December 30: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Wednesday, December 30, 2015 – Episode #7237


December 30 2015 B&BQuinn spits that Ivy was nothing but poison (for Wyatt).  Steffy tells Wyatt that he is too good for Ivy. And he deserves better.

Meanwhile, Ivy asks why Liam can’t admit that somewhere inside him, deep down, he still loves her.

Brooke tells Bill that seeing him every single day (if she worked at Spencer Publications) won’t work.

Episode Summary:

Brooke Still Loves Bill

Bill doesn’t want Brooke to turn down the incredible opportunity she’s been given. Brooke says she’s doing this for the best reason.

Brooke admits she is haunted by memories of them.  Aspen, Monte Carlo, Abu Dhabi, Dubai.  She knows he remembers it too. It’s hard to close the book on those memories. That’s why its not a good idea for them to work together. Seeing him every single day won’t work.  Not for her, not for Bill and not for Katie.

Bill thinks she’s just feeling vulnerable because of the holidays and fighting her demons cloistered in this house.  Brooke says this is just feeding her demons.  They have history and its still there; at least for her.

Bill can’t let her destroy her life over this. Brooke says this is what she deserves, this is what she’s earned.

Bill asks her to let him help her. Bill and alcohol are both addictions she needs to remover herself from. Bill says she needs to get her life back.  She needs more than “this”.  He still wants her to join them at Spencer.  She won’t regret it.

But Brooke can’t. She doesn’t need his help right now. Bill understands but if he doesn’t’ help then who? Brooke calls him her protector, even when he shouldn’t be.  She will find her way, Brooke tells Bill and kisses him.

Katie Thanks Eric

At Spencer, Katie thanks Eric for the wonderful holiday party he threw.  They discuss Brooke.  Eric agrees they need to get her out of herself.  Katie tells Eric that she an Bill have a plan to do that.  She wants Brooke to work at Spencer with them.

Eric would hate to lose Brooke at Forrester, but she and Katie would make a potent combination.

Katie is tired of people tearing Brooke down.  Though she does have a certain power over men, Katie states.  Eric jokes that he wouldn’t know about that.  A lot of Brookes problems are because of her and Bill and closing herself off after her affair with Bill.

Wyatt Wants to Know

Wyatt asks Steffy if she knew Ivy told Liam she loved him.  She didn’t. Quinn is glad Steffy was there.  She isn’t sure Liam would have told the truth if she hadn’t been.

Steffy notes this wasn’t the first time Ivy did this to Wyatt.  Wyatt has gone out for fresh air.  Quinn needs Wyatt’s help.  Liam is part of the problem Quinn says. Quinn had a feeling from the beginning that Ivy was nothing but poison.

Wyatt returns from his walk. Steffy tells him he will be okay. Wyatt asks his mother what she overheard. Ivy told Liam how much she loved him.  She was trashing Steffy of course, and said she would settle for Wyatt if Liam wouldn’t have her.  Quinn is sorry that he had to hear it from her. Liam should have told him a long time ago.

Quinn leaves and Steffy and Wyatt talk. Steffy tells Wyatt not to blame Liam.  He has struggled with this, Steffy believes, because he hasn’t been himself. Steffy tells him he’s too good for Ivy and he deserves better.

Alone, Wyatt drinks and looks at the engagement ring he was going to give Ivy. He throws the empty glass at the fireplace smashing it.  He puts down the ring and leaves.

Ivy Says Goodbye to Liam

Ivy is at the office with Liam.  She wishes she could have admitted the truth herself.  Ivy apologizes him for putting him through that.  It won’t happen again.  She’s leaving for Australia.  Its too painful to stay.

Liam doesn’t think running to the other side of the world is the solution but she can’t stay.  She loves him too much.  And she can’t have him.  She isn’t going to grovel for attention or affection.  Its embarrassing and humiliating.

Liam doesn’t see that running away is the answer. But Ivy can’t work with him and see him every day.  It’s too much for her.  She only came to say goodbye. Everything in LA is a reminder of him.

She thanks him for showing her how sweet and gentle a relationship can be.  She’s sure there is another Liam out there for her.  Until she finds him she can’t be around him. She wishes him well.  Ivy tells Liam that he will always have her heart.

