December 4: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, December 4, 2014 – Episode #6220


December 4 B&BAn exasperated Liam plops into a chair in Steffy’s office and tells her that she knew how important this was to him.  Steffy defends herself: “Ivy didn’t tell him.”  Liam retaliates that Steffy didn’t give Ivy the chance.

At his Malibu beach house, Wyatt has questions for Ivy.  Why did she turn to Thomas.  Wyatt spits Thomas’ name.

Quinn tells Thomas that some women need to be rescued.  His sister, isn’t one of them.

Steffy and Ivy argue over what she did.  Do not blame me, Steffy yells at her.  Just take responsibility.


Wyatt and Ivy – Wyatt’s House

Ivy tells Wyatt she messed up but it doesn’t have to be the end.  Please don’t give up on us, Ivy begs.  Why not?  Wyatt states.  You did.

Ivy tells him she knows he’s hurt but this isn’t her giving up on them.  Wyatt is aghast.  He tells her that if she really believes that then he never really knew her.  Ivy becomes upset.  She’s trying to find the right words to fix this;  she’s freaking out here.  But Wyatt doesn’t think she can fix this.

Wyatt wants to know why she turned to Thomas.  FI she really loved him and spending time with him, why would she ever look twice at Thomas, Wyatt wants to know.  Ivy doesn’t know and Wyatt tells her that isn’t good enough.  She admits there was an attraction.  Wyatt says he thinks of himself in a committed relationship and doesn’t let his attractions dictate the choices he makes.  There are a lot of good looking men (models at Forrester).

Wyatt tells Ivy  hat while they were in San Francisco he told Quinn that he trusted Ivy and how good she was to him, and that he wasn’t’ worried about Ivy and Thomas spending the night under the same roof.

Ivy says she is still that person.  She just got a little lost.  Again you were lost Wyatt notes (it’s the same reasoning she used for blackmailing Steffy after Aly’s death).  He believed her the first time, but it seems to be no anomaly.  Here she is, lost again.  You cheated on me with Thomas.

Ivy is cornered into admitting there were more kisses.  Wyatt is horrified that she wants to be with a spoiled entitled brat who wants to sleep around.  Ivy interjects that she wants to be with Wyatt.  She’s in love with Wyatt.  Tell me what to do she asks.  But Wyatt doesn’t know.

Ivy knows it was wrong but its not like she can take it back. But she can prove to him it won’t happen again.  Wyatt isn’t feeling too trusting of Ivy right now though. She will do anything to figure this out she tells him.  She doesn’t want to lose him.  She will work to regain his trust.

He was gone for one night.  She’s asking him to constantly look over his shoulder wondering if a good looking guy saying something nice to her will get her into bed.  Wyatt is angry that she didn’t even have the decency the honesty to tell him.  He had to find out from Steffy of all people.

Ivy is furious.  She told Steffy that Wyatt needed to hear this from her first, not Steffy. This was none of her business Ivy says.  Wyatt defends Steffy saying she was being a friend and looking out for him.  Ivy tells him not to let this end this way, because of Steffy.  Steffy doesn’t like Ivy, Ivy tells him.  Wyatt says that he won’t share Ivy with Thomas or anyone else.  If Ivy wants Thomas, she’s got him Wyatt tells her.  he walks out.

Wyatt returns later to find Ivy gone.  He thinks about the moments of their relationship.


Liam and Steffy – Forrester Creations

You told Wyatt, Liam states.  Steffy confirms that she did with a single work answer;  Yes.  Liam doesn’t understand.  Why he wants to know.

Steffy tells Liam that Ivy betrayed him. And he needed to be told.  Liam is frustrated with what Steffy has done.  Hea grees that Wyatt had to be told, but not by her, by Ivy.

Steffy tells him that Ivy wouldn’t have done it.  She had a chance  and didn’t do it.  And that wasn’t fair to Wyatt.  Steffy didn’t want to be the one to tell him.  But Ivy gave her no choice.

Liam doesn’t see it that way.  She knew how important this was to him.  Steffy reiterates that Ivy didn’t tell Wyatt.  Liam accuses Steffy of not giving Ivy the chance.

Steffy paces the office and observes that Liam is angry.  Liam wonders what she expected when she did the exact think he asked her not to.  Steffy thought he’d trust her judgment.  Liam yells that he thought she would trust his.

