Liam agrees she did everything she could once it happened. Steffy knows he want s to believe her.  He’s a good honorable man who doesn’t want conflict in his life and she doesn’t want to be the source of it.

Liam agrees that they are different people and deal with things differently.  Its something they need to address.  Steffy suggests that she move out until they are married.  Liam tells he to hold on a second.  Don’t go.

Because of what Steffy did Ivy is going to be okay.  Liam never doubted that Steffy wanted Ivy to be okay.  He hasn’t been clear, he does believe her.  She always does what she thinks is right and she always tells him the truth.   This is our home he tells her.  If they have an issue they will deal with it together.  Here.

He loves her and trusts her.  They kiss. And make love in front of the fire.  Later, Liam tells her that he doesn’t want her to think she’s judging her. The leveled up today Liam tells her. Steffy doesn’t find the video game reference amusing, but she agreed, they and Ivy survived and got through it.

  Eric fills in Ridge and Caroline

Eric fills in Ridge and Caroline about Ivy’s accident.  Ivy was lucky Steffy was there and called the paramedics as soon as it happened Eric tells Ridge and Caroline.  Ridge asks what happened but Eric doesn’t have specifics it was chaotic;  getting Ivy to the hospital and Eric spent a lot of time getting hold of John and Ivy’s mother.

Ridge wants to know what Ivy was doing down there at the time.  Eric thinks Steffy saved her life.  But Pam said Steffy and Ivy were arguing.  Caroline wonders if it had to do with Wyatt, but Eric thinks Pam exaggerated.

Caroline says there was talk around the office that there may have been another guy turning Ivy’s head.  Eric doesn’t think that sounds like Ivy at all.   She’s completely devoted to him.  Thomas arrives and says granddad is right.  Ivy is being watched by her overprotective boyfriend

Caroline says that answers that rumor.  Thomas says Wyatt is a joke, but Ivy is devoted to him.  Thomas doesn’t get it. Bottom line is Ivy is going to pull through.  Whatever happened they are solid,  SO there was another guy Caroline says.  Thomas says she’s right; it was him, Thomas tells them.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014 – Episode #6970

At Quinn’s Loft

Deacon calls Hope who isn’t answering.  Deacon wonders which hospital they went to.  All you had to do is leave it alone he yells at Quinn after she says Hope can’t lose the baby…The ultrasound the baby shower I begged you to stop.

Quinn wants to go to the hospital with Deacon but he says she’s not stepping foot inside that hospital.  Quinn cries as Deacon leaves. Quinn paces the loft waiting for Deacon to call.  Quinn prays.

Quinn gets a call from Deacon.  Learning the news she breaks down in tears…

At the hospital

If my mother had anything to do with this you have to tell me, Wyatt says.  I don’t want to think my mom could hurt us like this.  Hope says she fell.  Did she touch you Wyatt asks.  Hope reflects on what happened and simply says “no”.  He was a part of me and now he’s gone Hope says to Wyatt.

Deacon arrives at the hospital, Liam finds her.  Liam fills Deacon in on Hopes condition and that she miscarried.  Deacon hugs his daughter and Liam and Wyatt watch.  My baby’s gone Hope says.  She knew when she was lying there something was wrong.  She listened and listened for the heart beat but she couldn’t hear it on the ultrasound.  He was already gone.

Liam steps out and calls Bill.  Liam breaks the news to Bill.  Hope lost the baby Liam says.  He thought that Bill would want to be there for Wyatt.  Wyatt steps out with Liam.

Liam tells him he called their dad.  Wyatt thanks him.  Anyone else you want me to call Liam asks.  Wyatt says no.  Liam tells him he’s so sorry – he tried to get her as soon as he could.  He wishes the doctors could have done something.  The brothers hug.

Outside Liam tells Deacon he already called Brooke.  Donna, Katie, Ivy and Bill arrive. Liam tells then Hope fell down the stairs in Hope’s backyard.  Bill sants to know what Quinn did.  Liam says according to Hope nothing.  But Quinn as there and something bad happened and that makes her responsible, Liam tells his father.

Deacon steps aside to call Quinn

Hope family rallies around her and Wyatt as she cries. Wyatt and Hope are left alone in their grief.

At Forrester Creations

Katie comes to see Ridge at work – he’s not in the office.  She looks at his designs. She finds Ivy working on designs for jewelry in another office – like a true Forrester Katie notes. Ivy tells Katie that this place is really starting to feel like home.  Beacause of Liam Katie asks.

Ivy tells Katie about the boat trip in Amsterdam.  It sounds very romantic Katie says.  Ivy worries she’s telling Katie too much.  Katie is glad that Liam seems to finally be moving on.  Amsterdam was a big leap forward, career wise and personally.

They discuss Hope being with Wyatt and having a baby.  Ivy is excited it feels right and comfortable.  Katie gets a call from Bill.  He’s coming to pick her up.  Hope is in the hospital.  Not the baby Katie says.  Bills says he’s sorry.  Hope miscarried.

Bill’s Office

Bill and Justin wonder if Wyatt has delivered the restraining order yet.  Bill says it had to be done.  Otherwise…When a dog won’t stop biting you muzzle it Bills ays.  When Quinn goes to that place she can’t control herself.



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