Liam tells her she can’t go back to Australia.  Ivy says if she didn’t love him she could stay, but she does.  He is her compass and when she lost her, she lost her way; she lost everything.  She can see he still loves her by the way he is looking at her.  ivy asks him to admit that somewhere deep down inside he still loves her.  Liam touches her cheek and says of course he loves her; as Steffy listens, unseen…

Liam hugs Ivy.  Ivy tells Liam goodbye.  Steffy is stunned.



Tuesday, December 30, 2014 – Episode #6983

Maya and Caroline Bicker

Caroline is annoyed by Maya’s presence.  Go get a life Caroline suggests.  All your schemes blew up in your face.  Now you’re just this sad cliché.  The gold digger that was left by the husband for his wife.  The only reason you’re here is because Eric saved you.  Rick would have fired you.

Maya gloats that she’ll take her chances.  Caroline suggests they stay out of each other’s way.  Maya tells Caroline that despite what she thinks her glass is half full and the water is rising every minute.

Caroline calls her a vulture who orchestrated Rick’s pain.  Maya claims she was just being there for Rick.  Maya turns the conversation to Ridge and Caroline’s collaboration.  Just be with Ridge Maya tells Caroline – you know it’s what you want.  Keep it real, Maya suggests.  Try it sometime.

Rick Wants the Power

Rick tells his father he needs the vote of confidence from him.  Eric says he got that when he appointed him.  Rick says Ridge will undermine him while Eric is gone.

Eric says they’ve never been a dictatorship why now?  Rick says because of what Ridge will do.  Eric is susceptible to Ridge.  Rick has lived in Ridge’s shadow and always coming up short.  His track record is impeccable.  The only things missing is autonomy.  Rick needs that he tells his father.  Sign the papers.

Rick reminds Eric of everything Ridge has done in the past including exiling Thorne to the basement.  He shouldn’t have to look over his shoulder wondering what Ridge will do.  Put his faith in Rick in writing like any other business deal.  Eric takes the papers.

Eric suggests delaying his trip, but Rick convinces him he can’t do that – disappointing them.  Eric tells Rick that he won’t sign over the company to anyone in perpetuity.  One year is all he will put on the table.  What Rick wants is unprecedented. Rick tells his father he needs this…

Later, Carter arrives at the Forrester Mansion at Eric’s request.  They discuss Rick’s perception that he’s second best to Ridge.  Eric shows Carter the papers he wants signed.  Carter says that Eric will be removing his right of removal.  Eric says it will only be for a year Eric says.  Maybe giving Rick that control is warranted.

Meanwhile, Rick arrives at Maya’s apartment.  He tells her that one year is all Eric will consider.  But Rick thinks they can work with that.  Eventually Eric will accept them as a couple.

Caroline Confides in Ridge

Later Rick arrives at Maya’s apartment.  He tells her that one year is all Eric will consider.  But Rick thinks they can work with that.  Eventually Eric will accept them as a couple.

Later Ridge finds Caroline still working.  She’s trying to finish so she can go home to her husband and not have work on her mind.  Ridge tries to help her by taking her hand, but Caroline pulls away – they can’t do that.  Ridge says he’s glad she and Rick are back together.

She admits she asked Rick to have a baby, but to do that certain things need to happen Caroline says admitting the state of her marriage.  Oh Ridge says.

At the office Rick is so touchy feely and lovey dovey but when they get home he’s just too tired.  She’s beginning to feel like it’s just an act.  He’s gone from her Caroline says.  She just wants to hold her husband again.   Meanwhile Rick is in the tub with Maya at her apartment…

On the Sky Lounge

Ridge arrives on the sky lounge to do some work in a different setting.  Carter is working out and asks Ridge about the collaboration.  Costly partnership Carter notes – Caroline’s marriage nearly ended, Ridge did lose Katie.  Was it worth it?  Ridge is emphatic – yes.

Carter confirms that Ridge slept at the office.  Ridge didn’t plan this.  He wasn’t paying attention and he distracted himself out of a beautiful relationship with Katie.  But Ridge isn’t a man on the loose trolling for women.  Who is he pining for Carter asks – Katie or Caroline.



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