Liam went with Ivy to Wyatt’s house and she was going to tell him.  Now instead, Wyatt is going to come home seething because of what Steffy is done.  That is not fair.  He tells Steffy that she robbed Ivy of the chance to tell Wyatt her side of the story and break it to him gently.  Liam yells:  Why did she have to interfere.

Quinn and Thomas – Forrester Creations

While Quinn looks at a jewel, Thomas paces the office and confirms what he thinks he’s hearing.  She doesn’t mind if Thomas ends up with Ivy?  Iv Thomas is a better match for Ivy; sure. Quinn isn’t worried about Wyatt.  He’ll bounce back.  Thomas realizes that Quinn thinks Wyatt should be with Steffy.  Quinn denies being a matchmaker.  Just an observant mother.

Pam enters looking for Steffy.  Jake says there is something terrible happening back stage with the electrical system on fire or something Pam gets a text from Jake.  Everything’s ok. Never mind she says as she backs out of the office and tells them to carry on.

Thomas turns to Quinn and tells her: Please tell me you didn’t start a fire back stage.  He’s heard the stories about her. Quinn claims she’s reformed but Thomas isn’t buying it after hearing about what she has to say about Liam.  Quinn says Liam is annoying.  She also states that Liam is a rescue ranger.  Some women need t o be rescued but his sister isn’t one of them.  There is only one thing Ateffy needs rescuing from.  And that is Liam himself.  Thomas notes that Quinn thinks Wyatt is the man to do that.  Maybe Thomas tells Quinn, if things don’t work out for Ivy and Wyatt, her dream for Wyatt can come true.


Liam and Steffy arrive backstage and their arguing is curtailed when they realize the size of the problem back stage.  What is going on Steffy asks of Jake and the electrician.  Jake and the electrician go to cut the power and leave Steffy and Liam to make sure no one gets near the shorting out electrical board.  It is very dangerous the electrician says.

As they watch over the board, the room plunges into darkness then the lights come back.  Steffy tries to lighten the mood but Liam tells her not to. The lights go on and off again.  Steffy wonders if that should have happened.  Liam says none of this should have happened.  But he isn’t talking only about the electrical fault.

Steffy tells Liam she was just trying to do what was right.  A calmer Liam tells her that he knows.  The lights flicker again.  Liam asks Steffy to let the situation play out without her additional interference. Don’t say anything; don’t do anything Liam warns.  Steffy agrees.  He also recommends that Steffy stay away from Ivy.  He means it.

Steffy and Ivy’s Argument Turns Deadly

Meanwhile, Ivy arrives at Forrester looking for Steffy.  Pam tells Ivy where she can find Steffy dealing with an electrical malfunction.  Ivy heads off and says that’s where she will be too – but dealing with Steffy’s personality malfunction.

Ivy arrives and finds Steffy alone. She wonders if she’s trying to break someone else up. Steffy didn’t plan on telling him but he had the right to know.  From me Ivy tells her. Ivy says Steffy’s twisted version of the truth ended with Wyatt walking out on her.

Steffy says she’s going to leave.  This isn’t about Ivy, Steffy says. It’s about Wyatt being betrayed by his girlfriend.  Ivy betrayed him, not Steffy, and she needs to take responsibility for that.

They argue.   Steffy keeps texting.  Ivy grass her phone and throws into the gantry where the shorting electrical board is.  Steffy heads up the stairs to retrieve it, Ivy hot on her heels while they continue to argue.  Steffy bends down to pick up the phone.  Ivy tries to pull her up.  Steffy stands and swings around pushing ivy off her.  Ivy, off balance, falls backwards intot he shorting out wiring and is electrocuted.

Steffy watches in horror.  Ivy eventually falls from the wiring; unconscious.  “Oh My God”  Steffy utters as she falls to her knees beside Ivy.  She reaches out to take a pulse.

“Somebody help me,” Steffy yells.  She turns to Ivy and begs her to wake up.



Thursday, December 4, 2014 – Episode #6966

Liam Knows Quinn Crashed the baby Shower

Liam says it’s a lie – Quinn did go to Hope’s baby shower – just tell the truth.  Quinn says the cake is from a bakery.  Admit you crashed the shower Liam tells Quinn.  Quinn feels maligned – by Liam.

