December 28: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Monday, December 28, 2015 – Episode #7235


Bold and Beautiful Dec 28 2015Brooke doesn’t want Eric worrying about her. She assures him that she is really fine. She admits she is going through something however.  It’s an odd feeling, Brooke admits to Eric who saved her from spending Christmas alone when all her kids couldn’t make it to LA for the holidays.  Brooke feels like she has lost her purpose.

Katie confides in her husband that she really wants to help her sister.

Steffy visits Wyatt at his Malibu beach house.  Wyatt assures Steffy that Ivy and he are closer and more committed than they have ever been.

Meanwhile Ivy and Liam are also having a conversation at the Forrester offices.  Ivy tells Liam that she will stay with Wyatt and be with him; if Liam doesn’t want her.  Ivy is sure that she and Wyatt will have a very good life together.

Episode Summary:

Katie and Bill

Katie isn’t very generous about Allison, Bill’s executive assistant. Bill notes the holidays are over and so is Katie’s holiday spirit.  They discuss Christmas as Eric’s and Brooke not being herself.

Katie has a plan and Bill thinks it’s a great idea.

Brooke arrives and enters since Allison wasn’t at her desk.  Bill notes that Katie scared her away.  Brooke thanks Katie for remembering her on Christmas eve.

Katie has a proposition for Brooke.  She’s done a lot of reflecting over the holidays.  She has been there for her in her life, now she wants to do the same for her.  She wants her sister around.

Brooke says it’s nice that she is concerned but she is fine.  Bill says that the nest generation running Forrester have a steep learning curve.  She’s not giving up.  She’s beautiful and brilliant.  They need her talent and creativity.  They want her to work at Spencer with them.

Eric Stops By Brooke’s House

Eric stops by Brooke’s to take her out for pancakes.  He tells her she never has to be alone.  He lives right up the street.  Brooke says she’s okay.  She doesn’t want him worrying about her. She’s fine.

They discuss Rick and the Avant’s having a wonderful time in Hawaii. They discuss their children being grown and having their own lives.  Brooke is proud of who they have become.  He home used to be full of life and laughter, now it’s so empty with just her there.

She has to remind herself to count her blessings. Eric tells her that there isn’t anything she can’t do.  Except be alone, she notes, she hasn’t mastered that.  She feels like she has lost her purpose.

Katie calls and asks Brooke to stop by the office.

Ivy Still Loves Liam

Liam tells Ivy that Wyatt is devoted to her and he tells her not to screw this up, because he is marrying Steffy.  But Ivy says it doesn’t change how she feels about Liam.

Quinn overhears Ivy tell Liam that she can’t settle for a life with Wyatt if there is a chance with Liam.  They were doing well, until Steffy came back from Paris.  Wyatt is incredible, Ivy says, but he isn’t Liam.  Ivy tells him that he is the love of her life.

She will stay with Wyatt if Liam doesn’t want her.  She is sure that she and Wyatt would have a very good life together, but Liam is the one she wants.

Ivy’s phone rings.  Its Wyatt.  He wants her to come home right away.  Ivy says she’s in a meeting with Liam. Wyatt tells her to bring him too.

Quinn on a Mission

Eric comes into the office and notes that Quinn seems upset.  Quinn says that Ivy isn’t the woman that Wyatt thinks she is.  Quinn tries to call Wyatt. When he doesn’t answer she leaves the office in a hurry.

Wyatt Proposes to Ivy

Steffy visits Wyatt at his home. Wyatt asked her to come. He shows Steffy an engagement ring.  Steffy is open mouthed surprised that he is proposing to Ivy.  Are you ready?  Steffy asks.  Is the timing right given Thomas and the accident?

Wyatt tells her that he and Ivy are closer than ever and he nearly lost Ivy.  He’s proposing today,  Wyatt admits that Liam thinks it’s too soon.  Steffy looks at the ring and tells him there is no way she’ll turn him down.

Wyatt’s phone rings and he ignores his mother.  Wyatt knows it’s about him marrying Ivy who Quinn has never really approved of.  Quinn still thinks that Steffy is the woman for him, Wyatt notes.  Steffy laughs that isn’t happening because she’s marrying Liam soon.

Liam and Ivy arrive.  Steffy pulls Liam aside and says that Wyatt is about to propose and he shouldn’t kill the vibe.  Liam says it’s not a good idea.


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