December 11: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, December 11, 2015 – Episode #7225


December 11 2015 B&BRidge confronts Thomas, in front of the electrical panel that nearly cost Ivy her life.  Caroline watches as Ridge plays back what Thomas did.  So you make a play for a girl who is already involved with someone else, whether she likes it or not.

Thomas wonders if they shouldn’t be coming together for Ridge and Caroline’s baby’s sake.

Liam asks what you two (Wyatt and Ivy?) are trying to tell him.  When Steffy arrives to see Ivy in the hospital she is shocked at Ivy’s reaction to he presence.  ‘Are you afraid of me?” she asks aghast.

Donut eating police detective  arrives at the hospital.  He says that Steffy Forrester is just the woman he is looking for.

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The Restraining Order

The doctor checks over Ivy.  She can’t go home today, but soon, if he knows she has the right person looking after her.  She does, Wyatt promises.  The doctor leaves.

Ivy agrees with the doctor.  Knowing she’s coming home to Wyatt has made a huge difference to her recovery.  Liam arrives. He is surprised that Ivy is concerned about Steffy.

I was pushed Ivy defends.  Liam defends Steffy.  Are you implying I was holding a rock over her head?  Wyatt says there seems to be a recurring pattern here.  Pushing me into that panel?  She was supposed to keep people away from it.

Liam can defend Steffy as much as he likes but Steffy is dangerous, Ivy maintains.

Steffy arrives and Ivy backs away and tells Steffy to stay away from her.  Steffy is shocked that Ivy is afraid of her.  vy can’t look at Steffy.  Steffy is thrilled how far she’s come.  Steffy feels terrible about everything.  She tells them the panel has been repaired.  She will never have to go through a terrible accident like that again.

No she won’t detective XXX states as he enters eating a donut.  He’s there to see Steffy. Steffy wants to know why he’s looking for her.  he delivers a temporary restraining order against Steffy filled by Ivy Forrester.

Steffy is horrified.  Liam and Steffy are stunned. Wyatt stands by Ivy.

Steffy has to stay 100 yards away from Ivy at all times; including the workplace.  She breaches it and Steffy goes to jail.  Ivy can go to Forrester, it is Steffy who can’t, since the order is against her, the detective informs Steffy.  It lasts until the case is concluded.

Steffy says this is so messed up.  Ivy tells her she is afraid of her.  Steffy says this was an accident.  How can she do her job if she can’t be in her office? Steffy loses it and is warned not to go any closer to Ivy by the detective.

Liam tells Ivy that she is mistaken about this situation.  Steffy wants to forget about the restarting order.  Ivy says she can’t bring Aly back from the dead, she is just protecting herself from more accidents that happen around Steffy.

Steffy is irate that Ivy has banned her from going to Forrester.  That’s her company.  Ivy can’t do this.  I just did, Ivy tells her.

Steffy Fills Ridge In

The panel is fixed. Steffy, Ridge and Caroline are reviewing the repairs with Jake and the electrician.  They are going to give the building a once over.  Steffy basically tells them this never should have happened in the first place.  Jake and the electrician leave.

Ridge asks about Steffy’s tone with Jake and the electrician.  Steffy says the panel should have been fixed a year ago and what happened to Ivy wouldn’t have happened.  Ridge asks exactly what did happen with Ivy.

It was just her and Ivy right?  Ridge tells her that she can tell him anything.  Steffy admits she pushed Ivy but not on purpose.  Ivy got in her face because Steffy told Wyatt that Ivy had been making out with Thomas.

Steffy tells them what happened.  Caroline suggests she talk to Carter.  But Steffy has a plan to alleviate any liability to the company by heading to the hospital to tell Ivy how bad she feels.

Ridge Pulls Thomas into Line

Ridge thought Thomas had grown up.  He always has to go after the woman who’s taken.  Thomas says he bonded with Ivy after pulling her out of the way of the falling light.  Ridge is bothered by Thomas making a play for the girl who was already with someone else. And she has to be interested, because he’s Thomas Forrester, Ridge goads.  It’s going to stop, Ridge tells his son.

Thomas doesn’t get what the big deal is.  He can’t believe Thomas thinks it’s terrible that Ridge thinks he doesn’t care what women want.  Ivy and Wyatt are only dating.  There is not ring.

Caroline is disgusted that Thomas hit on Ivy while Wyatt was out of town.

Ridge calls him a petulant little boy.  A man doesn’t move in on a girl just because she is alone for one night.  Thoams asks what really is going on here.  Ridge is so angry and he doesn’t think this is about Ivy.  How often does he have to apologize for hitting him, and apologizing for Charlotte.

