December 31: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, December 31, 2015 – Episode #7238


December 31, 2015 B&BKatie tells Eric that she doesn’t want Brooke to feel alone or isolated ever again.

Meanwhile a teary Brooke is telling Bill that she has to put what they had behind her. There is really no other option.

Katie stops by Brooke’s house and asks why her sister is crying.

Steffy, after overhearing Liam tell Ivy that he loves her, confronts Ivy at the Forrester mansion at the top of the staircase.  Steffy tells Ivy that she cheated on Wyatt, she went after her brother (Thomas) and now she wants to go after Liam?  Go back to Australia Steffy tells Ivy.

Episode Summary:

Stop Leading Ivy On

Liam tells Ivy she doesn’t have to leave, but Ivy says she is too in love with him to stay.  Steffy overhears.  Liam tells her not to do anything rash.  But Ivy is leaving on a flight later today.  Liam hugs her and tells her he will miss her.  Ivy leaves.

Steffy comes in and says good riddance. Liam guesses she heard.  Yeah, Steffy says, Ivy is leaving even though he still loves her.  She heard, Steffy tells him.  Steffy says Liam was leading her on.  It sounded like he was looking for a plan B.  He needs to stop sending Ivy missed signals.

Steffy isn’t impressed.  She thinks him telling Ivy he still had feeling for her validated her bad behavior with his brother.  It’s like a slap in the face to Wyatt, Steffy says.

Liam says maybe they all need to just stay out of it, Liam suggest.  The last thing Ivy needs is Steffy getting all in her face.   Steffy doesn’t understand why Liam is being so nice to her.  Liam knows Ivy has made bad choices but that doesn’t change that she is important to him.  He warns her again to stay away from Ivy when she jokes about helping her pack.

Wyatt and Caroline

Wyatt tells Caroline that he proposed.  Caroline is giddy but finally realizes that the ring is not on Ivy’s finger.  Wyatt tells her that Ivy would prefer a ring from Liam.

Wyatt fills Caroline in on Quinn exposing the truth in front of Liam and Steffy. Caroline feels for Wyatt.  Maybe one day decades from now he can laugh about this, but not now.

Caroline offers to listen while he bad mouths Ivy.  Wyatt thought she was the one and all along she just wanted Liam.  Caroline tells him that Ivy will regret losing him when she comes to her senses.

Caroline assures him this time next year he will be sipping champagne with an incredible girl who loves him.

Ivy Goes Home to Pack and Falls down the Stairs

At the mansion Ivy tells Eric she is going home to Australia.  She needs to pack.  Ivy explains what happened to Eric.  Ivy can’t help but wonder what life would be like if Steffy stayed in Paris.  Hers, Liam’s, Aly’s.  Everyone has suffered at Steffy’s hands. But since Steffy did come back from Paris, Ivy has to go.

Upstairs Ivy packs.

Downstairs, Steffy arrives to make sure that Ivy is leaving.  Eric asks if he needs her to stay and Referee.  Eric heads back to the office.  When Steffy says she’s always okay.

Steffy meets Ivy at the top of the stairs. Ivy admits she made mistakes, but Steffy hasn’t admitted her part Ivy says. When Steffy came back she ruined everything.   Steffy tells Ivy she cheated on Wyatt with her brother and now she’s going after Liam. Steffy tells Ivy not to text, call or email Liam.  Go to Australian, get help and don’t come back to Los Angeles, Steffy yells at Ivy.

Ivy tells Steffy she’s gone she won’t have to worry about her anymore.  Ivy takes a step down the stairs and trips.  Steffy yells out Ivy’s name as she tumbles down the stairs.  Liam enters to see the fall, but not how it happened.

Katie and Eric

Eric can’t imagine Forrester without Brooke, but she hasn’t been herself for a long time; since what they put each other through.  Eric is impressed by Katie’s generosity.

Last year Katie got her family in order, this year she wants to do the same for her extended family.  That means bringing Brooke back into her life like she once was.

Bill and Brooke

Bill says you just kissed me.  Brooke says and that is why she can’t accept their job offer.  He’s with Kati and that’s what she wants for her.

Bill wonders if Brooke is going to hide from him for the rest of her life. Bill reminds her she thrives on passion.  She’s not getting that staying home alone.  Brooke hugs him and tells him to not worry about her.

Brooke thought her feelings would disappear.  She has to force herself to put her feelings behind her.  And he has to forget everything she has said today.  Bills says he will, because he’s married to her sister.

