December 29: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Tuesday, December 29, 2015 – Episode #7236


December 29 2015 B&BAfter bursting in on Wyatt proposing to Ivy, Quinn yells at Ivy to be honest with Wyatt – he deserves that much.

Bill tells Brooke, at her home, that she should do what makes her happy.  If that is joining him and Katie at Spencer then great.

When Wyatt learns the truth, that Ivy still loves Liam, but would be with Wyatt if Liam wasn’t available to her, he demands to know from Ivy whether she would have accepted his proposal. Would she have said yes to him, and taken him as her second choice.

Episode Summary

Ivy is Still in Love with Liam

Wyatt tells his mom to go.  Quinn tells Wyatt that Ivy hasn’t been honest with him and neither has his brother.  Shocked, Ivy watches as Quinn tells her son that she overheard something today.  Steffy wants to know what Quinn is talking about.

Ivy is still in love with Liam, Quinn tells her son.  The woman he just propsed to would rather have a life with his brother.

Wyatt goes off on his mother thinking that she is the problem.  Quinn turns to Ivy ant tells Ivy to be honest with Wyatt. He deserves that much.

When Wyatt asks Ivy to tell Quinn that she’s wrong, Ivy can’t say it.  You didn’t say you’d rather spend your life with my brother, did you?  Wyatt wants to know from Ivy.

Ivy tells Wyatt that he knows he loves him.  Quinn interjects that she loves Liam more.  Wyatt says that she said she was over Liam.  Wyatt wants to know if he’s the only man for her or did she say that she wants his brother more.

Ivy says that’s not exactly what she said.

Quinn tells Ivy she’s a liar.  She heard the whole conversation.  Quinn then yells at Liam to tell the truth.  That Wyatt is his brother.  Steffy says to Liam that Wyatt deserves to know and asks Liam to tell them what Ivy said.  To stop protecting Ivy. Liam concedes that Ivy did say she wants a life with him more than a life with Wyatt.  Liam can’t lie.

He’s sorry for Ivy, but he thinks Ivy isn’t thinking clearly right now.  Wyatt is angry that Ivy still isn’t over Liam.  Ivy says she almost died.  She had to reach out to Liam one more time.

Steffy came back from Paris, and stole Liam from her, her whole life was turned upside down. She was with Liam and in love with him.

Wyatt wants to know if Ivy would have said yes to him; taken him as her second choice.  Were you going to settle for him?  Even Liam being engaged to Steffy didn’t stop her.  Were you trying to hedge your bets Wyatt asks.

Would she have taken a ring from him knowing that he was her second choice. Ivy doesn’t answer but Wyatt realizes she would.  Ivy says she loves him and she’s gone about this the wrong way.  She asks for a second choice. Ivy says she’s turned into Steffy; a woman she doesn’t even like.  He’s a good man.  Ivy begs him not to let this be the end for them.  Give her one more chance.

She knows how he feels about commitment and trust.  He forgave her the whole Thomas thing, but now Liam?  He won’t share another woman with Liam.  Wyatt yells at Ivy to get out of his house.  Ivy leaves.

Brooke Offered a Job at Spencer Publications

At Spencer, Brooke is stunned that Katie and Bill are offering her a job.  Katie asks her to say yes, it would mean a lot to her.  The sisters hug.

Brooke thinks she would be at sea at a publishing house.  Katie thought that at first too, but she will get used to it.  They think she would be great at Spencer.

Brooke thinks they want to keep an eye on her ; prevent her from being a recluse.  Brooke isn’t sure working at Spencer is the right thing. Katie wants to share more than just the surfaces of their lives.  Katie wants Brooke to know she can count on her.  Brooke is grateful but needs some time to think about it.

Katie receives a text and leaves.

Bill jokes that she’s hesitating because he’s the boss from hell. Seriously though he tells her its Katie’s way to make her part of their lives again.  He wants her there too.  Brooke tells Bill she has to go and leaves.

Katie returns to find Brooke gone. She gets another text and has to leave again.  Bill grabs his car keys and leaves also.

At Brooke’s House

Brooke finds a bottle of vodka with a red ribbon tied around it sent from Giorgio.  She resists and reflects on Bill and Katie’s offer and her relationship with Bill.

There’s a knock at the door.  It’s Bill.  They have some unfinished business he says.

He has one more pitch about for her to join Spencer.  He says she doesn’t realize how important this is to Katie. Brooke says Katie doesn’t have to worry about her.  Bill says her sitting around the house isn’t her.  She should do what makes her happy.  If that is

Bill spots the vodka.  She explains it was a gift form a colleague overseas  who was unaware of her struggles.  She admits to struggling with throwing it out.

Bill says she has to get out of this house and come work with them.  Do he really have ask why she can’t do that?


Monday, December 29, 2014 – Episode #6982

Rick Under Pressure

At her apartment, Rick tells Maya that he and Caroline talked.  Maya is nervous about what that means.  Nothing has changed Rick assures her, but Rick isn’t sure how much longer he can keep this up.

He admits to Maya that Caroline is talking about having a family.  Maya is scared that Rick wanted to sleep with her even if he didn’t.  Maya notes that Rick is worried about Ivy.  Rick thinks it’s only a matter of time before Ivy blabs to Eric and he takes away the CEO job.  Rick heads to Forrester to make Eric sign the papers.  They will deal with everything else after his job is secure he tells Maya.

Before he heads into the office Rick remembers Eric’s threat to fire Rick as CEO if he didn’t reconcile with Caroline

Eric Off On a Lecture Tour

Eric is headed off to design schools – a tour put together by John – that won’t be all work.  Ridge is curious what they will be doing – snow boarding?  Eric thinks it’s a good time to leave Rick is settled in.  He warns Ridge not to undermine Rick.  Caroline enters as Eric tells Ridge he’s sorry about him and Katie.  Eric leaves.

Caroline is sorry about him and Katie.  Ridge says it’s okay.  Their relationship had run its course.  He is okay. Caroline notes that Rick is really busy with work.  Ridge asks if they are thinking about starting a family – he thinks she will make a wonderful mother.

Maya finds Caroline designing alone.  Maya heard there is something going down, but Caroline says there is nothing – Rick would have told her.  Maya says that she is happy he is CEO.  He may not be a renowned designer like Ridge, but Rick knows what he is doing.

Rick Sees Eric

Before he heads into the office Rick remembers Eric’s threat to fire Rick as CEO if he didn’t reconcile with Caroline.

Eric tells Rick about his tour.  Rick says the timing is great, profits are up and he and Caroline are tight.  The only exception, Rick believes that Ridge is going to make his play when Eric is off in Europe.  Seeing Eric return to a company is chaos.  Sign the papers Rick asks.  It’s his security.  Make it his decision when he steps down as CEO.  Show him he cares about him as much as he does about Ridge.  Please sign the papers Rick asks of his father.