This should be a happy time for him Thomas says.  Focus on the baby you’re having. Stop dwelling on the past.  There is an innocent life growing in Caroline.  That should unite them.  Shouldn’t they come together for that baby’s sake.  No Ridge yells.  Work on yourself and respecting women first Ridge says; then on uniting our family.

The two of them yell at each other.  Thomas wants to know why Ridge is so angry at him all the time. You want to Know Ridge asks, I’ll tell you.  Caroline stops them.  Families forgive Thomas says as he leaves. Caroline tells Ridge that was too close.  You have to stop losing it on him like that.  Focus on the baby Caroline begs. She hugs Ridge.


Thursday, December 11, 2014 – Episode #6971

Hope Blames Wyatt

Hope is at home but so are al the gifts from the shower.  Wyatt will donate them.  Hope asks if Wyatt has to be at work.  She’s not actually sick Hope says.  Her body is just sore.

Wyatt is grateful that Hope is okay.  If anything happened to her a choked up Wyatt says. But something did happen to her Hope says.  We can always have other children Wyatt tells Hope.  But the don’t have to talk about it now.

Wyatt tells her about the restraining order.  Hope says he’s right.  It doesn’t matter.  The worst thing that could have happened has happened. Wyatt thought she didn’t blame his mother.  Quinn didn’t push me down the stairs but if you would have kept her away from me like you promised I wouldn’t have been near the stairs in the first place, Hope tells Wyatt.

Wow.  Wyatt says – so you’re blaming me now…

You should have protected me Hope yells at Wyatt.  And all I get is a restraining order you served yesterday after I was in the hospital.  Wyatt asks her to tell her she’s not leaving him right now.

You promised you would keep her away from us.   Wyatt yells he thought that he had it handled.   Wyatt doesn’t know what else he could have done.

Hope asks him if he’s not sick of wondering what Hope is really thinking and feeling.  Yes he says.  Its just going to keep happening Hope says.   Hope tells Wyatt that they both know they  are only married because his mother engineered it.  No, Hope Wyatt says.  The reason we’re together is the same as the one why you’re talking about leaving me right now.  You always want what you don’t have Wyatt yells at his wife.  Hope leaves the room.

Hope comes back dressed to go out. She is trying to withdraw from a conversation that neither of them are ready to have.  No one made you marry me Wyatt says.  What do you want form me Wyatt yells.  He loves her.  This wouldn’t be so difficult is she didn’t love him too.  Hope leaves.

Hope goes to her mom’s house where she relives her accident.  Liam finds her there.  They hug.

Quinn Is Left Alone to Grieve

Liam walks into Quinn’s loft unannounced.  Deacon slept on the couch Quinn notes.  Hope will be fine but not the baby Liam says.  Quinn says that baby was my family, my flesh and blood.  Everyone keeps forgetting that Quinn tells him.  Liam tells her what no one is forgetting is that Quinn is the reason the baby won’t be born.

Quinn says she didn’t push her.  It doesn’t let her off the hook for her role in the sequence of events that played out.  Quinn tells him to go to hell.

Did anyone think of you today Liam says. He cares about his brother and he isn’t in a place to deal with Quinn right now.  You need therapy or medication.

When Hope walks out on Wyatt it will be your doing not mine Liam says.  Quinn believes incorrectly that Hope and Wyatt are probably bonding over this loss – their marriage will be stronger.

Liam says that Hope loves Wyatt but its cost her too much.  Hope will do anything to keep Hope out of her life. The baby was the only think keeping Hope with her son since finding out what Quinn did in Paris.  Liam is not the one depriving Wyatt of what he wants most in life.  Liam leaves.

Wyatt stops by the loft.  Open the door if you want to see me again he says.  Since your hiding I guess I don’t have to tell you anything.  Nothing you want to say to me Wyatt asks his mother.

Quinnsays shes so sorru – she shouldn’t have been there.  Why did you want to raise a kid all by yourself Wyatt asks her.  Quinn says she didn’t .  She’s much to selfish for that.  I thought you would be the love of my life.

Quinn tells him his wife need him rifht now – he should be at home.  Wyatt tells him other he isn’t wanted at home right now.

Ivy Worries About Her Place in Liam’s Life

Ivy and Aly talk about Hope at Forrester Creations.  Ivy wonders if Hope still thinks of Wyatt as home.

Aly admits to feeling awful about certain thoughts.  Hope only stayed with Wyatt for the baby.  Ivy says that she couldn’t stay with a man only because of her child.  So Ivy wants to believe was with Wyatt because she loves him…



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