Katie enters.  She is surprised to find Bill there, then noticing Brooke’s tears asks why she is crying. Bill explains that he came to try make Brooke take the job. Katie tells her she doesn’t have to make a decision right away.  Bill tells her that Brooke has made a decision.  Katie doesn’t understand why Brooke doesn’t want to work with her and Bill.

Bill tells Katie, it’s about leaving Forrester, a company she has been with for so long.  And he and Katie can understand that, he says.  But Katie and Bill will be there for her.  help her make the transition.  Katie says they need a new editor for Eye on Fashion because Liam is basically full time at Forrester.

Brooke is flattered. Katie wants her back in her life.  She wants to see her every day. Katie wants Brooke to reconsider. Okay, Brooke says.  She can do this.


Wednesday, December 31, 2014 – Episode #6984

Tonight’s the Night, Caroline tell Ridge

He’s not touching you Ridge asks Caroline.  Has he even tried?  Caroline says he’s always too tired and overworked.  Ridge states that only work for a day or two but you two have been back together for a while.  Ridge is suspicious.  It doesn’t make sense he won’t touch her in private but is affectionate in the office.

Caroline thinks that maybe tonight is the night.  It’s New Years Eve.  What better night is there for her and Rick to reconnect than on a night where the past is laid to rest and promising to be better in the future.  Caroline says she will be better in the future.

Rick is Confident Eric Will Sign

In Maya’s bath tub Rick assures Maya that Eric is just a smart business man that makes sure he understands what he is signing.  He’s about to take a trip to Europe, he will sign before that Rick says.  The conversation then changes to Rick and Maya moving into the Forrester Mansion once Eric leaves.  They’ll shoo Aly and Ivy to one wing, Rick says.

As Rick dresses the gush about moving into he main house.  Maya wishes he could stay.  Maya sasy Caroline can have him for tonight because Maya will have him for the rest of her life.  She warns him to be careful when he gets home.  Caroline will want to celebrate.  Maya tells him she will be thinking of him as the clock strikes midnight.

Alone and sipping champagne, Maya fantasizes about life in the Mansion on the hill.

Meanwhile Caroline gets home to an empty house. There is a knock at the door. It’s Eric looking for Rick. Caroline invites him in.

Eric tells Caroline about the contract giving rick irrevocable control.  Eric tells Caroline what Rick wants and that they are ready to take over as a couple.  Is everything good between you Eric asks as Rik walks in.  he greets Caroline with a kiss and a bottle of champagne.  Caroline answers Eric’s question.  Things are great an she has faith that Rick will run the company as Eric wants.

From bed, Rick calls Maya wishing her a happy new year.  Eric will sign tomorrow and we can come out as a couple.  One more night apart he tells her. Rick hangs up as Caroline comes out of the shower.  Rick feigns sleep as Caroline gets into bed.

Carter Discusses Rick’s Papers – with Eric and Ridge

Carter says the papers put Rick in total control.  What do you want to do Carter asks.  Do you want to sign?  Eric notes he’s about to go off on a trip with his brother.  This would be a vote of confidence in Rick.  Its passing off the baton to Rick and Caroline.  He just didn’t think it would happen this soon.  Is this the way to do it he asks Carter.

Carter wants to spend more time reviewing the document.  Eric doesn’t think its necessary, but Carter wants to earn his paycheck.

Carter returns to the office and finds Ridge still there.  Rick had these papers drawn up.  You might want to take a look, Carter says.  Ridge wonders what Rick is up to when Carter explains the terms on the contract.  Ridge tells Eric that Caroline and Rick aren’t as happy as it appears.  This is a calculated move and something isn’t right ridge tells Carter.

Liam and Ivy Celebrate New Year’s

Ivy and Liam celebrate a New Years Eve together.  They discuss it already being New Years in Australia.  She notes there are probably some of her friends still in clubs down under.  Liam asks if that is what she wants to do – go to a club?  Ivy assures Liam she is exactly where she wants to be snuggling with him.

Liam gets a text from Caroline. Ivy asks if he said anything to Caroline about rick and Maya.  Liam said he didn’t think it was his place. Ivy agrees she would like to be the one to tell Caroline because she saw Rick and Maya kissing.

They ring in the New Year.  Liam is happy that 2014 is over, but Ivy thinks it was one of the best years of her life.  Wait what he has in store for her next year.  Fireworks in the distance signal the new year and the couple kiss.



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