Liam won’t let it go – as long as she’s stalking Hope.  Being treated like a pariah is ripping her heart apart Quinn says.  Don’t suggest that is Hope’s fault after all that you did, Liam did.  Quinn admits to being overzealous but all that changed when Hope became pregnant.  This baby changed everything it made Hope and Wyatt’s marriage secure.  She isn’t a threat anymore.

Yet you keep stalking her, Liam states.  Liam tells Quinn that he will always protect Hope from her.  Quinn will never be rid of him.

Liam calls Ivy to check with Ivy whether Quinn arrived.  Ivy says no.  You snuck into Hopes shower without anyone knowing.  When Hope finds out…Liam calls Ivy who says Quin doesn’t turn up.  Liam asks if there was cake – vanilla with fresh berries.  Ivy confirms and wants to know how Liam knew.  Liam tells her he will explain later…

Quinn says stop filling hope with negativity about me.  I am a mother and a grandmother who doesn’t want to be ostracized from her family.  Can’t you have a little empathy Quinn asks. Can’t we all come together?  Especially for Hope and her baby.

Liam doesn’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth.  She will say or do anything to get what she wants.  Liam says her family is better without her.  He feels sorry for her son. Quinn tells Hope and Wyatt have moved on why won’t you – Quinn asks.

Moving on doesn’t mean who won’t care about Hope.  Quinn notes that Bill interfered also.  Bill learned from his meddling.  Quinn is only sorry when she’s caught. Liam reiterates he will always protect Hope.

From his car Liam calls Hope to meet him somewhere quiet and private.  It’s about Quinn.  They head to Brooke’s house.

Hope and Ivy

Ivy and Hope pack up and discuss baby names.  Beth for a girl after her grandma is a thought. Ivy says Hope and her baby will have a lot of people there for them.

Ivy tells Hope that one of the things she loves about Liam is how loyal and protective he is.  Ivy wants Hope’s baby to get to know him – as an uncle.

Hope tells Ivy that she and Liam talked and she knows that they told each other they love each other.

Ivy knows her life changed a lot.  Quinn did that Hops says when she pushed Ivy in the river.  Hope catches herself and says she has to stop thinking of might have beens.  She is committed to Wyatt and her baby.

Liam Tell Hope Quinn Was at the Shower

Hope waits at Brooke’s house for Liam to arrive.  Liam can’t stop worrying about Quinn.  So what’s going on Hope asks.  Liam said he went to Quinn’s.  Hope has every right to be worried about her.  Liam thinks she was at her shower.  Hope says she didn’t show up.  That you know of Liam says.

Liam tells her about the cake.   Oh my God Hope says.  That’s so creepy. Quinn denied it Liam says but she slipped in with no one noticing…You’re not supposed to be

If Quinn even comes near her again.  He has her back.  He’ll never stop looking out for her or being concerned about Hope.

Wyatt asks Bill for Advice

Justin tells Bill t fly to Milan and drag Brooke home.  Bill tells him he’s not a cave man.  They discuss his fight with ridge and Bill says no one messes with his family and gets away with it.

Wyatt arrives and they share a drink.  What going on dollar Bill wants to know. Everything okay with Hope and the baby.  Wyatt just takes a swig of his drink.  Wyatt wants to know what happens at a baby shower.  How the hell does Bill know?

Wyatt tells Bill he’s concerned about his mom.  She’s shacked up with Deacon and Hope has stopped Quinn being part of Hope and the baby’s life.  Bill says he knows because Quinn came to Bill for support.  Bill says Hope has a right to be worried given all of Quinn’s stunts.  He’ appreciates that Wyatt is in the middle.  Get a restraining order Bill advises.

Take a stand Bill advices.  Show Quinn you mean business otherwise she will keep badgering yu and Hope  – especially Hope.  The stress isn’t good for Hope or the baby.  Bill calls Justin to his office – now.

Justin arrives but Wyatt is hesitant about taking out a restraining order against his mother.  Bill and Justin convince him to go ahead.  Quinn can prove she can play by the rules just with a little help.  Wyatt gives Justin the go ahead.

Bill assures his son that he is doing the right thing.



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